Abortion provider: Burning aborted babies to power homes is a 'great idea

Abortion provider: Burning aborted babies to power homes is a ‘great idea’

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In one of the most shocking confessions by abortion advocates to date, they share their enthusiasm for the burning of aborted babies into “energy” to power homes.

In one video leaked to the public by Got News – believed to be taped on April 7, 2014, at the annual National Abortion Federation meeting – an abortion panel discusses burning the bodies of aborted babies for energy. One panelist admits: “[I]t’s a PR nightmare for us. If we end up being the front page of the paper, ‘Fetuses are being used for energy.’ I mean–I think it’s a great idea, but…”

According to one abortion staff member present, it’s more than just a “great idea” to abortion advocates. It’s actually already happened.

The staff member – her exact position and title is unclear from the footage – is from Canada. She is the one who brings up using “fetuses for energy” to the NAF panel. (The discussion starts at 14:59 in the video above.) She speaks of personally “having to deal with a big sort of explosion of the incineration of fetal and stillbirths being used in waste-to-energy facility.” The woman explains:

But we’re, we are as well. So we’re all linked probably to Stericycle as well. So our hospital in Canada, we contract out, and it’s going down to Portland, and Portland is a waste-to-energy facility. … But it potentially presents a lot of challenges for us, not just logistically and legally, but also politically. Because now the NHS of course, you know the hospitals, they were ordered that they’re not supposed to dispose of their fetal remains outside the whole–I don’t know what they’re gonna do. But–

The NAF panelist interrupts, having already stated that making dead babies and their parts into energy “seems like a really good solution” to the abortion industry’s disposal problem. This time, she seemingly corrects herself when she initially refers to aborted babies as “dead bodies”:

It’s also a potential PR nightmare. … This country [the U.S.] doesn’t want to deal with death. And dead bodies. And whether, or tissue. … [S]o we pretend like that doesn’t happen. But when you want to have a real discussion, nobody’s ready for it. And…it’s a PR nightmare for us. If we end up being the front page of the paper, “Fetuses are being used for energy.” I mean–I think it’s a great idea…

The Canada staff member agrees, telling NAF that her facility turns aborted babies from “waste” into “energy,” and chiefly agreeing that it’s not something she’d care to discuss with the media:

No certainly, I don’t mean to threaten you, but certainly, ours is a waste-to-energy facility, and so when I found out I thought, “Shit. Let’s hope we don’t–” you know, at the end my media response wouldn’t end up in something like that. …

The abortion industry’s use of burned aborted babies to power homes was reported on by some media outlets in the spring of 2014. Yet this leaked tape reveals how the industry views this horror: as a “really good solution” and a “great idea.”


The NAF panelist closes the discussion:

“We aren’t telling the truth. …”

They “aren’t telling the truth” to the general public, indeed. Because if Americans, Canadians, and the world continually heard that tiny, now-lifeless babies are transported to crematoriums, pushed into incinerators, and turned into dull, gray ash or the energy that powers our homes, we would be outraged and unspeakably horrified by the industry that goes to such great lengths to rid us of  supposedly “inconvenient” and “unwanted” human beings.

Innocent human beings are being targeted for death, ripped from the only home they have ever known, and collected piece by piece. Then, some of them are being transported by the very ones who kill them to facilities that turn them into energy. And while this happens, the abortion industry applauds and refuses to have a completely honest discussion with the public.

This information leads to a horrifying question: Is my home powered by it – by them? Is yours?

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