‘Abortion is safe?’ Read the fine print!

woman fired at Planned Parenthood for having cancer

In just about every contract, we are told to read the fine print. This is also true of abortion, which is often marketed as a safe and simple procedure. Despite the fact that there are no federal requirements to report abortion complications, the abortion industry claims that abortions are safe.

However, a look at abortion consent forms reveal that there are, in fact, serious complications associated with abortion— even early abortions. In addition, they reveal that if a complication occurs, the woman, not the abortion facility, may be held financially responsible for continued care once transferred to a hospital.

A first trimester abortion occurs within the first 12 -14 weeks of pregnancy. One of the most prevalent early abortions is the suction D&C, or aspiration aspiration abortion procedure. In describing what takes place in this kind of abortion, Planned Parenthood writes on their website that the abortionist:

“will empty your uterus with machine-operated suction or with a hand-held device that creates suction through a syringe. D&C (dilation and curettage) refers to use of medical instruments to open the cervix or mouth of the uterus so that the uterus can be emptied — dilation — and the use of a narrow metal loop called a curette to clean the walls of the uterus — curettage. This method is used from four to 16 weeks after a woman’s last period.

 1st Trimester Surgical Abortion: Aspiration (Suction) D & C (

1st Trimester Surgical Abortion: Aspiration (Suction) D & C

This California handbook on abortion describes the early method this way:

“First-trimester abortions usually are completed by medical abortion (usually to 9 weeks) or aspiration curettage (often referred to as dilation and curettage, or “D&C”)…In a Dilation and Curettage (“D&C”) abortion the cervix is dilated and the walls of the uterus are scraped to remove the contents of the uterus. D&C is a general term and can refer to vacuum aspiration as well as use of the metal curette…”

Dilating cervix in 1st trimester surgical abortion (

Dilating cervix in 1st trimester surgical abortion (

In the video below, practicing obstetrician gynecologist and former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino can be seen describing a suction D&C abortion:

But, abortion is safe, right? This is how abortion is pitched. But in reality, a suction D&C abortion does have potential serious complications, such as:

  • Injury to the uterus or cervix, potentially damaging intestines, bladder and nearby blood vessels may occur.

Other possible  consequences include:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Perforated Bowel
  • Infertility
  • Infection
  • Incomplete abortion which occurs when parts of the aborted baby are left in the uterus following the abortion.
  • Cervical incompetence (a condition in which the cervix opens up too early in future pregnancies, increasing the risk of a miscarriage in future pregnancies), and injury to the cervix.
  • And in some cases death to the mother.

Long-term effects of abortion, as well as sources for abortion complications can be found here.

Planned Parenthood routinely pitches abortion as a simple procedure when they are marketing to women online. However, once the appointment is booked and the actual abortion needs to be committed, Planned Parenthood sings a much different tune.

According to a Planned Parenthood abortion consent form published online, there are risks in any surgical procedure including:

(A) Potential for infection.
(B) Blood clots in veins and lungs.
(C) Hemorrhage.
(D) Allergic reactions.
(E) Even death.

Planned Parenthood consent form abortion risks

For their legal protection, Planned Parenthood requires women seeking surgical abortions to also sign that they are aware of the following risks and hazards:

(A) Hemorrhage (heavy bleeding).
(B) A hole in the uterus (uterine perforation) or other damage to the uterus.
(C) Sterility.
(D) Injury to the bowel and/or bladder.
(E) A possible hysterectomy as a result of complication or injury during the procedure.
(F) Failure to remove all products of conception that may result in an additional procedure

According to the All Women’s Health abortion facility in Tacoma, Washington, abortions can result in hospitalization, specifically when there is a laceration or a perforation. When this occurs and the patient is hospitalized, the abortion facility that convinced the woman it was a “safe and simple procedure” makes sure the patient has agreed to cover those costs, writing this on their consent form “if hospitalization is required, or if I should go to another physician or healthcare facility then I will be responsible for all charged.”

PLanned Parenthood consent form

In like-manner, while the billion dollar Planned Parenthood abortion chain soft pedals abortion risks before the procedure, release forms published online indicate that they make no promises about the outcome of an abortion. In fact, this Planned Parenthood abortion consent form, which claims the abortion could result in death, tells women that if they have to be transferred for emergency medical care during their abortion, Planned Parenthood will not pay for it, writing:

“No promise can be made about the outcome of your abortion. In the unlikely event that you need emergency medical care that cannot be provided at Planned Parenthood, you will be responsible for paying for it. This is the case even if Planned Parenthood sends you to a hospital because of a problem.”

Which, of course, Planned Parenthood has done.

Ambulance outside Planned Parenthood

Ambulance outside Planned Parenthood

In addition to instances where abortion patients sue because their alleged “safe and simple abortion” landed them in the hospital with serious complications, pro-life group Operation Rescue, along with the help of many pro-life activists outside the abortion centers, has documented 53 abortion-related medical emergencies outside abortion clinics in 2015. Out of those, Operation Rescue states almost half took place at Planned Parenthood facilities.

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