Horrible: Australian Hospital Kills “Wrong” Twin in Abortion, Now Both Babies Dead

I’ve written before about the horrible practice of “toin coss” abortions, where one healthy twin is aborted because (for whatever unacceptable reason) the mother does not want to have two babies born.

In a shocking story from Australia, a healthy 32-week twin was “accidentally” aborted when doctors mistakenly killed the healthy twin when they were attempting to abort the sick twin, as the Australian Herald Sun paper reports:

A Victorian mother, pregnant with twin boys she had already named, had made the agonising decision to abort one of the babies on doctors’ advice.

She had been told that one twin had a congenital heart defect that would require years of operations, if he survived at all.

An ultrasound clinician had checked the healthy baby, who was in a separate sac to the sick baby, before the termination.

But just after 2.30pm on Tuesday the wrong baby was injected, terminating the healthy pregnancy.

The mother then had an emergency caesarean section and the sick child was terminated in a three-hour operation.

The hospital has announced there will be an “investigation” into what went wrong. But obviously what went wrong is that doctors suggested to the mother that she abort one of her twins. The hospital in a statement called the mistake a “terrible tragedy” but how would they have described the outcome if the doctors had made the right choice about which child to abort? Would that be a “resounding success”?!

Steven Ertelt at LifeNews notes that this case in Australia is not the first example of this happening:

Officials in Italy, in 2007, investigated a botched abortion done on twin brothers where the healthy brother became the victim of the abortion and the twin, who has Down syndrome, lived. The disabled brother was the target of the abortion procedure and the case is raising the ugly specter of abortions done to kill disabled people. The abortion was done on a 38-year-old woman in Milan.

Stories such as these illustrate how society forgets about and ignores human dignity whenever abortion is legalized and promoted by health care workers as the proper means of responding to challenging situations such as this one. The only acceptable answer, of course, to every human life, is love, not a procedure designed to kill a child who is vulnerable and needs extra care.

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  1. SHe had an emergency c-section where the other baby was killed? How can anyone read this and not be sickened?! They opened her up and killed a fully formed baby.


  2. how can you even abort any of your babies at 32 weeks really??its pure murder..ok so the baby was sick but mothers take care fo their sick children ..


    1. The poor thing was going to have to have at least 50 surgeries and if the baby survived, he/she would have to live half their life in the hospital. She was doing the right thing. Seriously -_-


      1. No one knows the severity of the heart defect, the baby could have even gone through with one surgery and been okay. It is still wrong to terminate a baby, abortion in the first trimester is one thing, but terminating a 32 week unborn baby is another.


  3. My god…those babies could feel every bit of pain…if she didn’t want one she could give one baby up.There are people who would affectionately love a special needs child physically or mentally.But just killing the baby?What is wrong with these people…


  4. how can people know which baby to abort they both deserve to live that’s just wrong


  5. This is socialized medicine at it’s finest. You have two babies but we won’t fund the care for both… only the healthy one. This is the future of America if Obamacare is allowed to continue. I say we abort Obamacare and all of its supporters (via elections, in case anyone decides to interpret this in a weird way!) before it’s too late!


    1. This is socialized medicine at it’s finest. You have two babies but we won’t fund the care for both… only the healthy one.

      And you know the decision was financial because…?

      I hope you keep the receipts for your tinfoil hat-building supplies.  If you go through enough of them, you might be able to deduct them as medical expenses.


      1. I believe that, in many cases, doctors suggest abortion because insurance won’t cover the costs of saving the baby at birth. I also believe that doctors will suggest abortion because they don’t want to put the work in to care for and deliver a baby that is not “textbook” healthy.


        1. Actually, I’m sure most doctors would love to put in the extra work. All of the extra care means that they receive more money. 


          1. Speaking from experience, doctors can also be lazy and unwilling to put in the extra work for a more difficult case.  My mother had the first and second opinion doctors tell her that she needed to abort me, because we would both die if she continued in her pregnancy.
            It did not matter that insurance would have (and did) cover the cost of treatment.  I am only here today, because she looked for a third opinion.
            For the record, she and I are both healthy, thanks.

          2. From my experience with doctors, I found the exact opposite; that they are hard working people who put in hours upon hours of work to help others. 

          3. Doctors are human just like everyone else, and that means they’re all different, and so are their opinions. The fact is life begins at conception therefore whatever reason a doctor has to abort a baby doesn’t justify it. It is always murder and will always be murder.

