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Denial: How the pro-choice side refuses to directly address abortion

“He can’t hear you. He never will.”
Juror #8, Twelve Angry Men

pro-abortion1Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has vetoed the “Reproductive Health Care Facilities Access Act,” which would have censored pro-life protesters outside abortion clinics.  But perhaps the most revealing aspect of the failed legislation was its name: consider the terms, so fundamental to the pro-choice movement, “reproductive health” and “reproductive rights.”

Literally, your reproductive rights involve your right to create or not create offspring. The term “reproductive rights” does not refer to destroying offspring.

In America, about three hundred abortions a day are done in the second and third trimesters; children who could survive outside the womb are probably killed hundreds of times a week. Globally, thousands of viable children are likely killed a week. Late-term abortion at least is not reproductive rights; it’s not reproductive wrongs; it’s not reproduction, period. It’s homicide.

Pro-choicers don’t limit the term “reproductive rights” to the beginning of pregnancy. They don’t talk about “reproductive rights and, later in the pregnancy, homicide rights.” So imagine…an employee of an abortion clinic or hospital tells a desperate, vulnerable pregnant woman in the second or third trimester: “We can help you if you don’t want a child…” (when the woman already has a child in her womb) “… or if you’re not ready to become a mother” (when she already is a mother – we had parents while we were in the womb, right?).

The name “Planned Parenthood” promotes this delusion that when a woman gets an abortion, at any stage in the pregnancy, she is planning to not become a parent. The term “reproductive rights” does not allude to violence or even aggression – both are completely removed from the reality of abortion. Also, the saying that birth “brings a child into the world” is ridiculous…is the unborn baby on Mars? That the topic involves killing – not preventing – children is not a matter of opinion or a debatable issue; claiming that a woman is prevented from reproducing by getting a late-term abortion is a flat-out lie.

As for the moronic pro-choice claim that women and men do not reproduce until the child is born, I first heard it at college. While discussing prenatal homicide with my feminist college advisor, I said, “Before I was born, maybe I didn’t have legal rights, but I was still me, right?” She answered, “No, Chris, you did not exist until you were born.” In this case, I was never inside my mother’s body. Before your birth, your pregnant mother had something alive in her womb which only became you at birth.

When I confronted a second professor about this, he said when a child is born, it had been “retroactively” inside his or her mother, but that if there was an abortion, no child was killed. Thus, pro-choice-to-kill activists use terms like forced motherhood and write books like Garrit Hardin’s, Mandatory Motherhood: The True Meaning of “Right to Life.”

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