Tell Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC You Stand For Life!

I think Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report is hilarious. Recently he launched his very own PAC (political action committee) called “SuperPAC” which is dedicated to “making a better tomorrow… tomorrow.”

Sure, it’s all for fun, but because so many people love Colbert the PAC has actually raised lots of money, and now he’s asking his fans to help him decide how to spend it.

That’s where we come in!

Jacqueline Harvey has started a Facebook event to support the cause: “Tell Stephen Colbert You Stand for the Protection of Human Life.” It already has almost 450 attendees!

It’s simple:

Please go to: colbertsuperpac.ele​

Paste: “Protecting human life from conception to natural death” in the “What do you stand for?” box. You’ll have 50+ characters left, but we need to be consistent with our pro-life message up front. Feel free to add anything else you please. We have only a week, so please act quickly and share with your friends and family.

I would add something like “Join the youth revolution for life at”

Jacqueline mentions that pro-lifers in Canada managed to make the #1 wish in the Great Canadian Wishlist be “abolishing abortion,” and we have a chance to send the same powerful message here in the USA.

To make a joke off of Colbert’s book, I Am America, and So Can You!— Stephen: We’re Pro-Life, and So Can You!

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4 thoughts on “Tell Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC You Stand For Life!

  1. Colbert calls himself Catholic, but he seems liberal about abortion. This might be a good wake up call for him.


  2. Done and I got this message:

    “Thanks for taking a stand!

    Especially on that topic, which I agree more people should be
    talking about. Now click the button below to tweet what you stand for,
    so your weak-minded followers will stand for it too.

    Remember: if you don’t tweet it, it didn’t happen. We all know the
    story of the tree that fell in the forest without its smartphone.

    Stay strong.”


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