          4. Your comment is off topic. My comment was addressing Christiane’s statement about lazy doctors. 

          5. I can tell you OB’s are particularly either lazy or unwilling to work when it is needed.  My sister had an episiotomy with her first child and suffered for weeks with the pain.  With her 2nd, her doc told her she was going to do the episiotomy and my sister asked if it was really necessary.  The doc said ‘no, but you will be pushing longer’.  As far as she was concerned, she would rather push all day than be cut, again.  Ironically, even w/o the episiotomy, she was done in less than ten minutes.  As for me, I had a breach.  My first doc refused to discuss trying to turn the baby and then sent me to another doctor.  That doctor started discussing ‘my c-section’ as if were a foregone conclusion.  I became rather angry with him and he told me I didn’t have enough amniotic fluid.  I went to another doctor a day and a half later, who acted like my previous doctor was an idiot and actually said that I had sufficient amniotic fluid in just three sectors and did not need to check the fourth.  He tried the version he next day.  I was already 37 weeks and it failed, because the baby was too big.  My c-section was scheduled for the follwoing week.  Long story short is the 38 weeks was not enough time for my baby and he ended up in the NICU for 5 days.  Later, I obtained my medical records from all three doctors and found that despite the fact that my 3rd doc told me I had sufficient amniotic fluid, he documented that it was ‘low’.  My first doc documented that I was ‘leaking’ amniotic fluid but never bothered to tell me (I believe she never mentioned it b/c it wasn’t true and she thought I would never review my records).  The 3rd doc also documented that my baby was breathing fine for several hours before he started having breathing problems, which was absolutely untrue, since I did not get to see my baby in the OR and the nurse told me verbatim, “You have a sick little boy” immediately after he was born. No … I don’t have faith in doctors. I don’t think doctors enjoy being woke up in the middle of the night or pulled from their office hours and will do anything they can to ‘schedule’ the birth … oh but of course always for ‘valid medical reasons’ and what mother could ever in good conscience not follow the recommendations of her doctor? Oh by the way, the c-section rate at the time I had mine was 40% at that hospital.

          6. Your comment is off topic. My comment was addressing Christiane’s statement about lazy doctors. 

          7. I was pregnant with a beautiful baby boy who was not considered “textbook” healthy, as a matter of fact his condition was classified as “incompatible with life”.  The Dr. refused to give prenatal care because of it and as a matter of fact was downright angry with me when I refused to allow her to murder him inside me.  She told me there was no sense providing care for “it” (as she referred to him) since the textbooks said he would not survive.   He defied most of what the textbooks said on his condition and was actually starting to thrive.  It was completely heart wrenching to have to fight for his right to even exist!   We found different Dr.s who agreed that he was human and I am his mother.  All the hospitals with NICU in our state refused to take him after he was born because of his diagnosis.  One hospital in another state agreed to care for him and we were then transferred.  He did pass away at 40 1/2 days (not due to his diagnosis, but due to a medical mistake).  After their mistake was discovered, they acted like it wasn’t as big a deal because he wasn’t “normal”.   Not all doctors are willing to put in the extra work.

          8. That is so awful. When I work in a hospital I will never let that happen.

        2. Can you give an actual example of an insurance company paying for abortion but not birth? Because an insurance company is far less likely to offer termination coverage than birth coverage as a general policy. The obvious exception I can think of is companies refusing to cover pregnancy-related services when issuing individual policies to women who are currently pregnant or have previously had pregnancy complications, but in that case I doubt the abortion would be covered either.

          And regardless of what the tin-hat brigade thinks, the new health care laws will make it more difficult for companies to not cover pregnancy and birth, because they prevent denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions.


  6. At 32 weeks, many babies survive outside the womb…shit happens when one “plays” God!


  7. I think the doctors care but there worried about the wear and tear of the parents and the less attention the healthy baby would get because all their time is spent worrying and treating the sick one. Just ask the grown children of some of these families and see how ignored the healthy child was.


    1. That is the most hurtful justification for abortion that I have ever heard. I have two close in age children (11 months apart), one of which had 7 surgeries before the age of three. My healthy child needing to be loved on by grandparents and aunties was by no means a hardship for him! Instead he has a greater empathy for those that are hurting, and a sister to grow old with. To suggest that her life was not as valuable as his is a sad indication of the heart of our society and on a personal level offensive.


  8. My grandson had congenital heart defects and had surgery at 6 months to repair it. He is now a thriving 4 year old with no lasting effects.


  9. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to abort a baby at a 32 week gestational period? It doesn’t matter if one baby had a defect. Miracles can happen. Even for people who are non believers, science can often play a huge role. Babies can survive after a 24 week gestation. Mothers deliver babies everyday with special needs and illness’. They do not just choose to abort it while it is old enough to move around, breathe, have a heartbeat…ect. They love it unconditionally just as a parent is supposed to. This is a sad and down right horrible story. Why would the doctor not recommend going ahead with a planned c-section and delievering both twins as to not make a mistake?


