Learn about how human life develops in the womb by getting the free eBook “Development of a Preborn Child”!

You believe that life doesn’t begin until birth, but are you aware of the intricate developmental stages that a preborn baby experiences from the moment of conception? To what they feel and when they begin to see, hear, and touch?

Have you researched preborn development or looked to science for answers?

Live Action covers all of the above through its heavily-researched and thoughtfully-crafted eBook, “Development of a Preborn Child”.
Gain knowledge about when life (and parenthood) begins, and discover amazing scientific facts surrounding fetal development.

This eBook teaches:

  • When life begins, and how it’s proven scientifically
  • Incredible facts about preborn human development during each stage of pregnancy
  • How the preborn baby’s body is synced with her mother’s body
  • Fun facts about what a baby can do in the womb at certain stages, like summersaults and hiccups!

We hope this eBook helps enlighten you to the wondrous, beautiful process of human development within the womb! 

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