How Low Can You Go? Salon Writer Accuses Rick Santorum of Wanting Her Daughter Dead

Clearly, he hates little girls.

Once again proving how hated those who stand for life are in some corners of society, Sarah Fister Gale at Salon explains how Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum “would have killed my daughter.”

She explains how a prenatal test of her unborn baby’s amniotic fluid revealed that she had Rh negative disease, which would have been fatal to her if left undiscovered. The prenatal testing saved the child’s life by enabling Gale’s doctor to track her development, ensure that she was delivered at the safest time, given a full blood transfusion, and monitored to make certain the disease was eliminated. Thankfully, little Ella is alive and well today.

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South Dakota Informed Consent Fight Highlights the Truth About Abortion and Suicide

You’ve probably heard about Planned Parenthood v. Rounds, a dispute over South Dakota’s mandatory informed consent law, but you may not have heard about one of the case’s most potentially-explosive details: the law’s requirement that women seeking abortions be warned about a potential link between abortion and suicide.

On Monday, Americans United for Life’s Clarke Forsythe and Mailee Smith took to the pages of the Washington Times to explain the controversy, including a stunning rundown of the medical evidence. Here are just the first three examples:

A 1995 study by A.C. Gilchrist in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that in women with no history of psychiatric illness, the rate of deliberate self-harm was 70 percent higher after abortion than after childbirth. Read more South Dakota Informed Consent Fight Highlights the Truth About Abortion and Suicide

Hysterical Abortion Advocates Equate Ultrasounds To Rape

The Virginia state legislature has introduced a bill requiring women get a sonogram before they get an abortion. It must be given by an MD at least two hours before the procedure — not one of the “nurses” employed by the abortion clinic — and the woman must be given the opportunity to see the ultrasound image and hear the heartbeat. She is not required to do either, but the option must be made available to her. Pro-abortion advocates immediately flew into attack mode, because heaven forbid anything be done to ensure women get the correct medical information before having an abortion! Hysterics over any attempt to curtail abortions are nothing new, and this time they’ve come up with a rather… interesting argument. Ultrasounds equal rape!

Over at Slate, Dahlia Lithwick writes that most women will be forced into a transvaginal ultrasound, which of course, equals rape.

Because the great majority of abortions occur during the first 12 weeks, that means most women will be forced to have a transvaginal procedure, in which a probe is inserted into the vagina, and then moved around until an ultrasound image is produced.

The ultrasound = rape meme is spreading like wildfire around pro-abortion blogs, from RH Reality Check and Feministing, to Feministe and Pandagon. They’re all parroting the same absurd claim: that somehow, requiring a pre-abortion ultrasound equals rape.

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Protecting Pre-Viable Unborn Children

The Alabama Supreme Court stood up for life on Friday. In the case of Hamilton v. Scott the court ruled a mother may pursue a wrongful death claim. The mother, Amy Hamilton, is making the claim on behalf of her pre-viable unborn child. The suit was filed against multiple doctors and a medical group, claiming the failure of the physicians to provide proper medical intervention resulted in the death of the child. Experts have agreed that the child was at a pre-viable state of pregnancy. According to the experts consulted, the child would have died if born at that stage of Hamilton’s pregnancy. Read more Protecting Pre-Viable Unborn Children

Liberty Counsel Takes on ObamaCare

The Liberty Counsel is taking on ObamaCare. According to Matt Staver, the Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, “ObamaCare is a dangerous overreach of the federal government. If allowed to stand, the liberty of every American could be arbitrarily overridden by federal bureaucrats.” In recent days, questions about ObamaCare’s intrusion on religious freedoms have been raised, but it cannot be forgotten that at the heart of the legal battle over the health care legislation is the question if its legality as a whole.

The Liberty Counsel is representing two private individuals in the case of Liberty University v. Geithner. Until another lawsuit, Florida v. United States Department of Health and Human Services is resolved; Liberty University v. Geithner is being held at the Supreme Court. Florida v. United States Department of Health and Human Services is a lawsuit including 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

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Opposition to Sonogram Law Shows that Pro-Choice Means Pro-Abortion

The decisions by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans to uphold the Texas sonogram law and deny a request to rehear the appeal have set off a firestorm of complaints from pro-choice forces.

Setting aside the rhetoric, the importance of the sonogram law and the appellate decisions upholding the law can be demonstrated by considering a different opinion from a different court delivered only a few months ago.

Ultasound Picture

In 2011, in Doe v. Planned Parenthood Chicago Area, the 1st District Appellate Court of Illinois rejected a woman’s lawsuit against an abortion clinic. The woman, identified as Mary Doe, previously had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Justice Rodolfo Garcia, writing the appellate opinion, held:

We accept as true the allegations in the plaintiff’s complaint. On December 8, 2004, the plaintiff, 19 years old and about 12 weeks pregnant, sought counseling and assistance from the defendant Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area (PP), an abortion clinic. The plaintiff asked a PP counselor whether an abortion would terminate the life of a human being in the biological sense. The counselor replied in the negative. The plaintiff told the counselor that she had been informed by a pregnancy help center that an abortion terminates the life of a human being. The counselor replied that pregnancy help centers often deliberately misrepresent the facts to prospective mothers. The counselor assured her that an abortion did not terminate the life of a human being. Given this assurance, the plaintiff decided to have an abortion that same day.

