Nancy Pelosi Wants to Force Georgetown Law to Subsidize Sandra Fluke’s Promiscuity

Pro-abortion, anti-liberty zealot Rep. Nancy Pelosi has inadvertently done the pro-life cause a favor. On Monday the House Minority Leader held a congressional hearing on the cost of birth control, and the testimony of her witness, Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, put the narcissism and disingenuousness of her cause on full display:

Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. Forty percent of female students at Georgetown Law report struggling financially as a result of this policy. One told us of how embarrassed and powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter, learning for the first time that contraception wasn’t covered, and had to walk away because she couldn’t afford it. Students like her have no choice but to go without contraception. Read more Nancy Pelosi Wants to Force Georgetown Law to Subsidize Sandra Fluke’s Promiscuity

Fetal Pain Legislation Would Halt Abortion 20 Weeks into Pregnancy

“I’m just concerned this abortion legislation de-humanizes and objectifies women, turning them into mere incubation machines for babies.”

It was a strange objection to hear from the black, female, Democratic State Representative sitting on the Judicial Non-Civil Committee considering Georgia House Bill 954, legislation that has become known as “the Fetal Pain Bill.” If anyone should be able to appreciate the horror of discrimination against babies in the womb, one would think a member of a “double minority” (black + woman) would, but on this day, two black, female Democrats were tag-teaming to pummel those speaking in favor of the bill with questions and objections.

One of these State Representatives said she’s so upset with pro-life legislation like the Fetal Pain Bill (which in her opinion, “legislates women’s reproductive rights”) that in protest, she introduced a counter bill that would ban Georgia men from having vasectomies. Regardless of whether someone likes the idea of vasectomies, of course, no one believes that a vasectomy kills a human person.  But these kinds of red-herring arguments are a common way that anti-life opponents are now attempting to obscure the child.

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Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

Planned Parenthood thinks everyone wants them in their personal sex lives.

Planned Parenthood is the best deceiver of young people since the evil queen tempted Snow White with that poisoned apple. They have already been successful at reeling in young people with empty promises of carefree, no consequence sex. Now they want students to tell them when, where, and with whom sex is happening at the exact moment it occurs.

Everywhere you look these days, products and advertisements feature QR codes, which can be scanned with smartphones to visit a web site, get a coupon, or learn more information. Now a QR code has been featured on the wrappers of 55,000 condoms handed out to college students by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.

When the codes are scanned, users can check in with Planned Parenthood–and the rest of the world–with information including their age, their location, why they use condoms, the status of their relationship or lack of a relationship, and whether or not they had sex in a bed or a kitchen, at a beach or a party. Plus, they can rate the sex from “Things can only improve from here” to “Ah-maz-ing”. But they don’t even need a smartphone or a condom. They can just head to and tell the world about the sex they just had – which the world can tweet about if they wish.  Read more Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

The MORAL Basis for Defending All Human Life

“Moral” is defined as “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.”  I think most of us can agree that there are right and wrong ways to behave and that humans can demonstrate both good and bad character.  So, on the issue of abortion—and the issue of defending human life in general—what is the moral position to take?

First, in order to come to any sort of moral conclusion in the matter, we need to make a basic assumption that this article is predicated on:  we’re talking about human lives.  You can’t argue against my conclusions on the basis that an unborn child isn’t a unique, living human being.  We’re already assuming that based on the Scientific Basis for Defending All Human Life.  If you don’t believe that an unborn child is a human being, you have an issue with science and morality, but you may need to resolve your science first.

Abortion: equally immoral as the Holocaust.

Next, let’s ask and answer four questions.  1)  What is the result of declaring certain classes of humans as “less” than others?  2)  We all agree that Hitler’s genocide of the Jews was wrong and immoral.  How does this relate to abortion?  4)  Is it actually wrong to fail to stand up for innocent lives?  5)  What should good moral character compel me to do?  Read more The MORAL Basis for Defending All Human Life

Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

Because it is the nation’s capital, the District of Columbia works a little differently from most localities.

For starters, its budgets are subject to review by the United States Congress. The legislative branch of the federal government is currently considering whether or not to give DC greater control over its own budget, but the specter of abortion is complicating the decision.  The Huffington Post states:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees D.C. affairs, expressed his commitment late last year to giving budget autonomy to the District to help city government avoid a shutdown whenever Congress appears unable to pass a spending bill.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), Mayor Vincent Gray and others welcomed the proposal but reluctantly rejected the plan Issa unveiled in November because it contained a provision barring local funding for abortions — a move Issa said was necessary to win Republican votes. Read more Abortion Funding Muddies the Waters of DC Budget Controversy

Chinese Mothers Forced to Flee to U.S. to Give Birth

Jenny Liu of the Epoch Times interviewed three Chinese couples who were forced to flee to the United States to save their babies.  For all three of the couples, the babies they wanted to save were second children and deemed “illegal” and “out-of-plan” by China.

In order to enforce their long-standing One Child Policy, China slaps heavy fines on parents who have out-of-plan pregnancies.  Or, if the parents are too poor to pay, forced abortions are the order of the day.  Women are dragged into clinics and their babies are violently taken from their wombs if they do not voluntarily submit.

Reggie Littlejohn of Women's Rights Without Frontiers speaks out against China's forced abortion policy.

Though it’s a difficult and harrowing task to escape Chinese authorities, some mothers are able to flee outside the country—including to the U.S.—to give birth to their babies.

