Pro-Abort Blog Urges Donations For Every Tebow Touchdown

The Internet has been buzzing this week with news about the pro-abortion blog Abortion Gang’s urging of anti-life sports fans to donate money every time Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow throws a touchdown. This is intended as punishment for Tebow’s “anti-choice propaganda,” which if you haven’t seen it, you should totally watch. In this Focus on the Family commercial that aired, amidst major controversy, during the 2010 Super Bowl, Tim Tebow’s mom says — get ready, ’cause this is super controversial — that she almost lost Tim and she’s glad she didn’t. Then there’s a sight gag in which Tebow “tackles” Mom, and they make a little joke, and that’s it. Shocking.

In the weeks leading up to the airing of this commercial, I thought I was going to die of boredom and annoyance listening to everyone from Cecile Richards to people sitting near me at restaurants go completely insane with outrage and indignation at the sheer gall, the shamelessness, of Tebow using his newfound celebrity to force his weird, extreme, misogynistic religion and morality on everybody.

I heard countless rumors about what would be in the ad. My favorite was a bartender I overheard talking to another customer. She said something like, “I haven’t seen it, but he basically says, ‘If you’re not a Christian, you don’t deserve to play in the NFL,’ and then he gets really graphic about abortion.” That’s just one example. I heard lots of conjecture about what would be in the commercial, and here is what I expected to see based on the shrieking of pro-aborts:

Tim Tebow’s Mom: Hi, I’m Tim Tebow’s mom. Crazy feminists tried to force me to get an abortion when I was pregnant with Tim Tebow, but I chose life because I’m better than you.

Tim Tebow: Thanks, Mom! It’s a good thing you gave birth to me because I’m a lot like a Messiah, only with broader shoulders.

Tim Tebow’s Mom: You sure are, son. Also, everybody who ever got an abortion and then died later is in Hell.

Tim Tebow: That’s right! Remember, kids: if your parents aren’t Christians, they’re your enemies. Read the Bible today or you might die in your sleep and burn forever.

Tim Tebow’s Mom: But if you believe in abortion, you deserve to burn forever. Right, Tim?

Tim Tebow: Right, Mom.

They smile. Light shines on them from Heaven and angels descend and give them a thumbs up.

I am not a football fan, but I kept the TV on so I could see the commercial, and was completely underwhelmed by it. It didn’t mention abortion, Jesus, feminazis, the Bible, nothing. It was so unoffensive I could not imagine anyone getting upset by it, but they went ahead and got upset anyway. You see, the end of the ad invited the viewer to visit a website where you could see the whole story of Tim Tebow and how his mother had a difficult pregnancy and was encouraged to abort and didn’t. Somehow, to critics, this invitation to willingly view a website became a gross intrusion of anti-choice propaganda into people’s homes.

I suppose if someone were mopping the floor and slipped and fell against the keyboard and accidentally hit just the right keys and looked at the screen and saw Tebow’s mom say she’s glad she didn’t abort her son, they would consider that a gross intrusion as well.

Tebow has been vocally pro-life and Christian since that time, and the pro-aborts hate it. The same people who are disgusted by Tebow’s unapologetic Christianity would be waving the Bill of Rights around and hiring ACLU lawyers if Tebow were Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim. If Tebow wanted to loudly proclaim his support for Planned Parenthood, do you think the same people, who claim to be pro-choice, would be upset at Tebow for bringing his abortion views to bear on the public? Nope. They would practically trample each other rushing to their keyboards and microphones to say how brave he was for using his celebrity to speak out on behalf of abortion rights. They only mind now because he has the wrong views.

By the way, scratch a pro-abort, find a eugenicist: Sophia the Abortion Gang blogger mentions that Tebow’s mom may have risked her own life to have a baby who thankfully ended up a star quarterback, but “it is clear to everyone (or should be, anyway) with a brain that 99.9% of the fetuses gestating right now are not, in fact, going to become gifted athletes like Tim Tebow.” You know what? You’re right, Sophia. Good point. Abort ’em then.

