BREAKING: Planned Parenthood director caught on tape selling aborted ‘baby parts’

An undercover video recorded by the non-profit organization,Center for Medical Progress, shows Planned Parenthood Federation Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, discussing their fetal parts business.

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Fr. Sammie Maletta Presents How the Obama Administation is “Waging War on the Catholic Church”

A couple weeks ago, St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indiana received a provocative sermon from their priest, Fr. Sammie Maletta. This ten-minute homily elucidates exactly what Obama has done to our country; it tells of the promises he made and broke concerning the safeguard of conscience-protection laws in ObamaCare. Fr. Maletta explains what the Church has done for medical care in America and how that will be halted by the mandate. Perhaps most importantly, he shows how the HHS mandate fills the pockets of government officials and places the reins of medicare into the hands of the State, instead of the people, where it belongs.

Fr. Maletta is also a civil lawyer and familiar with the ins and outs of the elusive words of the HHS mandate. He translates, into common terms, what the mandate means and what it will do to us, the people.

Please listen to this video. It’s ten minutes well-spent.

China Attempts to Make One Child Policy More Palatable

China has undertaken a project to make their “slogans” for the One Child Policy sound better to the ear.  Well, at least that’s their goal.  According to the BBC News, China’s Communist Party conducted research on the slogans found around China concerning the policy.

Research by China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission, published in the People’s Daily, concluded that a quarter of slogans posted in furtherance of its policies had been crude and harsh in the past. It described some as spine-chilling.

Among the examples it cited were, “Kill all your family if you don’t follow the rule” and, “If you escape (sterilisation), we’ll hunt you down; if you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope”.

The research said milder expressions should be used to “avoid offending the public and stoking social tensions”.

Of course, the Chinese media—which is the government’s media—blamed officials in local areas for the unpalatable slogans.  They also ensured that everyone knows the One Child Policy will go nowhere.  According to those in power in China, the policy is there to stay.  Read more China Attempts to Make One Child Policy More Palatable

Nancy Pelosi Wants to Force Georgetown Law to Subsidize Sandra Fluke’s Promiscuity

Pro-abortion, anti-liberty zealot Rep. Nancy Pelosi has inadvertently done the pro-life cause a favor. On Monday the House Minority Leader held a congressional hearing on the cost of birth control, and the testimony of her witness, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, put the narcissism and disingenuousness of her cause on full display:

Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. Forty percent of female students at Georgetown Law report struggling financially as a result of this policy. One told us of how embarrassed and powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter, learning for the first time that contraception wasn’t covered, and had to walk away because she couldn’t afford it. Students like her have no choice but to go without contraception. Read more Nancy Pelosi Wants to Force Georgetown Law to Subsidize Sandra Fluke’s Promiscuity

Fetal Pain Legislation Would Halt Abortion 20 Weeks into Pregnancy

“I’m just concerned this abortion legislation de-humanizes and objectifies women, turning them into mere incubation machines for babies.”

It was a strange objection to hear from the black, female, Democratic State Representative sitting on the Judicial Non-Civil Committee considering Georgia House Bill 954, legislation that has become known as “the Fetal Pain Bill.” If anyone should be able to appreciate the horror of discrimination against babies in the womb, one would think a member of a “double minority” (black + woman) would, but on this day, two black, female Democrats were tag-teaming to pummel those speaking in favor of the bill with questions and objections.

One of these State Representatives said she’s so upset with pro-life legislation like the Fetal Pain Bill (which in her opinion, “legislates women’s reproductive rights”) that in protest, she introduced a counter bill that would ban Georgia men from having vasectomies. Regardless of whether someone likes the idea of vasectomies, of course, no one believes that a vasectomy kills a human person.  But these kinds of red-herring arguments are a common way that anti-life opponents are now attempting to obscure the child.

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Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

Because it is the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia works a little differently from most localities.

For starters, its budgets are subject to review by the United States Congress. The legislative branch of the federal government is currently considering whether or not to give DC greater control over its own budget, but the specter of abortion is complicating the decision.  The Huffington Post states:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees D.C. affairs, expressed his commitment late last year to giving budget autonomy to the District to help city government avoid a shutdown whenever Congress appears unable to pass a spending bill.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), Mayor Vincent Gray and others welcomed the proposal but reluctantly rejected the plan Issa unveiled in November because it contained a provision barring local funding for abortions — a move Issa said was necessary to win Republican votes. Read more Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

San Diego Senator Pushes for Greater Abortion Access at the Expense of Women’s Health

On Friday, Sen. Christine Kehoe proposed a bill in the California Senate that would greatly expand who can be an abortion provider in California.  Apparently, there is current confusion in California over exactly who can perform abortions.  Kehoe’s bill would

…clarify that the estimated 16,000 trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants in the state could provide first-trimester abortions in outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices.

