North Carolina Judge Rules Tax Dollars Must Support Planned Parenthood

While the nearly a quarter million dollars in funding going back into the deep pockets of Planned Parenthood must be used on “non-abortive services”, this money is still being used to support the largest abortion business in the United States – an organization responsible for over 1/4 of all abortions annually.

And considering the fact that 97.6% of services offered to pregnant women by Planned Parenthood involve abortion, maybe the decision to replentish funding in North Carolina should be reconsidered.

LifeNews reports:

…the state legislature approved a measure to remove federal funds from the pro-abortion organization in its state budget. The abortion business receives $434,000 through state family planning programs aimed at reducing teen pregnancies and providing birth control. Although the money can only be used for non-abortion services, the same organization is also the nation’s largest abortion business — doing more than 330,000 annually…

Polls show that 54% of Americans oppose tax dollars being used to support organizations that commit abortions, with even 26% of self-described “pro-choice” advocates rejecting abortion-org funding.

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3 thoughts on “North Carolina Judge Rules Tax Dollars Must Support Planned Parenthood

  1. So they still have to spend tax dollars to corrupt the youth with perversion. How about slapping them with a contributing-to-the-delinquency-of-a-minor charge?


  2. If only they understood the cost of kids messing around. The failure rate/abortion thing is getting out of control. I remember PP coming into my class at high school in 1977. At that time, they were pushing for girl to be on the Pill or use barrier methods. As far as abstaining, they said, “We know you can’t do it.” What kind of message is that? Oh, and they only mentioned two diseases, and all you had to do was go to them and get two shots and “your parents don’t have to know.” The disease rate has now spiraled out of control, as well as abortion.There’s diseases nowadays that didn’t exist when I was a teen. Around 30 or so. Where did they come from?  They only learn to go from body to body, and haven’t a clue to be in a long-term relationship. It’s like they’re doomed even before they move out on their own, compliments of tax payer money. Brilliant.


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