Lila Rose Encourages Crowd at Pro-Life Breakfast in Pennsylvania

Live Action founder and President Lila Rose

Live Action founder and president Lila Rose was an honored speaker at the 34th Annual Pro-Life Breakfast in Erie, Pennsylvania on January 7th.  The event was hosted by People for Life in the Avalon Hotel.

Ms. Rose encouraged the hundreds of pro-lifers in the crowd to ponder their experiences within the movement, and admitted that initial involvement can be a little confusing. “How can I get involved?  What can I do?  How can I be useful?” She asked the crowd to consider these questions.

She explained that being young should not deter pro-lifers from acting on their convictions.  She and a group of friends founded Live Action as teenagers just looking for a way to share the pro-life message in their home town when there was not a prominent pro-life presence.

She emphasized the importance of Facebook, YouTube, and other social media networking tools as the “essential platform” in the fight to defend life and educate others about the reality of abortion and the deceptions of Planned Parenthood.

“People were receptive to learning the truth, especially young people,” she said.  “When they saw the tape, their eyes were opened, and they began to question the lies that had been fed to them.” This is especially true for our generation, who I believe will be ultimately responsible for the end of abortion in our country.

One thought on “Lila Rose Encourages Crowd at Pro-Life Breakfast in Pennsylvania

  1. Back less than 70 years ago we have here in America an elite group of mobsters that control public policies from the Tri- Lateral commission and the Council of Foreign Relations in the control of known  Presidents, Congressmen and the Senators, CIA of the United States that supported the Nazi war machine with cooperation with a small group of Central Bankers in United States, England, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France and Italy and cooperation with world Industrialist and Tax Free Foundations secretly that murdered millions of people with the cooperation of people that would not stand up fortheir neighbor. 
       Now we have these same people manipulating Dad and Moms working outside the homes.  Making laws to undermine Families through contraception, Obortion Eugenics, cloneing , druging  food stuffs environment,Education, News Media, Health agencies, Laws of the Land,. Financial policys, Religion,  and undermineing the Constitution of the United States of the Republic. Our Lady warned the world if we did not pray the Rosary  every day back in 1906 that the error of Communism would spread  all around the world. Planned Parenthood and other agencies have helped implament more murdering of babies than all the world wars combined. Next year these criminals will get more of their way through the laws that will be enforced to wipe out the rest that have not  been contributing the the labor machine. God Help us before it’s too late for most of us.


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