National Activism Director

National Activism Director

Reports to: VP of Strategic Partnerships


Live Action’s Grassroots Activism Program (the “Program”) ​actively seeks to recruit and train pro-life activists throughout the United States to become “Ambassadors.” The Program ultimately seeks to achieve full legal protections for preborn children, to expose the wrongdoing of abortion providers with the goal of shutting them down, and to educate local communities about the brutality of abortion and the humanity of preborn children. To achieve these goals, the Program cultivates strategic relationships with community, religious, and local pro-life leaders and influencers, and utilizing Live Action’s educational content and investigative reporting to educate the public. These strategies are aimed at reshaping the public conversation about abortion and preborn life.

The National Activism Director (the “Director”) manages the Program and develops and executes the Program strategy. The Director ​actively seeks to recruit and train pro-life volunteers to combat the abortion industry using strategic, grassroots activism. The Director oversees and trains all Ambassadors and Ambassador chapters, including recruitment, event coordination, and ensuring compliance with Ambassador terms and policies. The Director must have a ​deep understanding of the pro-life movement, its historical tactics, and ethical arguments in favor of life.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee: ​Proactively maintains and oversees all communications with Live Action Ambassadors and regional partners. This includes recruitment, training, and mobilization of volunteer activists as well the building and nurturing of key partner relationships at the local community level.
Develop and implement:​ Develops and implements various tools to streamline communication with Ambassadors and members and distribute resources. Identifies new opportunities and resources to aid in the process of communicating with and mobilizing a nation-wide network of activists and partners.
Reporting: ​Responsible for identifying key metrics essential for reporting to the growth of the department and status of its goals. Providing regular updates on these metrics to the Executive Team and alerting them of potential risks to meeting goals and metrics.
Partnerships:​ Build, cultivate, and manage key partnerships with partners and leaders at the local and national level in an effort to maximize the organization’s impact. Partnerships include but will not be limited to churches, religious and political leaders, organizational leaders, and local influencers.
Advises Content Creators:​ Advises and collaborates with content creators to develop and distribute resources for Ambassador training, partner support/curriculum, and campaign collateral.
Researches: ​Maintain an active knowledge of the abortion industry and opportunities to make an impact at the state and local level.
Facilitates: ​Organizes strategic events at both the local and national level for training and community building.


● Dedicated to pro-life mission.
● Minimum of five (5) years of combined relevant experience working in grassroots activism and building strategic partnerships.
● Understanding of 501(c)(3) rules concerning political campaigning, issue advocacy, and lobbying.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
● Strong problem solving capabilities.
● Media savvy, strong pro-life messaging skills, and adept at social media.
● Politically savvy, and stays informed of the latest state, federal and local issues affecting abortion and the rights of the preborn.
● Can work independently, is a self-starter, and good at building strategic relationships.
● Excellent time-management skills, highly organized, and able to juggle many priorities at once.
● Expertise in all major business software applications (Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, etc.). Hubspot experience a plus.
● Bachelor’s; Master’s preferred.


● May work remote, but preference for candidates who live and work in or around Washington, D.C or Los Angeles.
● Will develop a nationwide grassroots activism strategy to advance a pro-life agenda in all 50 states.
● Keeps a Monday to Friday schedule during normal business hours; occasional nights and weekends as needed.
● Maintains good working relationships with pro-life allies and partner organizations, and projects a favorable image of Live Action.
● Cultivates strategic relationships with key officials in local and state politics, in pro-life nonprofits, and grassroots activists.
● Stays abreast of current politics and news, and the state of the pro-life movement.
● Seeks philosophical and professional formation as a pro-life leader through continuing
education, and by utilizing sources made available by Live Action.

Application Submission Process:

Please submit a cover letter, work samples, and resume to: [email protected] In the subject line, please write: Activism Director_(your last name). No phone calls, please.

In your cover letter, please include your position on abortion (one to two paragraphs).

All staff members are required to sign Live Action’s Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement.

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