Abortionist in disturbing video "unfit to practice medicine," says CA medical board

Abortionist in disturbing video “unfit to practice medicine,” says CA medical board


Last week, pro-life activist Zephaniah Mel posted a disturbing video to YouTube featuring footage of Dr. Robert Santella, an abortionist at Family Planning Associates abortion center in San Diego, California. In the viral video, Santella brandishes a pair of scissors and responds to calls to repent for killing babies by stating that he loves his job and doesn’t listen to Christ:

According to a report by Operation Rescue, when pro-lifer Allyson Smith saw Mel’s video, she did some research and found that the California Medical Board filed an accusation against Santella on May 20th of this year, charging him with “negligence and unprofessional conduct that ‘demonstrates an unfitness to practice medicine.'”

Operation Rescue reports:

The allegations detail his conduct with five female patients that received dangerous drugs from Santella over the course of up to 25 years. He failed to conduct physical exams before administering drugs, failed to record fact he administered drugs to them in the patient medical records, and failed to monitor the patients’ other serious conditions.

The Board Accusation also notes Santella’s previous discipline should be taken into consideration. In 2000, Santella’s medical license was revoked for failing to maintain adequate medical records. That revocation was stayed and Santella served four years on probation. The current accusation represents a repeat offense that endangered the health of his patients.

Operation Rescue also found that “Santella served five years of probation in a 1984 disciplinary case that involved serious patient care issues for three female patients.” One of those cases of negligence resulted in a baby that was stillborn.


Pro-lifer Allyson Smith also noticed that Dr. Santella was wearing a Sharp Healthcare badge in the video, and found after some research that he was affiliated with Grossmont Hospital. She contacted the hospital regarding the video, and the hospital responded by saying that Santella “is no longer affiliated with any of our hospitals, he is not employed by our medical groups, and he does not practice or have admitting privileges at any of our facilities.” It is unclear whether this action was taken following Smith’s contacting of the hospital or prior to this.

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman stated, “Some people are not fit to practice medicine, and Robert Santella is among them.” But perhaps Allyson Smith assessed this abortionist in the most succinct way, in her letter to Grossmont Hospital: “He is nuts and should be fired.”

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