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$1 million for death: Perot Foundation gives Planned Parenthood large donation

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Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas again demonstrates the sad reality of the cliché “the rich get richer.” Though it had an income of $22,296,294 in its last reported fiscal year, it continues to lament its poverty at the state of Texas cutting funding to the organization – and now rejoices that the Perot Foundation has donated $1 million to help sustain death instead of life.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the foundation was making the donation at a time when “some charities are distancing themselves from the major provider of women’s health services.”

The paper reports:

For nearly 100 years Planned Parenthood has helped to educate men and women regarding family planning and general family health,” Margot Perot said in a written statement through Planned Parenthood. “Our family has supported this nonprofit for many years because we are impressed with the work they do — providing birth control, scientifically-based education, breast health exams, and basic life-saving healthcare for women who cannot afford services otherwise.

Ms. Perot is incorrect about Planned Parenthood providing general family health, of course. Planned Parenthood provides abortion, birth control, and a few limited services.

The charity of H. Ross Perot, former presidential candidate, has given money to places that help foster life and mental health, to noble organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ and various Dallas-area churches, to cancer research, and to colleges and food banks. By all accounts, they seem to support life and health in their community – except when they walk into death. Somehow last year’s $15,000 donation to Planned Parenthood turned into $1 million. However, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas seems to be doing just fine financially, according to its IRS Form 990.

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Planned Parenthood: where there are no mammograms or anything beyond basic cancer screenings that have to be referred out to other places. Planned Parenthood: where parental care doesn’t happen unless someone wants the baby dead before he or she can live outside the womb. Planned Parenthood: where the same affiliate recently built a new abortion clinic in Fort Worth, despite being “poor.” How can this be a worthy recipient of one of the larger donations the Perot Foundation has made recently?

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood continues to boast its riches. Its last annual report shows that the organization took in $538.5 million in government money in the same fiscal year.

However, it should come as no surprise to pro-lifers that the Perot Foundation supports abortion, for Perot himself actually has a record of being pro-abortion.

Sadly, the area served by Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has so many real needs for life, for hope, for relief from poverty, better comprehensive health care, and it’s a true shame that an organization that exists to donate money to those with worthy needs would instead choose a large affiliate of the nation’s largest abortion provider to make such a large gift.

One million dollars for death is nothing to advertise.

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