Pro-abortion blogger makes pro-life case

RH Reality Check (pro-abortion website funded by Ted Turner) blogger Thea Lim concluded in her post yesterday:

I support any life choice; except the one that tries to take other people’s choices away.

Now that’s destructive.

Funny, I would have no problem saying something very similar, yet we are on opposite sides of the abortion debate. If abortion simply removed a tumor or “tissue” and not a small human being then I would have no problem with it. I oppose abortion specifically because it takes away the choice and life of another human being. Ana Benderas explained this in a video recently:

My question for Thea Lim is how does abortion not fit her definition?

Does she believe that preborn humans are not living? (science says they are)

Does she believe that preborn human are not human? (science again also says they are)

Finally, as Lim says, choices that take way the choices of others are “destructive”. One just has to see what a human abortion looks like to understand that “destructive” is an accurate description:

http://abortionno.org (shows video an actual abortion)
http://herestheblood.com (shows an actual abortion)

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