Bad journalism: ABC News touts abortion study from pro-abortion firm (without conflict disclaimer)

ABC News wrote an article yesterday stating:

Telemedicine abortions have been performed in Iowa since 2008, but for the first time, a study by Ibis Reproductive Health shows that they are as safe and successful as medical abortions with a doctor physically present.

What ABC News fails to disclose is that Ibis Reproductive Health isn’t a neutral research group. Their website states in their “Mission” section:

“We focus on improving access to abortion”

In their accomplishments section they talk of their work to:

“mainstream abortion as an area of study across the social science disciplines”

In their links section they feature various “Organizations Raising Funds for Abortion” and also link to Planned Parenthood who was the subject of the study covered by ABC News.

They also talk of working collaboration in with the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Access Project. Does Ibis Reproductive Health sound like a neutral research group or an agenda-driven operation?

But all of that didn’t cause ABC News to question or even disclose the conflict of interest that Ibis has. Instead they pushed the Ibis research to the article lead creating the headline, “Abortion Without Doctor On-Site Gets High Grades in Iowa.” Once again this shows that bias isn’t always what gets into an article, but also what is blatantly left out.

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