PP Covers Up Child-Rape: Kline Testifies To 164 Real-Life Cases

Heroic former KS Attorney General Phill Kline is currently undergoing a witch trial and literally fighting for law license in the state of Kansas. Kline remains the only state prosecutor to bring charges against Planned Parenthood–it’s not surprising he is in the crosshairs still years after the fact.

On Tuesday, Kline revealed in his sworn testimony that his investigation of the KS abortion industry found 166 cases of abortions performed on girls age 14 and younger by Planned Parenthood in Overland Park and George Tiller in Wichita. Each abortionist reported only one case to the authorities, leaving 164 unreported cases of statutory rape between the two abortion clinics:

Under state law, any girl under 15 who reports a pregnancy is the presumed victim of at least statutory rape. As medical facilities, the abortion clinics are obliged to report these cases to the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS).
As Kline revealed, his office had found 166 instances when girls this age, one as young as 10, had received abortions at the clinics of either Tiller or Planned Parenthood. But during this same time period, Kline testified, Planned Parenthood and Tiller had each reported only one case of child rape to SRS.

Attorneys General in New Jersey and Virginia should take note of Kline’s findings and subpoena the records of Planned Parenthood clinics in their states. And if Planned Parenthood were really serious about having a “zero-tolerance policy” for child-rape, as they claim they do, then they should willingly submit these records to local authorities to assess the scope of the problem–“retraining” is not enough.

6 thoughts on “PP Covers Up Child-Rape: Kline Testifies To 164 Real-Life Cases

  1. Kline said that there were two statutory rape cases reported *in Kansas* to an alleged 166 abortions performed on minors. He neglected to mention that he knew that Dr. Tiller's office reported statutory rapes to the jurisdictions where the rapes had been committed, which was often not in Kansas. http://www.sedgwickcounty.org/da/criminal_media/2…. Insofar as Dr. Tiller's"real life" cases are concerned, at least, you and other repeaters of this story have been artfully misled by Kline's omission of context.

    Incidentally, Kline's concern for the abuse of children did not extend to the point of cooperating with the DA who was investigating his claims of unreported child abuse.


    1. Why would Kline have cooperated with the DA when it is shown that throughout this whole investigation they were stymied by foot-dragging on the part of each of them from Sebelius on down.   It is ludicrous to suggest that he cooperate with people whom he in essence was investigating.   Speaking of “cooperating” the planned and purposeful destruction of evidence that was known to be sought and required in the ongoing investigation in Kansas – how does that rate on your scale of non-cooperation.    DESTROYING EVIDENCE is more than not cooperating – it is obstruction of justice, something that should be taken seriously and can also result in charges being brought against the offenders (liars).

      You are a very hypocritical person who sees the truth only when it fits with his story and instead, oddly and ironically enough just as here – accuses others of what YOU are doing.


  2. Wow that's a lot of rape victims! In just one tiny area. Yikes! I'm really terrified of being raped. I'm married and I'm refusing to have sex with my husband because I don't EVER want children. The pro-life websites I've visited are recommending abstinence as the only way not to get pregnant. But what about rape? I'm worried my husband might rape me someday, or that I might get raped by someone from my community. What should I do to make sure that I never have to have an abortion? I'm already on oral contraceptives but they're not 100% effective, and they're also really expensive and it's hard to remember to take them every day.


    1. You should get your tubes tied so you won’t get pregnant.   If I were your husband I would be very angry that the person I married and who professed to love me later on decided against sexual relations on an ongoing basis.    I doubt you told the poor man that when you got married.   I do not condone rape but I also don’t condone misleading someone into believing you wish to be his wife and then withdrawing your consent.  How selfish of you, YOU should be ashamed.   I doubt he will rape you, he probably has lost interest in you once he determined your subterfuge.


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