Wendy Davis, a voice for the people?

Is this your voice?

I know Senator Wendy Davis has become the darling for the Democratic Party. She even released this video:

Texas values? Do these persons look like grandmas and children to you?


How about attempting to break the filibuster rules?

If the Texas State Senate does not pass SB 5 in a real democratic process, that is a different thing. But seeing the way the Democrat Party and their supporters behaved last week really made us understand why Governor Perry called for a special session of the Senate today.

Is Wendy Davis your voice?

Definitely not mine.

If she does not represent you either, fill the “Is This Your Voice?” petition here and join the #StandForLife TweetFest.


Pro-life advocates rally for the right to life in San Francisco, CA at the Walk for Life 2013.

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