Abortion clinic escort on sonograms: Women know what’s in there

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According to one abortion facility escort, women already know what is inside them when they go to get abortions. Although she doesn’t say it in so many words, the escort is aware of a truth that many abortion activists don’t want to admit – that women are pregnant with babies, not something else. The women coming in for abortions have babies inside them, not just “tissue” or “the products of conception.”

The escort talks about how one of the women at the abortion clinic changed her mind after seeing an ultrasound of her preborn baby…

Lots of women aren’t sure about the decision when they go in to a clinic, and they ask to see the ultrasound, and they decide not to abort. That’s fine – it’s a choice. But when a woman comes in who is 100% sure of the decision, and has no interest whatsoever in looking at the ultrasound, why should she have to?… (here’s a news flash) when women are pregnant, they KNOW what’s in there! They don’t think it’s a fish, or a stapler. We don’t need an ultrasound to tell us.

I think people who ask to see the ultrasound should be allowed to, of course. For some women it’s the information they need to show themselves that they can’t go through with it. For others, it’s a piece of the grieving process.

There are some high profile pro-choice activists who have acknowledged the reality of abortion and have admitted that abortions takes human lives.  For example, Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for Choice, says:

Abortion is not like having your tooth pulled or having your appendix out. It involves the termination of an early form of human life. That deserves some gravitas.

You can read similar quotes in other articles I have written. This article includes quotes from former presidents of Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America admitting that abortion is killing.

Admissions like this activist’s show that many pro-choicers know, deep down, what abortion really is. The abortion industry does everything they can to dehumanize preborn babies, colluding with much of the media, to foster lack of respect for preborn life. In a Live Action investigation, multiple Planned Parenthood facilities were caught giving women false information on the development of their preborn babies:

Some people, including many who have had abortions or helped someone get one, cling hard to this dehumanizing rhetoric because they do not want to face the guilt over what they have done. Their denial is very hard to pierce through. And certainly, women about to get abortions don’t want to think about the life developing inside them. But  according to the escort quoted above, as well as many others in the pro-choice movement, many pro-choicers know that abortion is the destruction of human life.

As important as it is to keep telling the truth about the preborn baby, and how she is a living, beautiful, remarkable human being, it is also important to keep affirming the hopeful message that women are strong, capable people who can handle unplanned pregnancies. Pregnancy resource centers and other outreaches to help pregnant mothers in tough situations are vital. It is not enough to tell pregnant women that they have babies inside them. Many already know this, and they are aborting out of fear and desperation.  A listening ear, words of encouragement, and tangible help are some of the things that help these women choose life.

Source: “Surprise! No Staplers on THIS Ultrasound” Anti–choice Is Anti-Awesome April 29, 2008

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