Abortion facility owner: Telling women they aborted twins “would not be helpful”

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Abortion facility owner Norma Goldberger recounts a story in which a woman at her clinic was told she aborted twins:

One doctor told a patient she had aborted twins and she replied that had she… known she would’ve continued the pregnancy. My clinic coordinator at the time said to me, “That makes no sense. She didn’t want one but when she found out there were two she wanted them?” We elected not to tell patients after that on the basis that the information would not be helpful.

Goldberger, the author of the book, explains that this incident occurred early in her career as an abortion clinic owner, when ultrasound was not widely available. Having no ultrasound, the clinic had no way to tell the woman about a twin pregnancy before the abortion.  The abortionist and clinic workers would only discover a twin pregnancy after the abortion, when looking at the fetal remains.

Unfortunately, even when ultrasounds did become widely available, many clinics still hid information from women. As former Planned Parenthood worker Catherine Anthony Adair said in the Washington Examiner: 

In fact, clinic workers would purposefully avoid providing information on fetal development, what the child looked like, the child’s anatomical development and the pain he or she could feel. I was continuously reminded that when referring to the baby, the appropriate terminology was “clump of cells” or “contents of the uterus.”

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to pressure as many women into having an abortion as it can. Those in charge know that can’t be accomplished if they refer to the child as a “baby.”

In the book Giving Sorrow Words: Women’s Stories of Grief after Abortion, a woman who regrets here abortion says:

The doctor said: “Don’t worry, it’s not formed till after 12 weeks.” Then I saw the Human Body program. I would not have gone ahead if I’d been told the truth about the formation of the baby.

At 12 weeks, the baby is fully formed, with arms, legs, fingers, and toes. 

Withholding information from women in early abortion practice evolved into outright lying in later times.  Abortion clinics do not always tell the truth to abortion minded women.  This is why pro-lifers must educate the public about fetal development and the health risks of abortion.

Source: Norma Goldberger Abortion Confidential: Secrets of an Abortion Clinic Owner (CreateSpace , November 23, 2014) Kindle Edition

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