Abortion on demand and without apology is a dream come true…For abusive men.

A lot has been said about The Walking Dead. No, that’s not a reference to certain political candidates–it’s the title of AMC’s hit horror series. Set in a zombie-plagued America, the show follows deputy sheriff Rick Grimes and his friends as they battle to survive against a flesh-eating horde.

The latest episode centers on Beth, a young woman who was kidnapped at the end of the last season and has been missing ever since. Beth awakens to find herself in an Atlanta hospital that’s ruled by a gang of rogue cops. Their leader, a corrupt policewoman named Dawn, knows that some of her officers have been sexually abusing female patients. Dawn tolerates the abuse because, as she calmly explains to Beth, it keeps her underlings happy, “and the happier they are, the harder they work.” It’s all for the greater good, Officer Dawn insists, “and you are not the greater good.”

While Dawn’s rationale is disturbing, it’s hardly unique: the abortion movement embraces that same mentality. For years, it has been willing to sacrifice vulnerable women and children for “the greater good” of “preserving choice.” Of course the victims of this strategy don’t get a choice. After all, they’re not the greater good.

In order to stay out of jail, a sexual predator has to keep his crimes a secret. That’s hard to do when your victim becomes pregnant, a fact that convicted child rapist John F. Szorady knows first hand. Szorady began abusing his girlfriend’s daughter when she was 13 and kept it up for half a decade. Szorady’s crimes might have come to light after he impregnated his victim in 2008, but a visit to an abortion clinic made sure that didn’t happen. As a result, the abuse stretched on undetected for another year.

John Szorady certainly wasn’t the first sex offender to benefit from easy access to abortion;  John Blanks, Jr. had similar success when he forced his victim to have a cover-up abortion at Planned Parenthood. So did Gary Cross, Timothy Smith, and Adam Gault. Denise Fairbanks alleged in a lawsuit that she specifically told Planned Parenthood clinic staff she was being coerced into an abortion by her incestuous father. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop them from killing her child and turning Ms. Richards back over to her abuser.

The group Life Dynamics has compiled a list of 59 cases in which abusive men used abortion to destroy the evidence of their behavior. Given how sexual abuse is a notoriously under-reported crime, the tally is surly not exhaustive. Further, some predators have gotten help from the abortion industry without even knowing it.

Alleged serial rapist Tyler Kost stands accused of assaulting over a dozen Arizona teenagers. When one of the victims went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, she was told not to report the rape as it would create more paperwork for clinic staff. After Kost was finally arrested, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office asserted that an investigation could have been opened “months before” if only a report had been filed.

The reality is that abortion “on demand and without apology” is a predator’s dream. And it’s not just helpful for rapists, as abusive partners see it as a great way to dodge responsibility and child support, too. That’s why women have been subject to fatal shootings, stabbings, beatings, bombings, and arson attacks after refusing to have abortions they didn’t want.

This certainly isn’t news to Planned Parenthood. Former clinic director Abby Johnson and six other ex-Planned Parenthood employees have publicly condemned the group’s policies as being inadequate to address violence and coercion.

Johnson and her former co-workers have called for a Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood’s mistreatment of abuse victims–a sensible move given that the organization is receiving over half a billion dollars in funding from the US taxpayer. Naturally, the abortion lobby isn’t on board, and they’ve had their allies in Washington mock the idea as a “witch hunt.” If you don’t agree with that, then feel free to let Congress know. Live Action has created an online petition calling for the legislative branch to defund Planned Parenthood and hold it to account. You can  find it here as well as more proof of the abortion giant’s wrongdoing.

It’s still not clear how Beth and her friends are going to stop what’s going on at the hospital. However, there’s no question on how pro-lifers can help bring an end to the abuse at Planned Parenthood, and that’s by making their voices heard.

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