Quote of the day: Abortion is not just like any other social issue

jason-jonesWhen it comes to combating gun deaths or advancing public health, for instance, there is more than one morally defensible answer that people of good will could offer to the question of advancing the common good. The debate is over which approach is most prudent and practical.

But state acceptance of abortion, like slavery or segregation, is not a multiple choice question: It’s a true or false. Either such practices are intrinsically good, or they are intrinsically evil….

I am the father of a child — the name we gave her was Jessica — who was destroyed in an abortion. The doctor intentionally murdered her for money. I am deeply offended that political operatives… equate that evil with a thousand lesser things, such as arguable economic policies or pollution regulations.

~ I Am Whole Life founder Jason Scott Jones (pictured), The Stream, May 18, 2016

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