Planned Parenthood Child Sex Ring Coverup Investigation – Full Footage

Perth Amboy, NJ Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 1 of 2

Perth Amboy, NJ Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 2 of 2

Falls Church, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 1 of 2

Falls Church, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 2 of 2

Richmond, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage

Charlottesville, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 1 of 2 Parenthood

Charlottesville, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage Part 2 of 2 Parenthood

Roanoke, VA Planned Parenthood Full Footage

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Full Footage

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Full Footage (2nd camera angle)

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood full audio (from audio recorder) can be downloaded here.

Washington, DC Planned Parenthood Full Audio (there is no video recording due to recording problem from battery issue):

28 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Child Sex Ring Coverup Investigation – Full Footage

  1. This is the most sickening thing I have ever seen. The "office manager" in the clinic in Perth is some piece of work. Did everyone hear how she gave the information about HIV testing. She said it like she was a waitress discussing what was on the menu for lunch. What she was really discussing was some poor girl taken away from her family against her will, transported thousands of miles away, raped repeatedly, and then given a deadly disease. She then gives advice on how children can be used by their rapists and pimps after her baby has been ripped from her body and she cannot be raped because of the after effects of the abortion. She then criticizes the "anal" nurse practiconer for having the nerve to ask questions. Wow. Then she makes herself an accomplice by "working something out" A discount for high volume I suppose. How does this woman sleep at night? Hopefully not well. Hopefully the noise of prison will keep her awake if her non existant conscience doesn't.
    The reason I haven't commented on the other videos is because I couldn't bear to watch any more.


  2. Thank U Live Action. You served up a victory. I have listened to apathy and hopelessness my whole life. People saying that nothing can be accomplished. I’m still disappointed in how many people don’t care, but I’m glad to silence them, in their preaching on how nothing can be done about anything. You haven’t won yet but you’ve taken this victory farther and faster than anyone else. Please convince the media representatives who listen to you, to beat the drum on this victory and be persistent with it. I believe in you. You are the most noble and able promoters of compassion, and seekers of justice in this country today. I’m telling people about you. I’m going put your hard work out there for anyone who will listen. Thank you for daring to do what you do, and not drowning in the sea of apathy that so many of us have been treading water in. May god bless you and keep you and lead you on to more victories. I hope that you can stop this dreadful child slavery, and child killing. Amen


    1. Please pardon that I didn’t capitalize God in my Post.


  3. with the glaring exception of Perth, NJ (god help her) I don’t see the wrong doing on the part of staff.  They repeatedly say “we want them (the women) to be safe” do you really think a real pimp gives a crap about safety? they would have them get a backalley butcher no questions asked, no confidentiality issues, no government money nothing abortion, that’s what happened before Planned Parenthood. Pimps and sex trafficking happen. PP isn’t perfect but they are at least looking after the physical health of these women. I wish someone was also there to teach them self-respect looking after their emotional health. At the end of the day they are trying to keep women safe from the worser evils that preceded all this– access to information, birth control, std protection.  I wish there was no need for abortion. I look forward to the day when it’s a forgotten awful chapter of history. But that isn’t going to happen by continuing to polarize the issue which I feel you are in danger of once again doing here. Educate women about their bodies and teach them respect for themselves.  If they can look out for themselves, they will look out for their bodies and their babies. 


  4. Roanoke: she’s advising him on where to get care, the most immediate and the most affordable. how is this wrong? free treatments through the health department. She is saying everyone, sex-ring, illegal immigrant, don’t speak english, it doesn’t matter. You are still a HUMAN BEING and we’re here to help every human being, regardless of their situation. She says the morning after pill is the only thing available 12 years and older according to VA law, that is NOT abortion. it’s horribly unfortunate, a sin, but it’s not abortion. Oh and condoms, prevention is FREE. What I don’t understand is how is how a teacher has to report bruises on a child by law (as well they should) but a PP staff doesn’t have to report the abuse of women in a sex-ring. Both are being exploited and abused. Shouldn’t every small evidence of possible violence and exploitation be reported whether it’s a child, man or woman. But again, I don’t think PP is trying to perpetuate or support sex-trafficking, they are by way of physical health, trying to minimize the impact on the health of the women.


    1.  Because she should report the sex traffickers to the authorities and get these girls home!!!  That’s not only the law, but it’s what conscience dictates.


  5. Some of the comments that I have read are down right maddening!!! This is wrong and they are not doing this work for the care of the children IF THEY REALLY CARED THEY WOULD BUST THE HUMAN TRAFFICER AND HELP THE CHILD GET BACK HOME. THIS IS SLAVERY IN THE WORST WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your convinced that these clinics are doing a good deed for the kids for the kids then YOU NEED TO DO RESEARCH on former abortionist Carol Everett. I applaud her courageousness. You wanna play it safe then maybe you should stay home and lock your door. Oh, speaking of slavery; they didn’t play it safe and look at slavery now!! The trafficers should register and be posted on a website just like the childmolesters!!!!!!!   


  6. Did you ever think they may be allowing the ‘pimp’ to make these statements, and encourage him/give him what he wants, in the hopes that the girls he’s talking about will come in, and they can get help or call the police then?

    There’s not much they can do with a guy who is just making claims with no girls following him or backing up his story. if he walks in with a girl, or a girl comes in on her own and tells them that this is going on, THEN they can offer help. What I’m saying is: This would be much more convincing if they had a bruised up girl asking questions and alluding to abuse. A pimp with no girls doesn’t give them anything to work with.


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