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Live Action is a non-partisan, nonprofit, pro-life educational organization. Live Action News (“LAN”) is Live Action’s online news and information website. LAN shares breaking news, opinion and commentary, and human-interest stories from a pro-life perspective.

LAN invites talented writers to submit their pitches and stories to our editors at, subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”). Before making your submission, be sure to read the LAN Publishing Standards.

Submission Process

  1. Email a brief pitch of your story idea to Include a proposed title and limit your pitch to 4 sentences.
  2. You may include a draft of your completed story as a Word or Google document in the pitch email or wait for LAN’s editor to respond to you with a request for a draft.
  3. Please note that your submission of a draft indicates your acceptance of these Terms.   
  4. Once you have submitted a draft to LAN, you may not pitch the same draft to other publishers unless we have formally declined to publish.
  5. If your story is approved, your draft will be published at the editor’s discretion, and the editor may make reasonable grammatical edits, or change the title.
  6. We are not copyeditors, and we expect all submissions to be in a final draft stage.
  7. If we request changes to your story, you must make these changes within the timeframe set by the editor.
  8. We are unable to respond to all pitches, and you should consider your pitch rejected after 15 days of no response.
  9. You story will not be considered accepted, and no payment is due, until the editor has published the final draft on LAN’s website.


Note, these same rules generally apply even if you have you have been published on LAN in the past, or if a LAN editor has requested a pitch or a draft of a story from you.

Payment Terms

You will be paid for each published story based on the current fee schedule set by the LAN editor. As a freelance writer, you are an independent contractor of Live Action. You must provide a completed IRS form W-9 to LAN’s editor. You are not an employee of Live Action, and are therefore not entitled to any employee benefits, or expense reimbursements, and Live Action does not withhold any federal or state taxes on your behalf.

Work Made for Hire

Your published story is considered work made for hire as defined under federal copyright law (hereinafter, a “Work”). To the extent any Work does not qualify as or otherwise fails to be Work made for hire, you shall, and hereby do, (a) assign, transfer, and otherwise convey to Live Action, irrevocably and in perpetuity, throughout the world, all right, title and interest in and to such Work, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights therein; and (b) irrevocably waive any and all claims you may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction to so-called “moral rights” or rights of droit moral with respect to such Work. You agree that all work created pursuant to these Terms shall be the lawful property of Live Action. Live Action may remove your Work from its website at any time and for any reason without notice to you.

Any republication or translation of a Work is subject to Live Action’s Open License Terms.

Notwithstanding the Open License Terms’ requirement to submit a formal request to republish or translate copyrighted content, any LAN author of a Work described herein may notify the LAN editor in writing of their intent to republish or translate the Work they authored, or a portion thereof, in another publication, such as a book, blog, periodical, or magazine. While the Open License Terms only permit non-commercial uses of Live Action’s copyrighted content, such a republication or translation may be for a commercial use, provided the use complies with Section 5 of the Open License Terms. No use that would injure Live Action’s reputation or IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status shall be permitted under any circumstances.

LAN Publishing Standards

As a leader of pro-life news and commentary, LAN strives for the highest level of excellence. Remember, LAN’s editors are checking for basic style and grammar. That means your story should be submitted in final draft form, well written, appropriately sourced, and copyedited. To ensure the best chance your story gets published, make sure it meets the following essential standards:

  • LAN’s perspective: Your story should fit into one of LAN’s main news and commentary sections, which you can find on our website. Generally, these sections include breaking news or commentary with a pro-life angle, or interest at stake. Stories relating to abortion, the abortion pill, contraceptives, in vitro fertilization, fertility, pro-life law and policy, the disabled, euthanasia, end-of-life, or other bioethical issues. We also accept positive, human-interest stories relating to any of these topics.   
  • Word limit: A Breaking News story will be between 400 and 700 words. All other stories will be between 600 and 1,200 words.
  • Nonpartisanship: You may not endorse or oppose candidates for political office. You may discuss and analyze policies or proposed legislation affecting preborn children. If relevant to the story you may mention candidates for office (but stick to facts, and avoid positive or negative commentary about the person).    
  • Facts vs. opinions: Know the difference. Opinions must always be well-stated, thoughtful, and grounded in facts. Breaking News stories must be entirely opinion-free.      
  • No fallacies: Some of the most common are strawman, ad hominem, appeal to authority, false dilemma, red herring, circular argument, and hasty generalization.
  • Avoid clichés & platitudes
  • No name calling, or personal attacks: Attack ideas, not people.
  • Stay positive: We believe life is beautiful, children are a joy, and human beings have dignity and moral worth at every age, regardless of disability. We strive to promote a Culture of Life and to persuade others to share our point of view.   
  • Check your facts: All statements of fact must be checked for accuracy, and properly sourced. Seek out original sources when available. Do not expect LAN’s editors to do your research—stories with unsourced or unverified factual assertions will be rejected.
  • Use commonsense & journalistic ethics: Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. All stories should give proper attribution to sources, including by using quotes and links if applicable.
  • Tell stories: Try to tell a story, give concrete illustrations, and talk about real people.
  • Have style: We recommend you read The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
  • Lede strong: Your opening should pull readers into your story and summarize the main points and facts you will discuss.   
  • Be specific: Avoid ambiguous and vague statements. When in doubt, cite specific facts, and link to a source.
  • Be clear: Write for an audience of laypeople. This means to write professionally, without being too academic (or too casual).
  • Be focused: Do not try to cover everything. Stick to the main points and key facts.            
  • Be interesting: Would you share this story on social media or with your friends and family? Would you want to read it if your friend posted it on social media?
  • Be concise & use active voice: Confusion of the reader is often brought about by the excessive incorporation of superfluous words which may be unknown to the person who reads the article or story in question.    
  • Avoid long paragraphs: Our audience reads LAN on their computers and cellphones. Paragraphs should be 2-4 sentences (5 is pushing it).
  • When necessary, use subheadings: Subheadings can help organize your thoughts and main points, giving readers a roadmap.
  • Use pro-life terminology: We always want to lead the pro-life movement as effective messengers by framing the discussion about abortion and the rights of preborn children. The following chart includes terms we prefer, and corresponding terms we avoid:



pro-life, pro-family, pro-child

anti-reproductive rights, anti-choice, anti-abortion

pro-life advocate, defender of life

anti-abortion protester, anti-choice protester

pro-abortion, abortion advocate


abortion, killing, commit abortion, take a life

terminate a pregnancy, abortion procedure, perform abortion


abortion doctor

abortion facility, abortion chain

abortion clinic, abortion provider, family-planning center, women’s center

abortion giant/chain/corporation/business

[Planned Parenthood is an] organization

baby/child in the womb, preborn child, prenatal human being

fetus, unwanted pregnancy

pro-life pregnancy center, pregnancy resource center, pregnancy care center, life-affirming pregnancy center

crisis pregnancy center

pro-abstinence, pro-purity/responsibility, pro-fertility awareness-based methods

anti-contraception, anti-birth control

considering an abortion, experiencing an abortion

exercising one’s reproductive rights/ freedom of choice





has a disability


conceived in rape

product of rape

the child lived for five days after birth

the child lived for five days

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