  10. This is the one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read in
    my entire life for obvious reasons, however, I take it very personally
    that parents and the medical community would “terminate” a baby solely
    because he or she has a congenital heart defect. I have had FIVE heart
    surgeries to correct two separate congenital heart defects. After my
    first surgery at 3 months old in 1964, I was not expected to live
    through the night. Then I wasn’t expected to live until age 5, then not
    live until age 18. In between their wrong predictions, I had two more
    surgeries at ages 6 and 8. Then I had my 4th surgery at age 26 and the
    last one at 33 years of age. The last one literally almost killed me,
    not from the heart defect itself but from having my chest cut open for
    the fifth time and the massive lung and other complications that it
    caused (it took the heart surgeon 4.5 hours just to cut through my
    incision due to the thick scar tissue it had formed from four previous
    surgeries and 33 years of growth). 

    After the surgery I was on a ventilator for a week but I believe it was
    the first night after the surgery when I had a conversation with God
    where HE told me “Diane it is not your time to go yet, you still have MY
    work to do!”  If not for that conversation I doubt I would be here
    today because it was pure hell on Earth laying in the hospital for a
    total of three weeks; I was in such agony from bilateral pneumonia and
    other serious complications that I just wanted to die because I thought
    death would be better than the physical pain I was in. However, having
    heard God tell me that it wasn’t my time to die yet, I PUSHED myself to
    live and knew that I WOULD make it if I just kept remembering what HE
    told me! Yes, it was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through
    in my life both before and after the surgery. And now almost 14 years
    later I am still here and the repair seems to have been quite successful
    and permanent, meaning I won’t ever need another heart surgery, nor
    would I undergo one due to the fact that my lungs are shot and could not
    take another thoracotomy incision (from under my entire left breast,
    under my left arm and all the way around my left shoulder blade to
    almost the bottom of my neck).

    Although no one understands why, God does sometimes allow babies and
    children to die from illness and disease but He also allows many babies
    and children to live after surgery and other medical treatments when we,
    as infallible human beings, would have deemed them untreatable or going
    to die anyway. So the “We will spare them and us the agony and
    ‘terminate’ them before they are born” philosophical agenda doesn’t hold
    any water with me since I am living proof that doctors are often wrong
    about projecting length of life for children with congenital defects and
    that people are often wrong about their quality of life assessments on
    these children to boot. 

    My point here is that NONE of us have ANY idea what God has in store for
    our lives and since none of us have asked to be born, it seems to me
    that God would certainly have a plan for each of us then and when we
    mess that up by aborting babies (they are not some blob of “fetal”
    tissue only to become fully “human” after birth!) we are playing God and
    messing up HIS plans for individual lives and for the entire universe
    since all humans are interconnected in some way – all of us make
    contributions, both positive and negative, to the world at large. We
    cannot know what these two babies would have done in their lives to
    improve the world and how their lives would have had a positive impact
    on their families, friends and the rest of the human race, had they
    lived. I think of the total waste of human potential over these past
    decades in the USA and the world over with all the abortions we’ve done.
    How many of these aborted babies could have found the cure for cancer
    or other deadly medical mysteries? What about the next Bill Gates? The
    list could go on and on and yet, people who abort what God had given
    them and the rest of the human race, apparently don’t think about these
    issues; they only think of their own selfish desire to not have to deal
    with a sick or crippled infant because of the inconvenience of it.

    While thinking of the baby and not wanting it to suffer is quite noble
    and should be given consideration, having an abortion for that reason
    (or any reason) really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me since we are
    ALL going to get sick in our lifetime and in the end, we are all going
    to die. The honest of God truth is, if people are so “considerate” as to
    not make a sick fetus be born into this world, then they should NEVER
    purposely impregnate someone or get pregnant themselves because like I
    just stated, we will all be sick sometime in our lives and then we will
    die. As a matter of fact, many children who come out of the womb
    seemingly healthy will begin to exhibit all manner of symptoms due to
    genetic defects, congenital defects, hormonal imbalances, leukemia and
    other cancers, etc. What are the parents going to do then? Its too late
    to put them back in the womb now and abort them isn’t it? Are you
    understanding what I am trying to convey here? The only difference
    between this baby in Australia who was aborted because of his or her
    congenital heart defect and seemingly “healthy” babies at birth who
    later exhibit symptoms of major illness or disease, is the ultrasound or
    genetic testing done before birth! Yes, while medical advances have
    certainly kept people alive much longer than ever before, medical
    advances can also cause people to do such things as abort their
    “imperfect” babies as well. The knowledge that parents get from an
    ultrasound and genetic testing can be useful in planning for their
    little one’s arrival; it should NOT be used as a death certificate for
    him or her.  Simply because you think you “know” before the birth of a
    child that he or she may not be “perfect” does NOT give you a right to
    prevent that person from being born. If that were the case then no one
    would be born because we will all succumb to physical and/or mental
    illnesses and we will all die as a result of them. So if you truly want
    to prevent further suffering of a human being, don’t have biological

