Abortionist: ‘I can stick needles in babies’ lungs…’

abortions, D&E, preborn, how abortion works, pro-life, abortion, Preborn human at about 16 weeks - estimated time of the attempted abortion of Elisa.

An abortion doctor named David Peters made the following creepy comment in a 2013 article about clinic regulations:

I can stick needles in babies’ lungs. I can put tubes up penises and into bladders, and do all sorts of crazy stuff in my office with no regulations whatsoever. No government supervision… But for an abortion, I’ve got to have the sterile room–the size of the building matters–so, it just becomes nonsensical.

At the time, Dr. David Peters was working at the Tidewater Women’s Health Clinic in Norfolk, Va. I don’t know what to say about this quote, except that it’s disturbing how some abortionists’ minds work.

And when it comes to abortion or any other surgery, one would think that having a sterile room would be a given.

Terence P. Jeffrey “Virginia Abortion Clinic Owner: ‘I Can Stick Needles in Babies’ Lungs…” Cybercast News Service  4/28/2013

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