Spanish Elections May Lead to Pro-Life Change in Abortion Laws

We have to remember an important point about laws legalizing abortion: they are not set in stone.

America had pro-life laws for generations until Roe v. Wade in 1973. Then the law changed. It can change again.

Spain’s current socialist government liberalized abortion laws in Spain last year, where it previously was only legal in specific cases (such as rape).

But Spain will hold new elections on November 20th and it’s widely believed the conservative “Popular Party” will be swept into office. And according to their manifesto, re-introducing pro-life laws is one of their priorities:

“We will change the current legislation model relating to abortion in order to reinforce the protection of the right to life as well as female minors,” states the electoral programme, whose key issues were published by Spanish media on Sunday.

“Motherhood must be protected and supported. We will defend a law protecting motherhood with measures helping pregnant women, in particular those in difficult situations,” the text said. [Expatica]

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the pro-life leaders of Spain. They stressed to me how pro-abortion the current prime minister Zapatero is. They said pro-life laws could only be reintroduced when he and his party lose power and leave office. On November 20th, that may happen.

And the lesson for us here in the United States is clear: if we want to see pro-life laws passed, electing pro-life politicians is the first step.

3 thoughts on “Spanish Elections May Lead to Pro-Life Change in Abortion Laws

  1. Sadly, the situation here in Spain is not as clear-cut as all of that.  The previous legislation, to which the Popular Party wants to return, allowed for over one hundred thousand abortions per year (in a country of 40 million people). In order for them to truly enact pro-life legislation Spanish civil society is going to have to kick it up a notch.  The good news is we are quite willing to do so!


  2. Seeing most of our government officials belong to the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and/or the Trilateral Commission, and/or the Bilderburg Group, and are working to destroy our Constitution and national sovreignty and bring the U,S, into a global government headed by the UN (United Nations), the first step will be a difficult one.  It is hard to nail people for treason, when the traitors are in the majority.


  3. I think Europe is seeing the begingings of a pro-life revolution. Hungary, Poland,  Russia and now (hopefully) Spain implimenting abortion restrictions. Ireland rejecting the UNs calls for legalized abortion. Watch this space…   


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