    If it sounds like I am judging these parents and their doctors, you are
    right, I am judging them for their choice to abort their twins, but I am
    not judging them as people who were probably very anguished as to what
    to do about a very serious situation! I can understand why they did what
    they did, however, in my opinion they still made the wrong decision and
    I truly believe that it will come back to haunt them for the rest of
    their lives, if it already hasn’t begun to cause much anguish and
    heartache. It is definitely life changing decisions like this that this
    couple and all the medical professionals involved should repent of their
    sins and ask forgiveness! Getting right with God is the ONLY way they
    can ever come out of this and live a relatively OK life from here on
    out. I could not imagine killing these two innocent babies – babies who,
    at 32 weeks of gestation are routinely cared for and survive in NICUs
    until they can go home. Congenital defects in newborns are common, even
    in developed countries like the USA and Australia. And heart defects are
    the MOST common congenital defect of all in the United States anyway (I
    don’t know about Australia where this happened), and the pediatric
    cardiothoracic surgeons who operate on congenital heart defects are
    extremely professional, excellent clinicians and surgeons and more
    importantly, masters of their trade because they do these corrective
    surgeries all the time, every day, on all sorts of body sizes and fix
    the myriad of complex and not so complex congenital heart defects.

    Of all the reasons to abort a 32 week old baby, one that had somewhere
    around only 8 weeks left to incubate, a congenital heart defect is about
    the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard! Although I don’t know what defect
    the baby had, I do know that they can pretty much fix almost any heart
    defect and if they can’t, its still not an excuse to abort the baby
    since medications and “time will tell” were two other reasons to welcome
    that baby into this world. Even if the baby later passed away after
    birth, the parents and the doctors would have known they tried
    everything to save the baby instead of the overwhelming guilt and shame I
    suspect they might be wallowed in right now as the result of the
    abortions of both of their fully formed twins who most likely would have
    survived in the NICU even after they took them out of the womb at 32
    weeks! From reading the article I surmised that the wording “later
    terminated” meant that as I suspected, the 32 week viability of the
    infant caused the medical “professional” to indeed “murder” the infant
    because it was obviously neither dead nor a blob of fetal tissue
    incapable of doing anything.

    Even if a person is pro-abortion or pro-choice, the fact that the 32
    week old baby was delivered alive from the womb and then intentionally
    killed because that is what the parents wanted done, it should outrage
    all of us as fellow human beings who would not want to see anyone
    suffer, let a lone a helpless and innocent newborn baby who was solely
    taken out of the womb to be murdered!!! I would HATE to have this same
    thing happen in the United States and I pray that it will never will or
    hope that it never has happened here. The fact that they even allowed
    this to happen on a 32 week old fetus is quite shocking and disgusting;
    that baby would have most likely either had corrective heart surgery or
    given medications to help if surgery was not an option. However, even if
    both were ruled out, why not let nature take its course for the baby
    and cherish every minute you had together before the baby went to

    While I believe that the parents and the medical professionals involved
    in the “care” of the twins did a great injustice in this case, I also
    believe that they deserve forgiveness and redemption, as we all do! I
    will pray for them and I will ask God to open their hearts and for them
    to ask forgiveness for what they’ve done and I will pray for them to
    have healing in their hearts to forgive themselves for what they’ve
    done. There are few things worse in life than not being able to forgive
    yourself for past transgressions, especially ones as heavy as this one.
    That is like acid eating away at your mind, body and soul until it
    finally kills you after a protracted and painful existence. That is no
    way to live and no one needs to live that way! Pray now, pray to God and
    ask Jesus to come into your heart and save your soul! Trust in Christ
    as your Lord and Savior now for eternal redemption and ask Him to
    forgive you of your sins, confessing all of them to Him and
    acknowledging that you are a sinner and need eternal salvation which
    comes only through accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and believing that
    no one cometh unto the Father accept through the Son! Amen!! Please read
    John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only
    Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life


  11. Why would a doctor advise an abortion for a mother?!! That’s so wrong! Abortion is awful. I don’t care if the baby is sick or not. It’s murder!!


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