Rachel Maddow’s Rant

On March 22, during her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow said, “In South Dakota today, Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard signed the nation’s most draconian anti-abortion bill, just like he said he would. And never mind the $4 million the state says it may have to spend to defend the law in court.”

So Rachel, does that mean a bill that abolishes the death penalty is draconian? Sparing a serial killer’s life is humane but saving an innocent human life is draconian? As for the costs, Rep. Roger Hunt, R-Brandon, the main sponsor of the law, correctly pointed out to the Huffington Post that it would be money well spent “to prevent the 800 or so abortions done each year in South Dakota.” And that “donations are already coming into to [sic] defend the law.”

About the bill, Maddow reasons (and I use the word reason lightly), “It forces women to also consult with a so-called pregnancy crisis center before they are allowed to move forward as well. For those of you who have never heard of a pregnancy crisis center, they are essentially fake quack medical clinics run by abortion opponents. They are usually designed to make women think that they are consulting a center that provides abortions, when in reality, what they are in for is anti-abortion fake counseling. What do I mean by that? Well, one pregnancy crisis center in South Dakota gives this description of the morning-after pill. Quote, the tiny baby will die.”

Fake quack medical clinics? Fake counseling? Rachel, if you’d take the time to educate yourself, you’d know that, in many cases, a morning-after pill causes the death of a human life after conception by preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg. You’d also know that a fertilized egg is a human life. And you and your pro-abortion friends don’t own the word baby. A tiny human life is a tiny baby.

Back to Maddow: “So South Dakota wins the prize today for big government conservativism’s most extreme new anti-abortion law.”

Sorry Rachel, but restricting the killing of innocent human life is not “big government” by any fact-based definition of government. You keep on tryin’, though, you’ve got spunk!

Maddow then follows the usual pro-abortion talking points: she cites the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute for a few statistics and complains about Republicans trying to defund Planned Parenthood. She asks her viewers, “What did you think the 2010 elections were about? Did you think the 2010 elections were about jobs? The Republicans who got elected in such overwhelming numbers in those elections apparently did not think they were elected because of jobs. They thought they were elected to crackdown on access to abortion and abortion rights. That must be it. Because for politicians who are supposedly in such a rush to fix the economy, these guys have a ton of time on their hands to worry about monitoring every last pregnancy in America, among other things that also have nothing to do with creating jobs.”

The 2010 elections were only about jobs? If you say so, Rachel. But you might want to go back and watch some of the many demonstrations against the health care bill. Or some of the many town hall meetings that dealt with a wide array of issues. Politicians have many responsibilities that have nothing to do with creating jobs. And securing the protection of the right to life for every human life is an important one.

12 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow’s Rant

  1. Yes, the 2010 elections were only about creating jobs. Clearly. After all, what else is the government good for? I mean, isn't creating new jobs the whole purpose for even having a government? . . . or is it to protect our rights to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. . .hmm. . .nah, definitely JUST the jobs thing.

    No way a government could have multiple agendas, that's just crazy talk.


  2. As a teen alcoholic and drug user the last thing I needed was to be pregnant,right, wrong.I had always known abortion was murder so at 16 when I found out I was 9 wks pregnant my only thought was,is my baby OK.I stopped drinking and the drugs right away w/o delay,you see my son who is now 16 changed my life forever.He’s a gifted student who’s teachers tell me he’s a sponge and remembers everything he’s ever read,heard,seen.I’m now 33 married and I have 3 girls now.I looked into the eyes of each one of my children as newborns and saw absolute unconditional love staring back at me I am amazed each day at what they do no matter how small it may be.My best friend got pregnant not long after I did & she almost made the worst mistake of her life(abortion).I showed her my ultrasound and we talked about other options.She was amazed at the site of little fingers and toes and how it looked as if my baby was smiling,she chose adoption.She chose the parents and even got to spend his first birthday with him they still keep in touch though not as often.She came to and said”It could’ve been different,not just for me but for him and his parents.What if they never got the baby they so desperately love and had longed to hold?” She hugged me,we cried and she thanked me for helping her avoid something she now says never should have entered her mind.By the way she’s married now with 3 children and says I can sleep at night cause I know that he is happy and loved but most of all because he is alive and a blessing to his family.God can take anything mentioned for evil and turn it to something so beautifully good.What we see as chaos,is part of a perfect plan if you just let go and let Him guide you with His perfect Love a crazy kind of love bbecause He loves us no matter our mistakes.So miss Rachael Maddow if I was you I’d be thankful your mother didn’t make the same mistake so many young girls do not realizing the pain that awaits them after an abortion or taking a pill that might just take them not just the baby.Please educate yourself if you do,you just might be pro-life not pro-death and mental destruction. I’m not just speaking as a mom but as a nurse also.


  3. You know I just spent I don't know how long arguing or going back in forth with a simple minded pro-abortionist assuming so many things about me and my opinions on the world because i'm pro-life. It amazes me that they are so programed and so tuned to say the same thing over and over again.. It blows my mind. At least we think for our self.

    And the 2010 election was about creating jobs, sure but its not the fault of the people who were just elected into office that things are EVEN worse then when the "Manchurian" President was elected.
    People need to start realizing the core principles and morals of the republican party or right leaning party before they go all half cocked assuming everything. <3


    1. …. um… what do you mean by manchurian??? racist comments, definitely not appreciated on this site…


      1. Relax. I believe she's referring to the 1959 novel "The Manchurian Candidate." I could be wrong, but anything else wouldn't make much sense. . .


        1. in which case she is saying obama is a communist? i'm sorry but that's simply not anywhere close to being true, and it's not helpful to write smears like that on a site that is trying to do such positive things as this one.


          1. Don't you think you're blowing this out of proportion?

            Anyway, I'm not an apologist for BrokenAngel, I just felt it was necessary to point out that you were jumping to unfounded conclusions. Beyond that, I've nothing more to say on this subject.

          2. How much closer can he get? His background, upbringing and almost every action he's taken since taking the oath of office has been overtly socialist/communist/marxist. And that oath he took to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States, when does that start? Sheesh, a smear?? not if it's true, maybe you could change channels occasionally and watch something besides CNBC, just to get some perspective.

      2. Try removing your head from up there before you leap out with the R word and commenting as if it were your own personal site. It's a book, for pete's sake, how goofy do you look now?


  4. Rather interesting how someone could think of President Obama as anything but a communist. If you read the planks of the Communist Manifesto, you’ll see that he, like so many of our politicians today, have complete identity with communism, although they don’t call it that today. These days it goes by the euphemism “democracy”. Nevertheless, if you put forth policies and laws that agree with communism’s principles, you ARE, in fact, a communist. As for party lines on this subject, I find these irrelavent. You will find few politicianss of either party, for instance, that will openly attempt to rid us of the income tax, federal reserve, or welfare programs, let alone any off the other hundreds of programs forbidden by our Consstitution, as specified in the ninth and tenth amendments. This is all that needs said on that.

    As for abortion: It, like so many other government subsidies, are forbidden by our Constitution, and why should taxpayers have to pay for someone elses so-called “mistake” if I may use such a word to describe an unborn baby. By the way, I was once a proponent for abortion. A boy, now 23 years old, changed everything in my world, and I’m glad of it.


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