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Obama’s Compromise is Not A Compromise After All

If President Barack Obama believed a Friday press conference explaining alterations to part of his controversial health care plan would quell the criticism against his administration, he was wrong. Late on Friday, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement criticizing the changes, citing unacceptable terms and a lack of clarity on the part of the administration.

The National Right to Life Committee responded with this statement, attributed to Legislative Director Douglas Johnson: “President Obama today promulgated a scam that, if he is re-elected, will allow him to mandate that every health plan in America cover abortion on demand.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops believes the President has failed in two areas. First, according to the USCCB, President Obama has “decided to retain HHS’s nationwide mandate of insurance coverage of sterilization and contraception, including some abortifacients.” Second, the Bishops also believe the changes in the mandate announced by the President are unclear, citing specific examples of concern: first, the mandate still appears to require insurers to cover “objectionable services,” which makes it seem as if “self-insuring religious employers, and religious insurance companies, are not exempt from the mandate.”

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Ultrasound Law is “Dangerous” According to the American Medical Association

Ultrasound at 14 weeks.

Texas’ new abortion sonogram law requires that woman receive a sonogram at least 24 hours before an abortion and that the doctor plays the sound of the baby’s heartbeat for the mother and gives her the option to view the ultrasound. Seems easy enough, but abortionists are furious, stating that the law will mean women will have to wait longer for their abortion, schedule two trips to the clinic instead of one, and force clinics to have the high-demand abortionist on hand to do the sonogram. In an interview on January 31 with The Texas Tribune, Peter Carmel, president of the American Medical Association, calls the new law, “a needless, dangerous interference with the practice of medicine by politicians.”

First of all, a woman should get an extra day to decide whether or not to abort her baby. This law allows her to view the image of her child and hear his or her heartbeat before making that final choice to end her baby’s life. The only people who would have a problem with this are the abortion providers who are now fearing that these women will change their mind about the abortion. That would mean the clinic has lost a client and in the end, that client’s money.

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Two Abortion Doctors Charged With Murder In Maryland

Drs. Steven Chase Brigham, 55, and Nicola Irene Riley, 46, have been charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder related to a botched 2010 abortion. Both doctors were arrested following the police department’s search and seizure of frozen fetuses and fetal parts at a secret abortion facility in Maryland.

In July 2010, the Inquirer reported that Brigham, who by that time had had his medical license “revoked, relinquished, or temporarily suspended in five states,” was in danger of losing his chain of 15 abortion clinics due to “regulatory and tax troubles.” Those “troubles” included being shut down by the Philadelphia Department of Health for “repeatedly employing unlicensed caregivers.”

A 1986 Columbia graduate, Brigham’s practice became primarily focused on abortion starting in 1990, and started running into trouble in 1992 in Pennsylvania. In 1994, he lost his license for “gross negligence” involving two late-term abortions that resulted in hemorrhaging and hospitalization for both patients.

The next several years would see Brigham spend time in jail, face tax evasion charges, and lose his license in other states.

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College Sues Obama Admin Over Abortion Pill

The Washington Times reported Thursday that Colorado Christian College is suing the Obama administration. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, if someone’s suing the Obama administration it’s probably because of health care,” well, you’re right. Last year, Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, issued a mandate as part of the health care reform bill requiring businesses to pay for Plan B and ella, two “emergency” contraceptives.

Insurers will be required to provide these medications — which can be used to cause abortions — without a co-pay. In layman’s terms, they would be free.

But you and I know nothing is free. Who pays for that abortion pill? The taxpayer. In other words: you.

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Babies, Not Parasites: New Study Reveals How Pregnancy Can Help Fight Heart Disease

From the Gawker science blog io9 comes a particularly cool revelation about pregnancy that might seem apolitical at first glance, but holds powerful implications for one of the abortion movement’s more callous talking points:

Researchers have known for some time that women who experience weakened heart function in the months before and after childbirth (a condition known as peripartum cardiomyopathy) recover more quickly than any other group of heart failure patients. Now, a team of researchers from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine thinks it may know why.

The researchers have demonstrated that when a pregnant mouse suffers from a heart attack, her fetus will actually donate cells that can migrate to mom’s heart before differentiating into different types of cardiac cells, aiding in the heart’s regenerative processes. Read more Babies, Not Parasites: New Study Reveals How Pregnancy Can Help Fight Heart Disease

Pro-Life Nurse Asked to Assist Abortion Told: “You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.”

As we’ve reported, a dozen pro-life nurses in New Jersey are fighting for their right to follow their conscience and not be forced to assist at abortions.

This quote in The Washington Post by one of the nurses stopped me in my tracks when I read it:

One of the nurses, Fe Esperanza R. Vinoya, said a manager told her: “‘You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.’ ”

Can you imagine anything more horrific than being forced to “catch” a dead baby’s head? A baby who only minutes before was alive in its mother’s womb?

Pro-abort writers and bloggers are hysterically (I don’t use the word lightly) attempting to attack these women’s motives.

Here’s just a sample of mockery by Erin Ryan of the feminist blog Jezebel:

“From the way the complaint describes it, you’d think they were being ordered to line babies up and shoot them with a crossbow in front of their children.”

I won’t even repeat some of the other things I’ve seen written about these pro-life nurses.

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