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US Legislators are trying to end the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment is a budget rider that prevents federal funding from going towards abortion. 

While President Joe Biden supported the Hyde Amendment for decades while in the Senate, during his first few months of office he has called for it to be ended. 

And Nancy Pelosi has vowed to pass free taxpayer-funded abortions for Medicaid recipients in this year’s spending bills.

Additionally, the latest COVID relief bill is the first funding bill that has passed in 44 years without the Hyde Amendment attached. 

This means tax-payers would be FORCED by the government to fund the killing of preborn children.

A study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that the Hyde Amendment has saved more than 2 million preborn babies from abortion since 1976. 

And it continues to save more than 60,000 precious lives each year! 

If this life-saving policy is reversed, it will result in untold carnage. And we will be forced to fund the bloodshed through our tax dollars. 

And sadly, this is just holding the line! 

The Hyde Amendment has exceptions that do not completely protect the life and human rights of the preborn, making exceptions for rape, incest, and supposed maternal health. 

Live Action continues to fight to completely defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to protect every single preborn child, no matter the circumstances. 

Even still, with a Congress composed of a majority of abortion advocates, the Hyde Amendment does save millions of preborn lives, although imperfect. 

We cannot remain silent when this largely effective method of protection for the preborn is in jeopardy.

Compelling American taxpayers or healthcare providers to be directly complicit in the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent preborn babies every year is completely unacceptable.

As pro-life Americans, we must protect the Hyde Amendment. Will you?

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