Obama Administration Pulls Medicaid Funds from Texas, Planned Parenthood Blames Texas

Planned Parenthood is spewing misguided rage towards Texas governor Rick Perry, claiming he is to blame for the recent Medicaid funding revocation in the state that will impact 130,000 Texas women.

“Texas would rather throw health care for hundreds of thousands of women overboard than allow Planned Parenthood to provide health care…through the public health programs,” said Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood.  

“It is shameful that Governor Perry and Commissioner Suehs continue to politicize lifesaving breast cancer screenings and birth control access for low-income women,” stated Peter Durkin, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Planned Parenthood makes no indication whatsoever that this decision was entirely of the Obama administration.

Texas decided to bar the Women’s Health Program funding from abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, in May of last year. Almost immediately, the Obama administration threatened to pull that portion of Medicaid funds from Texas if funding wasn’t reinstated for the abortion giant. Texas refused, and in turn, the Obama administration decided last week to yank the portion of the annual $40,000,000 Texas receives for its Medicaid Women’s Health Program, beginning in March.  This also results in another $17,000,000 loss to Planned Parenthood of Texas.

Obama showed his true agenda by pulling that program’s funding from Texas.  He would rather have the Women’s Health Program revoked from the entire state rather than see that funding pulled and reallocated from the largest abortion-committing organization in the nation.  Planned Parenthood, in turn, blamed Texas for the Obama administration’s decision.

“We hope [the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Services] will reverse its position and allow the program to continue,” said Stephanie Goodman, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

We all know Planned Parenthood worships the ground Obama walks on, but it should be pretty obvious with whom the blame for this revocation lies, even to Planned Parenthood.

11 thoughts on “Obama Administration Pulls Medicaid Funds from Texas, Planned Parenthood Blames Texas

  1. That has got to be against the law for him to do! Just because they pulled funding from an organization they don’t agree with doesn’t mean that everyone else should suffer!
    Impeach Obama now!


  2. Obama is balancing the federal budget by defunding women’s healthcare in pro-life states!

    Remember that, when Candidate Obama boasts about all the money he saved the Federal government…. because he’s not saving money anywhere else.


    1. I think I agree. (?) Obama has put the country in more debt in 2 years than Bush did in 7.


  3. I’d like to know when they’re “pulling” Medicaid. My son is still on it, and will continue to be on it. They actually just added several new services, with new perks. I don’t understand where everyone’s getting all this “Obama’s pulling Medicaid from Texas!” Um, no. Medicaid is still very much in Texas, and they’ve made no indication to anyone participating in the program that their status in the state as a healthcare system will change in the future.


    1. It means they pulled A LOT of the money away from the funding FOR Medicaid. It doesn’t mean they took away the Medicaid option completely, but now Texas doesn’t have as much money to pay for Medicaid uses as they did before Obama took it away.


    2. ‘Guest’ is right.  They have not pulled the entire amount of Medicaid funding- just the WHP, which will impact 130,000  low-income women and their families.  I made this clear.

      Unless your son is married to a woman in the program, he probably won’t be affected, but he should still be aware of what is going on.


  4. There is something I do not understand. Will someone from Live Action please explain it to me? We all know (despite the misleading title of this article) that regular Medicaid has not been cut, only the WHP program. You can see what that covers here: 
    If you follow that link, you will see that the program covers ONLY screening for sexually transmitted diseases and birth control, such as the morning after pill, birth control pills, and IUDS

    Arent’ most pro-lifers AGAINST contraception? Aren’t we hearing about how health insurance should NOT cover the morning after pill and birth control pills?

    Why then, is not Live Action and other pro-life groups PLEASED by this? Can they have it both ways? Or is this just an opportunity to attack the Obama administration and consistency be dammed?


  5. In reality, the new Texas policy violates federal Medicaid regulations, which is why the Department of Health and Human Services is revoking the funding. Based on the federal laws, Texas cannot discriminate against qualified providers, and because it has it is no longer eligible for funding. The federal government’s hands are tied unfortunately and that has nothing to do with a liberal abortion agenda and entirely to do with Texas creating policies that violate federal ones.


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