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3 things we need more of (if we’re going to end abortion)

When the trends get awful, it’s time to start bucking them.

Nobody knows exactly how abortion’s going to end. But the following three things certainly will help us make abolition a beautiful reality.

1. Pro-life feminists

Dudes, you hear it all the time: “Abortion is not your business unless you can get pregnant!”

Appealing to intellectual honesty doesn’t work on these people. If it did, we could point out the hypocrisy of their statement, considering abortion was declared the law of the land by nine men. Logic also doesn’t work, or we could mention that if men could get pregnant, we’d be against them having abortions, too.

What does make an impression is when women who are self-described feminists adopt a pro-life position. It blows people’s minds a little bit. It’s the thing that started me on my road to conversion. Groups like Feminists for Life of America remind people that our early feminists were dead-set on freeing women from tyranny, not just passing the tyranny on to their children.

Justin Bieber says he’s pro-life, and it’s mildly interesting and a bit heartening. But imagine the shock-and-awe effect if Tina Fey became publicly pro-life. Holy cow, right? Even one hipster-feminist idol coming out as pro-life would have an enormous impact on the movement.

I call myself a feminist because I believe in what the original feminists believed in. I believe that women are awesome creatures capable of great things, but I also believe that embracing true femininity in motherhood and the natural processes of our lady plumbing is true empowerment, not aborting our children so we can finish our super-important degree in comparative literature. True feminism used to be about self-respect, not sexual wantonism, abortion, and the various sex trades that destroy women, body and soul. Because of that, I am pro-life and anti-fauxminist.

Organizations like Feminists for Life of America and New Wave Feminists must keep arguing – and proving – that not only is it possible to be pro-life and feminist, but it’s an essential component of being an empowered female.

2. Pro-life doctors

My gynecologist back in Dallas was 100% pro-life and Catholic. He did not prescribe artificial birth control. And he was the only one I could find in the entire city.

Too many doctors are willing to ignore the Latin maxim they are taught in early medical school: Primum non nocere. First, do no harm. Unlike the women they “treat,” they are not ignorant of the reality of what they’re doing. They know full well that it is no “clump of cells.” They have convinced themselves – like so many pro-abortion people – that the ends justify the means, even when the “ends” turn out to be grieving, regretful, or even dead and maimed women.

Groups like the Association of Pro-Life Physicians and the American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNS help women find pro-life physicians. The more doctors refuse to perform abortions and respect their patients enough to tell them the truth, the fewer abortions there will be.

3. Premarital chastity

“Nobody puts Baby in a chastity belt.”

Abortion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I say it all the time. Abortion usually happens when people have sex as recreation, not intending to make a baby. According to ProChoice.org, a site I obviously visit all the time, about half of all pregnancies are “oops” pregnancies. I won’t call them “surprise” pregnancies, because I think it’s safe to say most people who have sex know where babies come from.

Of the over one million abortions that occur every year in the United States, 83% are committed on unmarried women. That’s, like, a lot. So, according to logic, if people stopped having sex before marriage, there would be roughly 83% fewer abortions.

Of course, you can never get everybody to stop having premarital sex. But back in the olden days of yore, when there was a standard – and when if you got caught having sex before marriage, you would get your butt beat and get sent off to Ye Olde Forbidding Nunnery & School For Wayward Girls – there were a lot fewer teenagers having sex. You see, when you lower and then completely eradicate the standard, people – surprise! – fail to live up to that standard.

I was at my in-laws’ place the other night, and the TV was on with the volume off. A program called “Christmas at Rockefeller Center” came on. It’s an annual show in which celebrities frolic Christmasly in New York as the big pretty tree is lit. It’s supposed to be family-friendly, I think, considering the presence of Muppets cavorting with Cee Lo. But the show opened with Mariah Carey dressed like a very slutty elf. Her dress was cut so low you could see her sternum. It wasn’t just cleavage – it was the entire middle section of her ta-tas.

Also, I occasionally flip through the channels and see that ABC Family is showing Dirty Dancing again. Now, I love Dirty Dancing just as much as the next 25- to 34-year-old female. I was pretty sure Johnny Castle was going to materialize and marry the hell out of me. But, um, it’s a movie about young people rubbing their privates on each other, when they’re not having premarital sex and getting back-alley abortions. ABC Family? Really?

No, we’re never going to get all unmarried people to stop doing the nasty. But we have to do better. We have to have some standards. We don’t have to put chastity belts on all young people to knock that 83% down a bit. There is nothing more rebellious today than respecting yourself. Ladies, it is absolutely revolutionary in our time to decide you are not going to dress and behave as though you are in a Ke$ha video. Guys, all those people who tell you that acting on every impulse is “normal” are trying to drag you down to their level. Rise above your primitive urges. You’re a man, not a monkey.

I could add to this list – and whom are we kidding, I probably will – but if we started with adding more of these three things – pro-life feminists, pro-life doctors, and premarital chastity, we would be on our way to ending abortion.

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