Abortion clinic director admits at conference: ‘You’re killing a life’

New York abortion clinic director and owner Merle Hoffman, who has since retired, said the following at a conference of the National Abortion Federation:

… I mean, we are talking about an abortion here. And, also that the staff is uncomfortable when a patient said, “I think I’m killing my baby.” So I’m comfortable with saying, “Yes, you are, and how do you feel about that?” You know – “Oh, you are. You’re killing a life. You’re killing a potential life.” I mean, my God, if you don’t do that, in nine months you do have a live baby.

From the National Abortion Federation conference held in San Francisco California from March 31 to April 2, 1996

This was quoted in Mark Crutcher On Message: Understanding and Communicating the Pro-Life Position (Denton Texas: Life Dynamics Inc., 2005) 85 – 86

Crutcher notes that an audio recording of this quote can be obtained from Life Dynamics

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