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A new low… Planned Parenthood uses Ebola outbreak to promote abortion

Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion buddies will exploit anything they can to promote abortion, including holidays. Now, they’ve even sunk so low as to exploit the Ebola outbreak in an apparent fit of jealousy over the attention it has received in the media.

After the completely inevitable backlash, Planned Parenthood quickly backtracked, apologizing if they offended anyone.

So, they don’t disagree with the actual content of the story itself, nor do they feel that it might have been wrong to whine about abortion not getting enough attention because a disease that’s killed thousands of people in a few short months is making headlines. Nope, they’re just sorry if you were offended by it. That’s all.

Of course, it isn’t all that surprising that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t foresee exploiting the Ebola outbreak to push their pro-abortion agenda as offensive. What’s a measly 9,000 people dead when there are babies to be killed?

Let’s be honest here: Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about life at all, they care about abortion — or rather, profiting from abortion. What’s sad is that they still pretend that they’re a “health care” organization… and even sadder that people believe them.

This is just another example of Planned Parenthood’s one track mind. They don’t care about anyone’s health. They’re focused on one thing, and that’s lining their pockets with even more blood money.

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