If only Sophia had been around when Tebow’s mom was pregnant to say, “You know, there’s a 99% chance he won’t play in the NFL,” I’m sure she would have made the smart decision to abort and wouldn’t be bothering us now with her annoying “proud mommy” B.S.

So then Sophia goes on to make her recommendation: “For every touchdown Tebow throws next week… donate $5 or $10 to your local pro-choice organization.” This call for action is spreading all over the Internet, and inspiring a lot of people to write checks to their friendly neighborhood abortion clinics.

So I have an idea: make a donation of $5 or $10 to a pro-life organization like Live Action, or your local crisis pregnancy center. And don’t just do it if Tebow throws a touchdown. Do it now. Maybe the pro-aborts believe human life is only worth something if it grows up to make touchdowns, but we believe every life is precious. So don’t wait for a performance-based reason to donate. Do it now.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause of caring for pregnant women in need, CareNet is an organization that funds crisis pregnancy centers all over the U.S. Between now and December 31, your gift will be doubled by an anonymous donor. It is also tax-deductible. When you’re done donating to this or any other pro-life organization, come back here and post a comment, and we’ll see how many we can get.

I can’t wait to tell Sophia that we anti-choicers save even potentially non-football-playing babies and their mothers from tragedy. It will do my heart good to log into the Abortion Gang blog and leave a comment saying, “You inspired us to raise $(some big number) for crisis pregnancy centers! Thanks, Sophia!”

Help me do this! Donate now! I just did, and I’m broke! It’s Christmas time, you guys. Let’s save some babies.

I will be sure to post a link when I disappoint the Abortion Gang with our antics.


Kristen Walker makes people mad on the Internet and sometimes tweets.

21 thoughts on “Pro-Abort Blog Urges Donations For Every Tebow Touchdown

  1. Great idea Kristen.  I’m in and when we release our movie ‘Doonby’ in the new year with its strong prolife message aimed at a mainstream audience, we will be donating 10% of profits to prolife organizations like CareNet.  Spread the word folks. Release date details coming soon on our website at and on our Facebook page at doonbythemovie 
    Praying you make that $(some big number) you’re looking for.
    Peter Mackenzie


    1. If it has a strong prolife message, I want to see it.  I recently watched Bella, and I thought it was excellent.  I will be looking for Doonby in 2012 now that you planted the seed.  The Dukes of Hazard takes me back to about the 70’s, and I also am interested in seeing Jennifer O’Neill in a pro life story.  Her testimony at is heartwrenching. 


  2. My daughter just said “knock, knock” and when her brother replied “who’s there?” she wiped a booger on his face. It wasn’t a touchdown, but it was hilariously awesome and made me really happy that they were both alive so I could witness such comedic genius. In honor of that act of awesomeness I will proudly donate $10 to my local pregnancy center. Every woman should have the right to experience booger fights, and I will stand up to any pro-abort who tries to deny them of that.

    P.S. – I am also going to mail Cecile Richards one of my daughter’s boogers. Just for fun.


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  4. Done!  Your comment “I’m Broke” did it for me!  I am so broke!!!  Great idea!!


  5. Done, AND, we’re starting a local chapter of Gabriel Project to provide necessities for mothers-in-need. You have to do more than talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. That means helping support women who choose LIFE in the hardest of circumstances.


  6. Dear Kristin,

    You are awesome. And as the next generation of youth sees the pro-aborts’ silly and extreme reaction to the innocuous Tebow Ad, that will be another nail in the “Pro-Choice” coffin.


  7. Let’s play a game! I’ll donate $2 for every “LIKE” I get to Live Action, up to $100!


  8.   Let’s play a game! I’ll donate $2 for every “LIKE” I get to Live Action, up to $100!


    1. Ok, with a combined total of 13 likes, I’m sending a check for $26 to Live Action via snail mail now!!


  9. I love Lila Rose and donated to Live Action last week and did it again today.  Thanks Kristen for the encouragement and motivation.  The undercover work done by Lila Rose and Live Action exposing Planned Parenthood is excellent.  The communist/socialist running our country using our tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood is an abomination.  Thanks Lila and Live Action for exposing the corruption and trying to cut off the funding. 


