Abortion supporters' tweets show ignorance about indictment of pro-life investigators

Abortion supporters’ tweets show ignorance about indictment of pro-life investigators

It’s a sad day for facts in America when even the communications director of a major pro-abortion organization has no clue about what’s really going on in the news. And to top it off, she and other abortion supporters are calling for GOP candidates to be indicted for committing no crimes at all.

 The Daily Caller reports that Marcy Stech, the communications director for EMILY’s List (“a political action committee devoted entirely to getting female pro-choice Democrats elected”) thinks that David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress was indicted by a Texas grand jury for “manipulating info about Planned Parenthood.” What?

Unfortunately for Stech, some Twitter users had to straighten her out (screenshot below), informing her that the charges had nothing to do with the content of the videos filmed by CMP – which, in case readers have forgotten, were analyzed by Fusion GPS as well as Coalfire Systems and found free of audio or video manipulation, despite Planned Parenthood’s claims to the contrary:


False narratives? Yes, they do spread quickly. Bob Krause, the Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa, jumped aboard the false narrative train with this tweet:

And then someone with a Ph.D. after his name, self-described as a “scholar and writer,” decided that, despite any crimes being committed by GOP candidates, they should be indicted for… I’m not sure what, exactly. Perhaps simply for agreeing that what’s in those undercover Planned Parenthood videos is extremely disturbing:

In a tweet of his own, Huffington Post writer Warren Holstein wished death upon GOP candidate Carly Fiorina (imagine the uproar if someone from a pro-life publication had made this violent comment about a pro-abortion candidate) – but when you call yourself a “comedian,” it must be okay to joke about executing those with whom you disagree:

As the Daily Caller notes while sharing various other anti-GOP, anti-Fiorina tweets, “It’s unclear how exactly those calling for Fiorina’s indictment think she has broken the law, but that hasn’t stopped them from demanding her indictment enthusiastically.”

This isn’t surprising, as those calling for Fiorina’s indictment don’t even have the facts correct regarding the actual indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Nor do they note the other issues and apparent conflicts of interest surrounding Daleiden’s and Merritt’s indictment.

Thus far, Fiorina’s response to this misinformation and desire to squelch the First Amendment rights of GOP candidates has been to say that the indictment of Center for Medical Progress investigators “doesn’t change the facts.” After all, she says, “Hillary Clinton hasn’t been indicted either so what does that say about our justice system?”

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