Less Than 8% of Planned Parenthoods Provide Prenatal Care, 40% Do Abortions

Planned Parenthood is notorious for priding themselves as a “reproductive health care” organization that advocates for women’s rights and choices.  However, when we simply look into the numbers, it becomes abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood is in no way in favor of pregnancy “choices.”  It’s all about abortion.

According to Tait Sye, national spokeswoman of Planned Parenthood, 63 of the more than 800 Planned Parenthood facilities in America provide the option of prenatal care to pregnant clients—that’s 7.8% of the clinics.  On the other hand, 321 of the clinics—about 40%— provide abortion services, and every one refers for abortion, according to Planned Parenthood’s website.

A mandate to be implemented would ensure that every Planned Parenthood affiliate will control a minimum of one abortion facility by 2013, expanding those services even further.

Planned Parenthood boasts that “3%” of their services have to do with abortion, but that statistic is deliberately misleading.  Look at the numbers on their most recent Fact Sheet (their latest stats are from 2009).  Planned Parenthood did 332,278 abortions while they “saw nearly three million people.”  Therefore, 11% of Planned Parenthood clients obtained abortions.  Why don’t they publicize that percentage?

Perhaps the most blatant display of Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first agenda can be found by looking into the types of services they provide pregnant clients— 332,278 (97.6%) of Planned Parenthood’s pregnant clients obtain abortions, while 7,021 (2.1%) of them received prenatal care, and 977 (.3%) did adoption referrals through Planned Parenthood.

All these facts come straight from Planned Parenthood themselves.  We just need to do the math.  I think this begs the question: where to Planned Parenthood’s priorities really lie?

42 thoughts on “Less Than 8% of Planned Parenthoods Provide Prenatal Care, 40% Do Abortions

  1. True, but on the flip side every Planned Parenthood provides pregnancy prevention and STD services (as in pap smears). 


    1. There are thousands of other health care clinics that provide the same services as Planned Parenthood but do not push abortion.  Just because they do some good, does NOT mean we should in any way overlook the fact that they slaughter 330,000 innocent unborn babies annually.  We do not need Planned Parenthood; they are a cancer to our society and if someone is pro-life and pro-Planned Parenthood, they need to take a good hard look at their priorities and into Planned Parenthood’s numbers and agenda. This is a putrid organization that feeds off the vulnerable and profits from it, greatly.  The “flip side” doesn’t compare to the other side.


      1. Who says I’m pro life? Who says I’m pro choice (or pro abortion whatever you want to call it)? My comment had nothing to do with being either, it was more of a pointing out of some facts that were missing in this article. 


        1. The “flip side” is irrelevant to the article. It’s akin to one person saying “This man beats his wife!” and someone responding “Yes, but on the flip side, he’s an excellent mechanic.” The facts you stated were missing from the article because they are completely irrelevant to the point of the article and do not provide any “food for thought” about what’s being stated. The article is about what percentage of efforts Planned Parenthood puts into abortion services, vs. the efforts put into other prenatal/adoption services. Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with prenatal care or adoption services.


          1. See LY112’s comment. He/she summarizes my point perfectly.

          2. Sorry, didn’t mean to “like” your comment.

            LY112’s commend above doesn’t at all answer what I just said to you. It’s actually a red herring when applied to my comment, if you’ll go back and re-read my response to you. Let’s recap:

            1. The article says “PP performs A, but not B & C”
            2. You said “but X redeems A.”
            2. I said “X is in a different category from A, B & C and isn’t relevant to the conversation.”
            3. LY112 said “But it lacks intellectual integrity to ignore X.”

            It only lacks intellectual integrity to ignore X if it is actually relevant to A, B, & C. It’s not. Again, this is about prenatal care. Not pap smears. Within prenatal care, PP’s priorities are on abortion, as shown by their own website. You two and we are speaking about two completely different things. LY112 may have said it more eloquently than you, but it is still invalid.

          3. Young Jennie’s writing certainly isn’t Pulitzer material, so perhaps her meaning is unclear, but the first and last sentences of her post imply that she is judging what Planned Parenthood’s “priorities” are as a reproductive health care organization.  “Reproductive health care” encompasses far more than prenatal care, so yes, pap smears and whatnot should be included in an intellectually honest assessment of what the organization provides.

          4. I agree the article is very poorly written (which isn’t very relevant and is more of an ad hominem), but aside from the first sentence (which could have been either worded differently or excluded altogether for clarity), it’s perfectly clear that the focus of the article – this particular article, not every other article on the site – is prenatal care provided by PP, rather than PP’s services as a whole. So… I’m still going to have to disagree with you.

