Stanek to Pro-Lifers: Use Your Gifts Right Now to Make a Difference

Jill Stanek
Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek was a registered nurse in the Labor and Delivery Department at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois when she discovered that the hospital was not only providing abortions, but babies were being aborted alive and left to die with no medical care.

Rather than turn a blind eye, she shone a light on the issue of infanticide in the United States and her testimony helped enact both the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. She was fired from the hospital for speaking out, and now acts as a voice for the unborn through her blog and as a columnist for

2011 was a banner year for the pro-life movement with the passing of 83 pro-life laws, and 9 states successfully defunding Planned Parenthood. Stanek believes these triumphs are thanks to the variety of innovative ideas from diverse pro-lifers working together to attack abortion from several angles, and that this will be what continues to propel the movement in 2012.

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An Interview with Ray Comfort about “180”

The pro-life community has been buzzing for a week now about the “180” documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it for free at I had the opportunity to interview Ray Comfort, the author and filmmaker behind “180,” to ask him some questions about the movie. You can listen to the full audio interview (12 minutes) by clicking here, or you can read the transcript below.

Josh Brahm: Ray, how did you come up with the idea for “180?”

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort: Well, I was – actually it wasn’t planned. I wrote a book called Hitler, God and the Bible and told the publishers, WorldNetDaily, that I was going to create a video called Hitler’s Religion and go with it, took part of the manuscript and made it into a TV script and found it was just too big, too long, and too confusing and I actually gave up. I said, “Look, I’m taking a camera out in the streets to find out what people believe about Hitler” and we just abandoned the script. And I came back with 14 interviews of people who didn’t know who Hitler was. That really, really blew me away. And then I bumped into a guy named Steve who was a neo-Nazi, black-hating, Jew-hating, Hitler-loving, America-hating atheist who had a 14-inch blue Mohawk and that was very colorful footage. And then I was heckled by a German neo-Nazi, Jew-hater and we managed to get him on a hidden camera and a hidden microphone and then I bumped into a Russian Jew who happened to have lost his relatives in the Holocaust.

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Lila Rose & David Schmidt Respond to Questions from Pro-Choicers

Live Action President Lila Rose and Media Director David Schmidt were interviewed on Life Report to discuss the I Stand With Indiana Project. They explain why Indiana is the “ground zero” of the abortion battle right now as well as Planned Parenthood’s reaction to Live Action’s recorded phone calls.

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Exclusive: Former Abortion Clinic Worker Speaks Out For Life

One of the most powerful weapons in the pro-life arsenal is the authentic testimony of those who have advocated for and helped provide abortions, and later seen the light. People like Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Carol Everett, and Abby Johnson have information and insight that will help us win the fight against the abortion industry.

Allentown, Pennsylvania native and mother of three Jewels Green has made the courageous decision to finally speak up for life. In her first public pro-life testimony, she tells Live Action about suffering the pain of abortion as a teenager and later spending several years working in an abortion clinic.

Jewels Green
Jewels Green

This is her story:

“My first baby would be 22 this week. I was a 17-year-old drug-using high school drop-out, but when the lady wearing scrubs told me I was pregnant, I already thought of myself as a new mother.

Everyone wanted me to get an abortion…  except me.

I actually stopped using drugs, went to the library and checked out a book called Under 18 and Pregnant and started to read it to prepare. I scheduled my first prenatal check-up. My boyfriend was relentless. I am deliberately omitting the details of the violence, both real and threatened, but I finally caved in to my boyfriend’s insistence to not have our baby. On January 4, 1989, he took me to the abortion clinic, but I literally ran out in the hope of saving my baby. Two days later, on January 6, 1989, at 9 1/2 weeks gestation, I had an abortion. It nearly killed me. No, not the surgical procedure, the psychological aftermath. I attempted suicide three times after my abortion and finally ended up in an adolescent psychiatric ward of a community hospital for a month to recover.

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Surprising Letter on Abortion Trauma is typically known as a radically-pro-abortion news outlet. It’s surprising to see this incredibly raw, moving first-person account of one woman’s distress following her recent abortion:

I haven’t dated, least of all had sex with anyone, since that day. It feels like a part of me died that day and will never return.

I am no longer upset about the end of our relationship (good riddance!) but I am truly disturbed by the entire experience. I have nightmares about my experience at the clinic, though I know they followed every medical and legal step to the T. I wish I could forgive myself and move on, but I just can’t. I wake up every morning and it is the best minute of my life before the knowledge of what happened returns to me and the cycle of sadness and regret begins all over again.

Read the whole letter (and Salon’s rather wimpy response) here. Anyone seeking healing after an abortion can get help from groups like Rachel’s Vineyard.