  10. Just donated to CareNet! Thanks for this post, Kristen, and thanks to everyone working to save lives and help women!


  11. I donated to CareNet.  I am committing to pray daily for Lila Rose, Live Action and CareNet.  Thank you Lila Rose for your obedience in serving those who cannot speak for themselves. This truly is a Spiritual Battle with the forces of evil and death. I try to make my son and daughter-in-laws friends aware of the Truth of the Word and the lies of the evil one and the world. I point out that we will never know how many Tim Tebows, Steve Jobs, Einsteins, Ben Carsons the LORD sent and were never given the chance to live.  Thank you.


  12. Tebow is entitled to his opinion, to freedom of speech, as everyone is. Freedom of speech is for everyone, including Christians…


  13. …I am pro choice because I feel NO ONE has the right to tell me what I should or not should have the right to do to my own body….. B But has anyone thought about where we’d be if Steve Jobs mother had an abortion?


  14. Regarding all of the “great” people not aborted, the inverse holds
    true… that an equal number of future Hitlers would not be aborted.
    Consider also a hypothesis by noted economists that legalizing abortion
    might have had a dramatic impact in decreasing crime; hence the inverse
    possibility of reducing the number of anti-social people. Some info on study:

    So thanks to your tireless efforts, we could someday encounter increases
    in crime, millions of unwanted, neglected babies, rational people
    having to resort to underground abortion clinics (which usually harms
    mother and child), and further imposing your personal views on millions
    of people who absolutely, and quite reasonably, do not share them.

    By the way, pro-abortion doesn’t mean everyone going around killing
    fetuses just for kicks. It’s a very difficult choice made for
    individual, and very personal, reasons. So instead of closing abortion clinics, why not work with them to prevent those abortions you can (you know, by having intelligent discussions and the like), while also providing a safe, medically-supervised environment to those who make the choice to abort?

    Aside: “let’s save some babies!” You’ll need to pool significantly more money (approximately
    $120k until a child is 17 – source: and start
    adopting all the unwanted babies. Because an unwanted child is still
    unwanted (patterns of neglect and abuse are prominent in unwanted children); and your definition of “save” is incredibly short-sighted and

    For further reading: (in particular, the idea of “fetal rights” overriding the rights of the pregnant woman being catastrophic is an interesting point).


    1. Okay, so regarding your statement that abortion should be around just because there is a possibility crime could be reduced and you can control the quality of the human beings being born is outrageous. Crime will always exist in the same way evil will always exist; it is unfortunate, but trying to fix the problem of crime with murder seems quite counter-intuitive to me. And if you wouldn’t mind me asking, do you support euthanasia as well as abortion? I only ask this because your first defense of abortion is that, using abortion, it is possible to reduce “the number of anti-social people”. Someone’s personality is nearly impossible to predict until they are born. Their personhood however can be demonstrated from the moment of conception. 

      Your second point, and frankly all of your points thereafter, are off the topic in question. In our country’s history, it has never been acceptable to kill someone because they were unwanted. Now, we are seeing the true effects of legalizing abortion. It devalues life at every stage. An infant is only viable if it is wanted. A human is only has worth if they can be afforded. This is what is referred to as “subjective thinking”. You are looking at all of the factors that are skirting around the real issue at hand. Killing a child is unacceptable. You can think of all of the excuses in the world and you will never be able to truly justify it. You can tell me all you’d like that our efforts are futile and that it is better to kill a child than to, God forbid, inconvenience the people who conceived it; but it really boils down to two things. One: Two people’s lives will irrevocable change from an abortion. The child dies and the mother is left childless and will suffer from physical and emotional damage for the rest of her life. Two: It is not our decision whose lives carry worth. If a child has been conceived, they are alive! Being pregnant is not the same as choosing to buy a car; in this case the purchase has been made and any refund means the death of an innocent child. And what was that child’s crime? They were going to cost too much? They arrived at an inconvenient time? Since when have those reasons been sufficient for murder? 


  15. When did pro-choice become pro-abortion? Personally I am pro-life for myself and my own body but I am 100% pro-choice. It’s not my place or anyone else’s (including the Tebow family) to decide what another woman does with her body or her fetus.


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