          5. The problem with this article is that it sets up an argument, or thesis if you will, but then completely ignores what is said in the first paragraph; then to add icing to the cake it wraps back around to the first paragraph that it completely ignores in the last paragraph. 

          6. PP priorities are, pure and simple, making money. The best way they can make money, is through abortions which is very lucrative. The rest, is gravy.

          7. Prenatal care is often provided by an obstetrician and Planned Parenthood does not provide obstetrics, so I don’t find it hugely surprising that prenatal care is not a large percentage of their services.  Any way you slice it, there is no logic in assessing the organization’s “priorities” based solely on prenatal care.  A post that literally only counts services pertaining to fetuses merely confirms the stereotype that the antiabortion movement’s concern about life begins at conception and ends at birth.

          8. As stated, this article is clearly speaking of PP’s priorities in regards to prenatal care. The fact that their offices do not often house obstetricians doesn’t at all justify the low percentage of pregnant patients receiving prenatal care. It simply prompts the question: why don’t more of their facilities house obstetricians? Because their priorities are not on helping healthy babies be born. PP would agree with that. 

            I care very little what stereotypes you feel are confirmed by this, but: if abortion is murder, then it would be morally reprehensible for me to believe that any amount of other services PP provides could possibly make up for it. I think anyone could agree that if you cannot care whether a person lives or dies, it makes no sense to care whether they are getting their regular breast exams and pap smears. Because I believe that a fetus is a human with its own right to live – just like the grown women who would like to avoid breast and cervical cancer – I therefore apply that previous sentence to the fetus as well. You know very well pro-life advocates do not simply care whether fetuses – to the exclusion of grown men and women – live or die, and it… how did you put it? “Lacks intellectual integrity” to imply that they do. Are there any more fallacies you’d like to commit tonight?

            As I have my own children to take care of and you seem to be determined to use ad hominems and to maintain that this particular article is speaking of PP’s overall priorities – which it is clearly not – I am not interested in continuing this back and forth. You may have the last word if you’d like.

          9. the article makes a big deal over a service that PP doesn’t normally provide.  using this logic, you could use the same argument to criticize a diesel engine mechanic because he doesn’t know how to service a jet engine.

            if it wasn’t pre natal care, the author might choose to criticise PP for not offering post natal care or pediatrics. 

          10. The question is, “Should we fund PP with taxpayer dollars” when a HUGE percentage of taxpayers don’t want OUR money going to a organization that very obviously pushes abortions on pregnant women. 50 cents out of every dollar PP gets is from the pocket of a pro-lifer. Would you want YOUR taxpayer money going to a cause that is an atrocity to you?? Don’t lie. OF COURSE YOU WOULDN’T. So don’t demand us pro-lifers to help foot the bill for PP.

      2. The “flip side” doesn’t compare to the other side.

        You may not think that it compares qualitatively, but your post purports to be a quantitative  assessment.  If you draw conclusions about PP’s “priorities” based on the services it provides while ignoring the majority of the services that it provides, then your argument lacks intellectual integrity.   


        1. You may have an intellect, but Jennie has a heart.  If you could get to your heart, perhaps you would see things as she does.


  2. And how much money does Planned Parenthood make off abortions in comparison to their prenatal work and adoption referrals?  As always, just follow the money….


  3. Planned Parenthood’s priorities lie in giving people choices. A choice to get help with preventing pregnancy, a choice to get help with preventing CANCER, a choice to get help if you have an std, a choice to help you if you are pregnant, a choice to check your blood pressure, a choice to have your child’s blood tested for anemia, a choice to help you if need referrals. Helping you with CHOICES, not telling you what to do with your body. Talk about “BIG Government!”  Hum, stay out of my crotch & I’ll stay out of yours. If women have to give up the rights of their own bodies, ALL men should have to have a vasectomy. Now that’s the answer to end abortions! Dah! 


