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Stories of forced abortion in America all too common

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In recent days, the nation has been shocked by the story coming out of Texas: a 14-year-old girl was raped, her baby forcibly aborted through pills and a lengthy, brutal beating, and then, the stillborn baby was burned on a grill and later disposed of.

While this story couldn’t be more horrific, America needs to realize that forced abortions are not uncommon. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has been accused of forcing women to end the lives of their own children.

Take, for example, the court case of Ayanna Byer.

As reported previously at Live Action:

When Ayanna Byer changed her mind, telling Planned Parenthood’s abortionist that she no longer wanted an abortion, one was performed on her anyway. This occurred at a Colorado Springs clinic, and PPRM is being sued. Not only did Planned Parenthood force Ms. Byer to have an abortion against her will, but the doctor also botched the abortion. This created a life-threatening infection in Ms. Byer which was treated at an emergency room – with no timely information provided by Planned Parenthood’s abortionist. Planned Parenthood had abandoned its patient.

0teen-pregnancyMinnesota Citizens Concerned for Life reports the forced abortions of a very young girl who was taken to Planned Parenthood:

In Arizona, a judge found Planned Parenthood negligent for failing to report an abortion on a 13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her 23-year-old foster brother. Shawn Stephens took the girl to the clinic, but Planned Parenthood did not notify authorities until the girl returned six months later for a second abortion. A lawsuit alleged that the girl was subjected to repeated abuse and a second abortion because of the clinic’s failure to report suspected abuse. Stephens was sentenced to prison and lifetime probation.

Not only does Planned Parenthood force abortions on women, but their own family members and partners often do as well. A pregnancy sharing site that allows women to tell their stories anonymously printed the following account of forced abortion:

Termination at 5 weeks It’s been about 7 weeks since I terminated my baby. I was 4 weeks pregnant when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t have much signs, just craving for sushi but I couldn’t keep it down. Haven’t had sushi since.

I’ve been dating this guy since last September, we met at our home town (we both currently stay in the city now). He’s a couple of years older than me and he’s very rich, very rich and I’m still a university student. He’s been nice to me and had his days of not being nice at all. But I really loved him and it was not about his money or what he did for me, I loved him and I still do.

When I found out I was pregnant he told me that I was gonna have an abortion, and that it was still an egg and not a baby yet it shouldn’t be hard. He said I tricked him into getting pregnant. After a week of knowing I was pregnant I went to the women’s clinic and aborted the baby through the medical procedure. I was given the pill that was gonna stop the pregnancy and another set of 4 pills I had to take at home the next day. After taking the pills at home, I started feeling so much pain, pain I’ve never experienced. It was as if I was in labour. I was all alone. He wasn’t there for me, the day I went to the clinic he just gave me money and sent me one of his drivers.

He didn’t care how I felt. I hate myself for allowing him to scare me, a lot of women do it alone. My family would have supported me. Now I cry everyday because I want my baby. All I think about is my baby. I’d be 13 weeks today. I hate him for not supporting me. All I want is my baby back.

(Photo credit: Nathan Csonka Photography on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Nathan Csonka Photography on Flickr)

Another girl writes how her forced abortion has changed her life forever:

I was so shocked! But excited! I don’t know, I liked the idea of becoming a mum and having something stable in my life. … Anyway in my head I decided to keep the baby, even through I hadn’t told my ex or my parents. I knew as soon as I told them that’s when things were going to get tough, so I just enjoyed being pregnant. I made up every excuse in the book to hold off from telling my ex, I should have just been honest with myself and admitted I was scared. …

At this stage I was 12 weeks along. I don’t know why I was so scared because he was so supportive! He even talked about us possibly getting back together! Now that I had told him, I now had to tell my parents. My parents are extremely strict on this type of stuff, to them a pregnancy not under marriage is disgusting and brings so much shame to the family. Well somehow one day I got the balls to go tell them. I told mum only first, she freaked out and told me that my dad was not to find out and that I was to have an abortion. This broke my heart. I told my mum no, and for that she kicked me out for 2 weeks. …

In my head I knew that I couldn’t afford a child, I didn’t really have anything to offer a child. But in my heart I really wanted a baby, I knew that I could offer my baby (was a boy) my unconditional love. I was now 14 weeks pregnant and I had to make a decision I knew that I couldn’t afford or child or give my baby the best chance at life, and I’d be pleasing my parents if I had an abortion. But I just couldn’t stand the thought of taking the life away from my precious boy. It took me 2 more weeks to come to my decision. I chose to abort.

I had so much pressure coming from my mum and friends who were concerned about me, that at the time it honestly was the easy way out. I booked a consultation with a termination clinic and before I knew it I was scheduled to have my abortion the next week! Just thinking about how I was feeling when I walked into the room where the procedure was to be done it’s extremely hard so I’m just doing to miss that section. It was quite a late abortion and I know some people think it’s totally disgusting and unethical just having an abortion let alone a late one, but it was what seemed like the only option. My mum was happy that I went through with the abortion, but our relationship just hasn’t been the same since. …

The days after the abortion were the worst. I didn’t speak to anyone. But I had to go to school and face reality. So I suppressed all my emotions. That was the with thing I could possibly do. I started doing drugs, drinking, smoking, partying and having a lot of sex. I was a mess. My friends watched me fall into this dark place helplessly. They couldn’t do anything. Now that I think about it, it was depression, I denied it 100% until now. I wanted to be strong and didn’t want to accept that I was depressed

Thy abortion was the biggest mistake of my life. I let other people pressure me into something that I convinced myself I believed in something which I didn’t. It’s now been almost a year past the abortion and it still stays with me. I sometimes find myself holding my stomach like a pregnant women would do as if my boy was still there. To my precious little boy Kaiden, mummy loves you and is forever sorry. May somehow you can forgive me because mummy truly misses you and loves you as wishes you were here

For more on forced abortion in America, see “Unwanted, coerced or forced abortions in America.” 

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