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Planned Parenthood takes credit for Ohio’s abortion rate decline

Planned Parenthood Sign

Tara Broderick, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio said in response to a report that Ohio’s abortions has fallen 3% in 2009:

“We would like to think that we contribute to this.”

She also stated about the declining abortion rate that:

“The trend is encouraging news”

Oh course, Planned Parenthood has never stated that lowering abortion rates is an organizational goal. In fact, it is a bit surprising that the Planned Parenthood’s mission statement doesn’t say anything about abortion. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States performing over 300,000 annually and 134 abortions for every adoption referral.

In short, Planned Parenthood says that unborn children do not deserve the right to life. Why then does their Ohio chapter say a lower abortion rate is “encouraging news”? If something isn’t worthy of the right to live, how then is not killing that thing “encouraging news”?

6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood takes credit for Ohio’s abortion rate decline

  1. Of course it won't do to let on that it's all about their bottom line… Have to keep up their pleasant appearances!


  2. Babys don't have the right to live…. What if someone Said that about you while you were still in your mothers womb. Seriously planned parenthood needs to be shut down I've walked in there before and they asked me when I wanted to terminate my baby. You shouldn't have the right to kill unborn babys.


  3. Note to Tara Broderick: Planned Parenthood didn't contribute to the 3% decline, God did. You are right about one thing though: It is indeed encouraging news. However, your statement betrays some confusion on your part. God is taking away from your bottom line. Are you sure you find this to be encouraging, or is that just more Planned Parenthood doublespeak? Another question I'll pose is this. If a decline in abortion is good news for you, then why don't you welcome pro-life folks when they stand in front of your clinics? Doublespeak, all of it.


  4. @ jenna

    Live Action doesn't take a position on contraception and only focuses on direct violence against human life.

    I can tell you personally that I am not against contraception. That said contraception access have been shown to not be the silver bullet to ending unintended pregnancy. Places like NYC with free birth control have higher problems than many other places. Also, half of people who have abortions report that they were using some form of contraceptive. Many contraceptives (other than condoms) do not do anything to stop STDs but people may feel invincible so they don't do anything to address STDs which is why the nation has high STD rates in many places. Finally, I as well as Live Action oppose birth control methods that do not prevent contraception but rather kill a few day old conceived human life. I hope that helps.


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