10 disturbing quotes from a top Planned Parenthood abortionist

Here’s the heart. My fingers will smoosh it if I try to pick it up. The heart is right there… A lot of times I‘ll get a full torso, spine, kidneys. You could send the whole thing or pick that apart… It’s a baby.

In the latest investigative video on Planned Parenthood, Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains — and her staff — make multiple horrifying comments. These comments shed light on the horrific reality of abortion.

The following words may be hard to stomach, but Americans need to remember that right now, abortion – the root of all these horrific videos – is legal in our nation. Abortion has allowed human beings to be treated like a commodity, a product, and a mere piece of “tissue.”

1. “It’s a baby.”

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The following conversation between Ginde and the baby parts buyer speaks for itself, illustrating that Planned Parenthood is fully aware of the humanity of these tiny babies, who they rip apart, prod and poke, and then sell for more profit.

Ginde: So, also possibly a twin in there.

Ginde: This is part of the head.

Buyer: Oh wow. That – this is high quality.

Ginde: Yea. The nose?

Buyer: Yea, I see the mouth and everything

Ginde: Here’s the heart…My fingers will smoosh it if I try to pick it up. The heart is right there.

Ginde: A lot of times I‘ll get a full torso, spine, kidneys. You could send the whole thing or pick that apart.

Ginde: But sometimes with the residents, I tell them to poke around, and sometimes embryology will come full circle. Find all the parts you know…I think it’s pretty amazing.

Ginde: Do you want me to get rigid forceps or something so you can pull that out?

Buyer: Do you have like a little one?

Ginde: I don’t have a little one, but I have a big one. You can pull out a leg or something.

Buyer: Oh, and kinda just dangle it? Yea, why not?

Ginde: It’s a baby.

2. “If someone delivers before we get to see them for a procedure, then they are intact…”


Dr. Ginde is admitting here that a good number of the second trimester babies at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) – about 10 percent – are born before the abortion is even performed. How many are born alive and either left to die or actively killed outside the womb?

3. “We’re doing procedures at 17 weeks, so we have fairly large identifiable parts. … And we’re planning on going to from 18 to 20 weeks by the end of the year.”

Baby at 20 weeks

Baby at 20 weeks

These are the babies PPRM conducts abortions on.

4. “These are small jars, so technically you could put 100 in there [jars of baby body parts and organs], with our refrigerators, you could get that in there.”

What mental picture do you get, when you imagine 100 jars of baby body parts in a refrigerator, over at your local abortion clinic?

5. “Buyer: What do you extract with forceps at say, 15 or 16 weeks if you’re doing a combined – Ginde: Just the cal.”

“Cal” is short for calvarium, which is short for the head. Here, Ginde is describing to the buyer that, after most of the baby’s body has been suctioned away, the head is pulled out of the mother’s body with forceps. At this age, the baby’s head is too large to be sucked down a hose.

6. “I tend to be the provider there that goes up to 18 weeks. So…it might be easier to take some of that [baby parts] with me.”


Ginde describes how she works at another facility in Ft. Collins several times a month, as the abortionist who does abortions up to 18 weeks.

Here’s another mental picture for you: Dr. Ginde, driving on her way home (to her own nine-month-old twin boys), with jars of baby parts rattling around in her car – pieces of the babies she just killed, ready to be sold and shipped to the ready buyer.

7. “So our patients often times read in our consent forms, that says if they consent, we might take your products of conception and use it for research…”

“Products of conception”? What a nice way to avoid giving the facts to women: we are going to poke your ripped and bloody baby, point out his various organs and limbs, and sell him to a buyer. Do you consent to that? Of course, as Ginde admits later on: “They [patients] want to donate organs, they don’t need to know the process you go through…I find it all to be very fascinating. Nothing more than a fascination.”

8. “It’s not a study, it’s specimen procurement.”

Buyer: [A]s far as any oversight from PPFA national, is that necessary for you guys, or?

Ginde: Just a registration that says we’re doing it for study…It’s just a routine, and we don’t have to have IRB approval? Because, it’s not a real study. …

So basically, the national Planned Parenthood office allows its affiliates like PPRM to submit a “registration” that says they are harvesting baby parts for a study, but it’s not really a “real study” or a “study” at all.

9. “[I]t’s so big you can just put your hand in there and pick it up, the parts. … And so, I don’t think it would be as…war-torn.”

Planned Parenthood is absolutely waging a war on the most innocent, helpless human beings among us. What will we do to stop this war?

10. “I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

“How much we can get out of it,” but this isn’t about the profit?

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.15.02 PM

As we see from Dr. Ginde’s comments, this “piece of tissue” has a heart, a brain, two legs, two arms, eyeballs, and a nose. This “product of conception” was a baby—a boy— a unique human being who was never given a full chance at his own life.

For the sake of #AnotherBoy, read, consider, and share these comments. This is what Planned Parenthood is truly about – deep on the inside, when they think no woman is listening.

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