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Abortionist hides baby’s heartbeat from women

Warren Hern, after tiller, late-term abortion

Abortionist Warren Hern of Boulder, Colorado, performs abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. You can see him advertising to do third trimester abortions on his website.

Hern once wrote a textbook on how to do abortions, entitled Abortion Practice. In the book, he teaches the reader how to do a first trimester suction aspiration abortion.  In this type of abortion, done in the first trimester, an instrument attached to a suction tube is inserted into the uterus and the baby and placenta are pulled from the womb by the force generated by the suction machine.

Hern says:

The principal motion of the suction handle while in the uterus is rotation. The physician will usually first notice a quantity of amniotic fluid followed by placenta and fetal parts which may be more or less identifiable. As this is happening the patient is advised that she will hear a loud sucking sound. Vital signs should be observed regularly, and a Doppler inaudible to the patient should be used at intervals to determine the presence or absence of fetal heart tones.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist who now opposes abortion, made a video illustrating this type of abortion:


Warren Hern says that parts of the baby can be “identifiable.” The suction dismembers the baby, which as early as seven and a half weeks is fully formed. The abortionist will see torn off and dismembered arms, legs, spines, and crushed heads in the abortion’s aftermath. (You can see pictures of babies aborted by suction aspiration here – WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC.)

Notice also that Hern stresses the instrument used to listen to the baby’s heartbeat should be “inaudible to the patient.”  Even though the abortionist knows the exact moment the baby’s heart stops beating, the woman is never allowed to know. Hern believes women should be denied this knowledge, prevented from knowing the reality of what they’re doing. By instructing novice abortionists to hide the truth from women, he shows how the abortion industry tries to keep women in the dark about their abortions. According to the abortion industry, there is no need for the woman to be fully informed. Her enforced ignorance makes the abortion go more smoothly.

One wonders how many of the thousands and thousands of women whose babies Hern has aborted ever knew their babies had heartbeats. (the baby’s heart starts beating at around 22 days after conception).

Hiding the fetal heartbeat from the woman may make it easier for her and more likely to go through with the abortion, which is more lucrative for the abortion facility, but it denies her the right to informed consent. She is not being treated like a responsible adult making an irrevocable and life-changing (as well as life-taking) decision.

Hern hides the truth from women (and instructs novice abortionists to do so as well) because he, like most abortionists, knows that the abortion industry thrives on lies and deceit. Fewer women would have abortions if abortion workers and doctors told the truth.

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