Abortion: Is it society’s fault?

These babies have no voice to speak for themselves. We must be that voice. To be anything else is inhuman.

There used to be a time when the economy was stable, women stayed home and took care of the children and the household, and men were the breadwinners. However, everlasting wars brought on a growing economy that needed women. Men were out fighting, and women wanted to work. They needed to work.

From 1920 to 1973, the American social landscape changed. While men were off at war, women had to take factory jobs to help support the American economy. Women faced discrimination in the workplace and in efforts to gain political office. Women’s rights group became more active as women around the world as other countries and cultures began to promote programs and beliefs that women had the right to self determination.

As the economy grew and there were more jobs, women needed a place in the workplace, and they believed that they needed “self-determination.”

But what did this mean? And how far would it go? Should women be allowed to determine the totality of their own futures, even if it meant killing their children in the process? Or was there a line where self-determination ended? When Roe v. Wade was handed down in 1973, abortion became readily available for women who had “obstacles” in their way that would keep them from fulfilling their life plans.

Women Being Driven by Their Image of Men

Because of Roe – one court decision – abortions were somehow now acceptable. Any obstacles that stood in a woman’s way of getting her education or starting her career were fair game for destruction – even her children. Because after all, a women should be just like a man in every way. She could go to school like a man, have sex like a man, go to work like a man, and not have to carry children like a man.

Pregnant woman at work with laptop looking stressedYet in this drive to be just like men in every single way, someone forgot that women are uniquely designed to give birth to the human race. We are women for a reason. We are nurturing for a reason – it’s simply a matter of design. Several recent editorials have voiced the view that women ought to realize their right to be mothers and the need for them to be just that.

Somehow, many women have lost their way and allowed their image of what a man is to drive all their ambitions. We need to stand up for ourselves – as women – to society and stand up for the real feminism. Real feminism is being feminine, being women. We can do things that men can do, but we can also do things that we were meant to do. We shouldn’t have to give up our basic instincts to adjust to society’s standards. Our gender has been changing over the years in a very unnatural way.

Is Society to Blame?

The problem largely lies in our society – that it tempts us to be whatever we want to be, regardless of whether or not we should be that. We are able to be sexual beings and do whatever we want while ignoring the consequences. Many in society think this is liberating, but freedom to do as we please while killing others in the process is pure selfishness, plain and simple.

It’s not true freedom if the weakest of our society have no say in whether they live or die. Freedom to be born and the basic right to life should comprise our one foundational human right, since without this right, nothing else matters.

The media depicts sex constantly. Schools teach sexual education while influencing teens to believe that unintended pregnancies are shameful. They also teach teens that if they don’t get a college degree or some sort of career, they are not contributing members of society.

A living, unique human with rights - not just a "clump of cells"

A living, unique human with rights – not just a “clump of cells”

How on earth can young girls who are thrown into a society that shames pregnancy and glorifies sex ever grow to be pro-motherhood? How can girls be taught to value family life when they are told that obtaining a career is more important and more necessary?  They are taught that it is okay to have a choice with their bodies, but what about the baby’s body? If the baby is not wanted, then society teaches these girls that he is not a body or a person or even human, for that matter. Society tells our girls that their babies are clumps of cells that will eventually take over their lives, sort of like a cancer.

A human is not a cancer. Instead, the views of our society are a cancer that will destroy our human civilization if it continues as it is. If procreation is seen as wrong, then what is right to our society? Is living how we want, and leaving no future to the human race, the right thing to do? Is killing our children what society wants? Is getting a career and leaving no room for children and family the most important thing to do?

Our population will diminish to nothing if we continue to kill ourselves off. Slowly but surely, our human race is diminishing, and for what? To live selfishly and do as we please? By doing so, we are leaving the earth empty.


So is abortion society’s fault? It is everyone’s fault. Our society as a whole is to blame. The lawmakers, the parents, the teachers, the women, the men, the media, and everyone else who allows this war to go on – no one who stands by is faultless. We are fighting a war against ourselves, and this war must be stopped.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “[t]o ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” We must not sit by and watch as our most innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters are killed because of society’s problem with telling women that they must not kill their children. That should be a given. We must all be soldiers and peacefully fight in this war. These babies have no voice to speak for themselves. We must be that voice. To be anything else is inhuman.

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