Pro-Life Student Group to Fund Scholarship for Parenting Students

This semester, the Pro-Life Aggies at Texas A&M Univeristy in College Station, Texas, will award their first-ever Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship to a fellow student on their campus.

Inspired by the pro-life group at Stephen F. Austin University, which started the Lumberjacks for Life Scholarship, the Pro-Life Aggies began fundraising to raise money for their own scholarship last year.

“We desire to live out our Pro-Life convictions by supporting families that have chosen life in the difficult circumstance of being a college student,” said Jennifer Rumpf, current president of the Pro-Life Aggies. “The hope is that the recipient will have the resources to pay for the extra expenses of the combined challenge of attending college and raising a child. We simply want to help and support them.”

This year, the Pro-Life Aggies will be hosting a 5K fun run in order to raise money to award the Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship to a student on campus.

“We’re hosting this 5K is so we can get people involved in the purpose of the scholarship, as well as raise money for it,” said Veronica Arnold, the programs director for the Pro-Life Aggies.  “It’s also going to include a speaker presentation about the wonderful choice of adoption.”

Arnold also encourages any pro-life student group or organization to contact the Pro-Life Aggies if they are looking into starting a similar scholarship or financial aid for parenting students at their universities.

“If you listen to people who have [awarded scholarhips] before you and you be creative, you can change people’s lives.”  Rumpf concluded.

If you have questions about raising funds to financially support pregnant and parenting students at your university, contact the Pro-Life Aggies at [email protected].

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