VIDEO: Pro-abortion student confronts pro-life pastor on campus

VIDEO: Pro-abortion student confronts pro-life pastor on campus


On a chilly January 22nd, 2019, a group of pastors and churchgoers arrived on the campus of George Mason University with display signs to protest the killing of innocent lives from abortion in light of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal throughout the United States. One student made his opposition to the pro-life protest known immediately, while at times yelling at the pastor for referring to abortion in the United States as the “Abortion Holocaust.”

The video of the George Mason student was filmed after the student began yelling at the pastor and playing with knives in his pocket, which is notably against the university policy.

WARNING: Language in the video can be graphic.



In an interview with Live Action News, the pastor in the video, Jason Garwood, said, “As a pastor, I believe the Abortion Holocaust is something that’s worthy of our consideration and action… we believe that justice is something Jesus Christ cares about.”

Garwood, the Pastor of Cross and Crown Church in Warrenton, Virginia, further explained that we are all called to be “apart of that act of justice… which is not only marching once a year but being engaged in the day to day proclaiming of the gospel and pointing out the reality of the abortion holocaust.”

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When asked about what his end goal was, Pastor Garwood told Live Action News that he “sees the abortion holocaust as a gospel issue,” which he hopes by proclaiming the lordship of Christ, students — among others — will come to see the “Abortion Holocaust as an enemy that must be defeated.”

He hopes students will step up and take action to defend the lives of the unborn.

Author’s Note: The discussion, at times heated, reminded me of the very importance of remembering the way as Pro-Life advocates we should always present our viewpoints and beliefs with great love and understanding. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth, and anger or yelling will not lead us on the road to changing hearts and minds regarding the evils of abortions.

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