Louisiana Abortion Clinics Show that Failure to Report Child Rape Isn’t Uncommon in “Reproductive Health Care” Industry

Good news for Planned Parenthood? They are not the only abortion providers that fail to report child rapes. Three Louisiana abortion clinics have been cited for failing to meet enhanced safety regulations targeted at abortion clinics, some clinics even failing to report possible child rape. Jill Stanek outlines the cases against each of the clinics in a recent article:

Three of Louisiana’s seven abortion clinics have been cited by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for failure to report suspected child rape.

The LDHH complaints against Causeway Medical Clinic, Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, and Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women (now shut down) were revealed in court documents filed June 15 by LDHH, the Louisiana Attorney General, the Louisiana Department of Justice, and Alliance Defense Fund to dismiss a 3rd* lawsuit waged by 5 Louisiana abortion mills challenging Act 490, a law passed in June 2010 to enhance abortion clinic health and safety regulations with a “zero tolerance policy” for certain infractions.

Two of those clinics were among those reprimanded by LDHH for failing to report suspected child rape to authorities, as mandated by law.

Read the full story here.

6 thoughts on “Louisiana Abortion Clinics Show that Failure to Report Child Rape Isn’t Uncommon in “Reproductive Health Care” Industry

  1. I’m glad that they won’t be getting away scott-free as normal!


  2. aboriton’s should be iligal…dnt have sex if u dnt wanna get pregnant. DNT WASTE A BABY


    1. So what about the people that get raped and impregnated dude? That’s not fair to the people that DIDN’T want to have sex.


      1. That’s the whole point here, Lodo. These clinics were giving underage girls abortions and not reporting it as child rape. The perps were able to get rid of the “evidence” of their rape and able to rape again and again.


      2. Rape is a violent crime against a woman.  Abortion too, is violence.  Abortion offers no healing to a victim of rape, in most cases it causes more harm.   Women how have their babies concieved in rape are generally better able to deal with the crime that was commited against them.


  3. abortion is murder,victims of rape can have their child adopted,parents are going half way across the world to adopt any baby,you wouldn’t be here today writing your views if your mother took the notion of killing you as a baby,paedophiles are getting youngsters pregnant and then Planned Parenthood are getting rid of the evidence,what next,hitler legacy is still going strong


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