Abortion by any other name is still abortion

The curtain’s wearing thin.

Planned Parenthood has suddenly – and secretively – decided that they are no longer pro-choice. Unfortunately for the babies, they haven’t become pro-life yet, either. For the time being, they are not pro- or anti- anything, although they still cheerfully provide abortion services.

The folks at Planned Parenthood feel that the categories “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are too limiting and too confusing. Personally, I’ve never found them terribly difficult to understand.

“Pro-life” is pretty much self-explanatory: “for life.” Supporting, promoting, and protecting all human life, every human life, from conception until natural death. Go, life! (Applause.)

“Pro-choice” is slightly more confusing: “for choice.” Yes, and what will your choice be today, Ma’am? Hot dog or hamburger?” “I’d like a choice.” “We offer hot dogs and hamburgers here, Ma’am.” “I’d really prefer a choice.” “We don’t serve ‘choice’ here; we serve only hot dogs and hamburgers, Ma’am. So sorry.”

We all make choices every day.  The issue isn't the right to choose, but instead, what it is we're choosing.

If your choice is a hot dog, you want a hot dog. If your choice is a hamburger, you’d like a hamburger instead. Choice is not an object, or a thing; it is a mental process. You can’t eat it; it doesn’t fill you up.

If your choice is life, if you choose life for yourself and others, could we possibly call you pro-life? If so, congratulations!

And if your choice is choice – what is that choice? The opposite of a hamburger is a hot dog, and the polar opposite of life is death. What is your choice? If it’s not life, then it must be death. There is no middle ground here, folks.

I guess the idea is that by steering clear of the “pro-choice” label, Planned Parenthood hopes to be able to reach out to those who don’t call themselves pro-choice. Fewer and fewer people are identifying themselves as pro-choice – possibly because they are waking up to find that the “choice” they’re talking about is death. When folks start to realize that choice can be a synonym for death, the whole “choice” movement starts to crumble. Very few people want to be called pro-death.

It is an excellent business strategy on Planned Parenthood’s part to move away from “choice,” especially as we figure out the hidden meaning behind that tired word. Planned Parenthood does need a new moniker, because as more people understand the meaning of “choice,” Planned Parenthood will have fewer customers, and therefore less cash.

A name can’t change a fact or reality. Just as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, a death by any other name is just as sad. I could sell those hamburgers we talked about as ground-up-cow sandwiches if I wanted to. Although I might not sell the same number, it’s still the same product, hidden somewhere behind the name.

“Choice” has served as a curtain to cover up the gruesome realities of abortion for the last forty years. But the curtain’s wearing thin now, and unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, a new word won’t easily cover up those ugly truths again. Abortion in America can’t last much longer now.

I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live.” –Deuteronomy 30: 19

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