Likely referring to the oft-cited claim that 86% of U.S. counties do not have an abortion provider, Kehoe claims that her bill will give greater access to abortion to rural women who would otherwise incur what Kehoe considers multiple hardships and great expense.  Ironically, the U-T San Diego News article reports that one of those hardships would be missing time away from “other children.”  “Other children” of course admits that the sought abortion is designed to kill a child, but I digress.

According to California Senate Bill 1501 the new category of “providers” would be allowed to perform “an abortion by medication or aspiration techniques.”  Basically, these providers would be allowed to give women the necessary medication for a Mifeprex/Misoprostol “do-it-yourself” abortion (read about these; they are horrifying), and they would also be allowed to use a vacuum machine to suck out the baby in the first trimester.


Kehoe’s bill does face opposition, notably from Assemblyman Brian Jones who makes several excellent points.

“That’s pretty aggressive,” he said. “My immediate question is where and how are they going to do these procedures. It sounds like they want to turn the clock back to the back ally practices they were against.”  Read more San Diego Senator Pushes for Greater Abortion Access at the Expense of Women’s Health

House Comittee Approves Bill to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions in the United States

Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona believes abortions based on race or gender should be outlawed. On Thursday, February 16, a House Committee approved Rep. Frank’s bill. According to Cronkite News, Franks thinks the issue is one of civil rights. “The effort of this bill here is to simply say we cannot discriminate against unborn children subjected to abortion.”

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District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Children Act

20 Week Human Fetus

The National Right to Life Committee believes a new pro-life bill could greatly cut through the entire legal structure that maintains legal abortion on demand. For that reason, a congressional pro-abortion leader said on Tuesday that stopping the bill is a high priority for the pro-abortion movement.

The legislation was introduced in the House on January 23, 2012. Its House sponsor is Republican Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona and has 130 cosponsors. The bill is known as H.R. 3803. In the Senate, the bill was introduced by Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah on February 13 and is known as S. 2103.

In a press release, the National Right to Life Committee noted that the legislation is based of an NRLC model bill that has been enacted in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Idaho. Other states are expected to vote on the legislation in 2012. The bill states that at least by 20 weeks after fertilization, an unborn child has the capacity to feel pain. Because of that fact, abortion in the District of Columbia would be prohibited beginning in the sixth month of pregnancy. The bill leaves the ability for an abortion to be performed when the life of the mother is endangered.

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What Burning Korans, Birth Control, And Blind Lawyers Have In Common

Here are three things that are totally happening. Don’t worry about what they have to do with each other. I’ll get to that. Just bask in the crappiness of these three things:

1. This past Tuesday, Feb. 21, on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, four Korans were accidentally included in a heap of trash that was dumped into a burn pit.

The materials had been taken from a library at Parwan Detention Facility, which adjoins the base, because they contained extremist messages or inscriptions. Writing inside a Koran is forbidden in the Islamic faith, although it was unclear whether the handwritten messages were found in the holy book or other reading materials.

Some Afghans saw the Korans burning, and some of them even burned their fingers trying to remove them. Cue pandemonium! Since then Obama has apologized to President Hamid Karzai and the nation of Afghanistan — twice. He has apologized super hard. Protesting Afghans apparently don’t care.

“We don’t care about Obama’s apology,” said Kamaluddin, a 25-year-old Kabul protester who uses only one name. “We have to protest to be responsible to our god. They are burning our Koran. An apology is not enough.” (source: Time)

This of course begs the question: what is enough?

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States File Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

In addition to earlier lawsuits by small religious collegesindividuals, and non-profit organizations, seven states have filed a law suit against the HHS contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient mandate.

The attorney generals of Texas, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina filed a joint lawsuit in Nebraska’s US District Court yesterday.

The attorney generals are asking the Court to declare the mandate unconstitutional, as it violates the religious freedom’s of their state’s citizens.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argued that:

“Obamacare’s latest mandate tramples the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion and compels people of faith to act contrary to their convictions. The President’s so called ‘accommodation’ was nothing but a shell game: the mandate still requires religious organizations to subsidize and authorize conduct that conflicts with their religious principles. The very first amendment to our Constitution was intended to protect against this sort of government intrusion into our religious convictions.”

The Obama administration had no comment (as of press time) about the lawsuit.

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The Advisors Behind the Contraception Mandate

According to ABC’s Jake Tapper, the most influential supporters of the controversial Contraception Mandate were HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, former Director of Domestic Policy Melody Barnes (who has resigned from the Obama administration), Presidential Advisor Valerie Jarrett, and President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards.

Other than their support for this mandate, they have something else in common: they are all unabashedly pro-abortion.

Why was Cecile Richards, who is not an official White House advisor, included in the discussions so prominently? Why was someone who could directly benefit from this mandate included, yet the very organizations that would be forced to provide this coverage against their beliefs, were excluded from the conversation?

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