Obama Admin Supporting Abortion Over Trafficking Victims

I was at yesterday’s Congressional oversight committee hearing which was convened to investigate top officials at the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department who chose to deny a grant allowing the US Catholic Bishops to help victims of human trafficking because the Catholic group refused to refer victims to receive the “full range of gynecological services” (a euphemism for abortion and contraception).

One of the most powerful moments of the questioning period came when Congressman Chris Smith had his turn with the microphone. As he explained at the hearing, he was the original author of the legislation (Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 or TVPA) that created the HHS grant program to provide resources to organizations (such as the US Bishops) who run programs that help victims of human trafficking. He was outraged to discover that in the most recent round of grants pro-abortion political appointees at HHS had effectively injected a pro-abortion litmus test which bars pro-life organizations and NGOs from receiving grant money.

In an opinion article he published at LifeNews, Congressman Smith writes:

Why go through the charade of determining whether or not a grant application is meritorious when preferential treatment is afforded only to those in sync with President Obama’s abortion promoting agenda?

The bottom line is this: pernicious pro-abortion favoritism, embedded in this egregiously flawed process, does a grave disservice to the victims of trafficking. Victims deserve better. The women and children who have been exploited by modern day slavery need our help, which is why I wrote the law in the first place.

He couldn’t be more right that “Victims deserve better”! As LiveAction has shown with documentation time and time again, pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood are eager to aid and abet the perpetrators of sex-trafficking, putting their victims in even more danger.

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