Pro-Life Success Story: “You saved my baby today!”

This comes via 40 Days for Life:

“Thank you,” said the e-mail message one of the Charlotte coordinators received. “You saved my baby today!”

A young woman arriving for an appointment noticed the 40 Days for Life signs in front of the abortion center, but she didn’t really pay much attention.

That wouldn’t come until later. At this point, she had other things on her mind.

For one thing, the child’s father had to stay in the abortion center’s waiting room, and she didn’t care for that policy. “They don’t let your family or friends be part of this,” she said, which “should be a creepy tip-off.”

Next, the staff told her the cost of the abortion would be double the amount they had mentioned on the phone.

But then, something happened. “I saw my baby on the ultrasound,” she said, “and that changed the whole world. I stormed out.”

On her way back through the waiting room on her way out the door, “I told the girls there is still time and I will have them in my prayers.”

On leaving the building, she saw the 40 Days for Life signs again. She went home, Googled the name, found the Charlotte campaign’s Facebook page — and wrote to the local coordinators.

The local team connected her with pro-life prenatal resources. They report the young woman is very happy — her child is safe from abortion — and they will continue to help her.

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7 thoughts on “Pro-Life Success Story: “You saved my baby today!”

  1. Hmm, I think it is quite interesting how they won't let any family member or friend back there to get the abortion. Because they don't need anyone else seeing that their pulling out a baby maybe..*shutters* Since they know what their doin is WRONG..
    And lying to this poor girl about the price.. thats just morally wrong not even having anything to do with abortion. Thats just false advertising, and absolutely wrong to do to people. Abortion related or not.
    I'm so glad though this young women saw this and kept her baby. This needs to be at EVERY single abortion "clinic" or center.
    Thank you for sharing this story Live Action.


  2. Another really good reason to prevent anyone from accompanying women to their abortions is to prevent them from being coerced into it. There are SO many stories of women being coerced by their boyfriends, husbands, parents, etc, into having abortions. If these family members are forced to wait outside, the women can have the opportunity to not go through with the abortion. But if they're allowed inside, the women are going to feel pressured to go through with it.

    This is a really positive rule because it helps prevent coercion. Why is it being presented here as a negative?


    1. Huh, wow I never even thought of it like that. I guess that would be a very valid reason to not allow people in during the procedure. It's so sad that this has to even be an issue.


    2. If only the workers at the abortion mill weren't intent on actively coercing women to have abortions. If a child isn't being murdered, they don't get paid.


      1. Actually, Live Action just posted a blog about a couple that left PP without having an abortion. They still owed $100. So, clearly PP doesn't actively and uniformly coerce women into abortions, and clearly, they have to pay for appointments there regardless of whether they go through with the abortion. Live Action itself just showcased this. I'm not defending PP, but I do value the facts, and the facts disagree with your statement here.


        1. The clinic mentioned in this article is A Preferred Women’s Health Center, not PP. Go to their website and you will see they are about one thing and one thing only, abortions. Any appointment made there is for an abortion.


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