    1. If they are so excited about CHOICES, when why are 97% of their pregnant clients counselled into getting an abortion, and why does planned parenthood fight so hard to NOT ALLOW MOTHERS TO SEE A SONOGRAM or ultrasound of their unborn child? When I saw my first sonogram at 10 weeks, it changed my life. How can a woman have a fair CHOICE without all the facts? Oh, wait – PP isn’t about choices unless you make the CHOICE that gets them $$$  –  abortion. Adoption referrals don’t help pay PP’s bills. Even though studies show women who have abortions are more than twice as likely to commit suicide as those who give birth. Hmmm….   source : 


    2. Hmmm. Do you have two hearts? Two blood types? Two sets of lungs? Two livers? Two immune systems? Didn’t think so. In fact, if you were to have two blood types at once in your body, it would vehemently oppose this. I don’t think this is about YOUR body, but about another person who has NO choice except whatever YOU choose for it. It’s not your own body, so stop trying to use that one.


  4. Planned Parenthood butchers the unborn like our government destroys our freedom.  Who really cares if Planned Parenthood provides any type of service that is beneficial to women, such as a papsmear?  They butcher millions of innocent children worldwide each year.  Absolutely nothing makes up for it.  Should people support the mafia because they may give an annual donation to the local food pantry?  I am beginning to wonder if pro choice people are going to Planned Parenthood for a lobotomy.  Has Planned Parenthood figured out what part of the brain to operate on to remove all common sense?


    1. Just as members of the Catholic Church molest countless children every year but people still support it. 


      1. Catholic charities operate countless hospitals and clinics throughout the nation, but when you pay your medical bills there, there’s a reasonable assumption that your dollars won’t be used for the cause of molesting a child.  Not so with Planned Parenthood and abortion.

        Nice try.


  5. straw man.  planned parenthood wasn’t created to solely provide prenatal care.  it was created to provide family planning.  it also provides women’s health services, SOME of which is prenatal care.  quite likely, in those areas where PP doesn’t offer this service, there are other providers who do.

    I really don’t understand what the point of this article is.  even if your stat of 40 percent of PP offices provide abortions (i don’t trust your stats, given your agenda) it just proves that a majority of PP offices DON’T offer abortions.


  6. Too many people have totally missed the point here.  The point was to highlight the relative importance of parenthood to Planned Parenthood and to examine one often discussed aspect of the organization (pregnancy options).  It wasn’t to describe everything Planned Parenthood does and does not do.  One could just as easily argue that the author was being unreasonably generous, since she left out the fact that Planned Parenthood covers up child abuse and aids sex traffickers.

    The data is even more interesting if you look at trends over a longer period of time:


    Both prenatal care and referrals for prenatal care fell significantly, and abortions doubled over a period of ten years.


    1. But the name of the organization is “Planned” Parenthood; therefore we can make the assumption that their main service is ensuring that pregnancies are planned. From that, we can derive that their main focus (based off the organization’s name) should be providing options for people to make sure their pregnancies are in fact planned. Some ways to do this would include providing sexual education, and many forms of birth control. Both of which they do. So finally, we can conclude that Planned Parenthood does in fact provide the very services that the name implies.


        1. But the title of the organization is “Planned” Parenthood. Not, “Parenthood.” Therefore if you employ logic you can deduce that the organization is about planning parenthood as they title implies nothing about what happens after the pregnancy.


          1. But if you’re saying that its name is based on the fact that they are preventing pregnancy…wouldn’t that be Planned Un-parenthood then? ..just saying..

          2. But if you’re saying that its name is based on the fact that they are preventing pregnancy…wouldn’t that be Planned Un-parenthood then? ..just saying..

          3. But if you’re saying that its name is based on the fact that they are preventing pregnancy…wouldn’t that be Planned Un-parenthood then? ..just saying..

  7. Based on what the Planned Parenthood supporters say – Planned Parenthood has no reason to even claim that abortion makes up only 3% of their services.  Planned Parenthood defenders are more honest than Planned Parenthood itself, acknowledging (in their worldview) that abortion is a necessary part of planning parenthood.  
    While you can assert that pro-lifers only care about the fetus (and not after its birth, when it magically becomes a baby) – it is valid for us to assert that Planned Parenthood (and the pro-choice movement) has no interest in the pregnant woman or the baby unless there is an abortion.  Our evidence is stronger because we use pro-abort data whereas pro-choicers just make unsubstantiated claims and hope that the lie will stick if repeated often enough.One problem with Planned Parenthood is – their name misleads the public – like the New Yorker who went into a Planned Parenthood looking for an infant seat and staff advised her on how to get a late term abortion (since she “obviously” couldn’t afford a baby, if she was seeking help procuring a car seat).  For Truth in Advertising, they should go back to their old name, Birth Control League.Another problem with Planned Parenthood is – that one cannot believe anything they say because their agenda clouds their judgment.


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