New Report on Murder of Pregnant Women Reveals Why Misogynists Love Abortion

Just as pro-aborts are redoubling their efforts to persuade America that the champions of “choice” are vital to women’s independence and well being, a new report emerges suggesting just the opposite. The report, just published by Life Dynamics, compiles eighty known cases of women who were murdered because they refused to have an abortion:

One such example is Valicia Demery. When Bernard Bellamy Jr. learned she was pregnant he ordered her to have an abortion. When she refused, Bellamy ran her over with his car and left her to die. The night before the murder Bellamy sent Demery a text message telling her to come to her senses before it’s too late. When asked, “B4 what’s too late?” he replied, “ U will C.”

Life Dynamics founder, Mark Crutcher, suggests that the actual number of women victimized for refusing abortion is much higher, since women who succumb to intimidation and get abortions often let the incident go unreported.  And while abortion’s political defenders obviously aren’t condoning this behavior, Crutcher doesn’t think they’re completely blameless, either:

He claims to have acquired recordings of National Convention Federation conventions over the years where the issue is discussed, but says the prevailing attitude is one of “convenient indifference.”

“Their philosophical position seems to be that, even if a woman chooses to have an abortion she doesn’t want because of threats from others, it remains within the ‘pro-choice’ purview since she was still the one who ultimately made the decision.”

The report blames the media for failing to accurately report these crimes. “The media’s coverage of these incidents often contains no mention of abortion. Instead, they either portray women who are attacked for refusing to have abortions as women who are attacked for getting pregnant; or they characterize the incident as one of simple ‘domestic violence’ in which the victim’s pregnancy is basically inconsequential.”

The point here is not to smear an entire movement with the crimes of a handful of individuals.  These crimes were motivated and enabled by nothing more than the perpetrators’ own selfishness and lack of conscience.  The point is to expose the despicable hypocrisy of abortion advocates, who think nothing of blaming the broader pro-life movement for a far smaller number of murders committed by lone anti-abortion radicals, and more importantly, to highlight how easily abortion can be a tool of women’s oppression, rather than their liberation.

To be blunt:  men like sex, but many aren’t nearly as wild about the twin strings of monogamy and fatherhood that are attached to it.  Along comes abortion, with the tantalizing promise that whoever they hook up with can just make the “pregnancy” disappear—no muss, no fuss, no responsibility.  Is it any wonder that the sort of men inclined to use and ditch women would also be inclined to coerce them into abortion?

It can’t be repeated often enough that abortion victimizes women as well as babies. Try though pro-aborts might to guilt pro-lifers into silence and moderation for supposedly depriving women of something invaluable, there’s no need for us to be on the defensive about any aspect of the abortion debate.

10 thoughts on “New Report on Murder of Pregnant Women Reveals Why Misogynists Love Abortion

  1. This means that men get to sleep around all they want without having to take responsibility for the children they create.


    1. Reminds one of that Florynce Kennedy quote, “if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”.

      That said, I think the author gets it right when he says “the point here is not to smear an entire movement with the crimes of a handful of individuals”. Everything else is kind of a creepy assumption about the nation’s sex life.


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