Take, for example, the compelling story of Mrs. Liu who has already had a previous abortion due to China’s policy:

The day before she left China, the officials came to her mother’s home to check on her. To look thinner and not pregnant, she tied a belt around her waist before meeting with them, Mrs. Liu said.

“They asked me to sign a guarantee statement saying that I was not pregnant, and that I would take responsibility for any consequences if I were [pregnant].”

Mr. and Mrs. Liu thought that the worst thing that could happen to them was paying the fines or losing their jobs. But later they found that the water supply, electricity, and heating of their apartment were cut off. Mrs. Liu’s parking space was also taken away, and they realized that they might even lose their apartment.

In order to save the husband’s job, the couple even considered divorce as a last resort, because if their apartment were confiscated, they would not be able to afford another one, even if they spent their life savings, Mrs. Liu said.

Mrs. Liu was eventually able to leave China and come to the United States, using the opportunity of accompanying her son to study abroad. But officials didn’t stop harassing them even after she left China.

“They even planned on sending someone over to ‘settle the score’ with me, but gave it up after learning that it wouldn’t work in the United States.”

On Dec. 2, Mrs. Liu gave birth to a healthy baby in Los Angeles.

“After seeing my baby, I felt that I could give up anything,” she said.  Read more Chinese Mothers Forced to Flee to U.S. to Give Birth

The Argument Against Abortion from Metaphysics

I think it would be useful to look at the philosophical basis for defending the right to life of unborn babies from the branch of philosophy called metaphysics. Metaphysics isn’t actually as abstract as it sounds. Essentially it’s just the thinking of being, of existence. Everyone is really capable of metaphysics; whenever we consider the existence of things, how things exist, whenever we know some thing and consider what is – we’re doing metaphysics. It’s actually impossible for any thinking person not to do metaphysics. If we never considered things with being, we would never consider anything. My point is: anybody can do metaphysics, this isn’t just something for intellectual high brows with PhD’s.

Let us begin with the facts that nobody disputes, the basic data that is not controversial, that is accepted by those against abortion and those who aren’t, and which forms the basis for any further discussion.

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How the United Nations Betrays Its Own Treaty on Child Rights

Over 20 years ago, the United Nations held the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The purpose of this convention was to outline the universal rights of children throughout the world.  With the new human rights treaty, UNICEF and others could put social pressure on nations to conform their standards with the accepted rights of children.

Towards this end, the Convention decided that any human being under the age of eighteen would be considered a child, typically.  Yet the U.N. continually betrays its own standards when it pushes abortion throughout the world.  Take, for example, Article 6, which states that children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

The U.N. betrays the very children it claims to protect.

Hmmm…and here I thought that unborn children were indeed human beings under the age of eighteen.  Remember, it’s the U.N. that made the definition of child include human being rather than person, so you can’t argue a lack of personhood here.  By the U.N.’s own standard, unborn children have the right to survive and develop to the fullest.

Article 20 states that children have the right to a loving and caring family, and Article 5 says that every child has a right to a family.   This, of course, is why abortion is such a better option than adoption, right, U.N.?  Because there are no families out there who would give ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to adopt a baby and love him or her with all their hearts, right?  Read more How the United Nations Betrays Its Own Treaty on Child Rights

The CHRISTIAN Basis for Defending All Human Life

christian pro life stanceYou may wonder why I am discussing the Christian basis for defending all human life in this series, along with the scientific, philosophical, moral, and legal bases.  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, many active pro-lifers are Christians. In addition, I’m a pro-life Christian, so I think I understand this basis well.  Furthermore, on a personal note, I believe that every Christian pro life person needs to be able to clearly explain why they are pro-life–from a Christian perspective–for their Christian friends who may claim to believe otherwise.  There are certainly Christians who get abortions and vote for pro-abortion candidates, sadly.

A  clarification  before I start:  while I am a Christian and believe that the Bible supports the pro-life position, I am not pro-life only because I’m a Christian.  I’m pro-life because it’s also the common-sense, scientific, moral, and logical position to take.  However, I do believe that being a Christian and believing in my Savior is what compels me to speak out for those more helpless than myself.

Here’s what I believe to be the Christian basis for defending all human life.  We can find all the evidence we need in the Bible itself.

1)    The Bible Clearly Teaches That Life is Precious.
Life is clearly precious to God, as He is  the giver of life (Acts 17:25), the fountain of life (Psalm 36:9), the defender of life (Psalm 27:1), the prince of life (Acts 3:15), the restorer of life (Ruth 4:15), and the conqueror of death (I Corinthians 15:55).  George Grant lists out these Scriptures and more in “Third Time Around”.

In this same book, Mr. Grant lays out an excellent Biblical basis for the sanctity of life.  I recommend you read the book for yourself online.  While laying out specific verses, he states, “From Genesis to Revelation, in the books of the Law, in the books of history, in the books of wisdom, in the prophetic books, in the Gospels, and in the epistles, the pro-life message of the Bible is absolutely inescapable.” Read more The CHRISTIAN Basis for Defending All Human Life

Numbers Don’t Lie…But Planned Parenthood Does

Most people have heard about the lies Planned Parenthood spews into society, which just keep on coming. PP is up in arms about the HHS mandate, and to try to improve their reputation, they’re twisting poll statistics and trying to make it look like America is on their side.

Recently, PP posted this link on their Facebook page, and commented on it saying:

” 67% of Americans oppose the Blunt Amendment, believing employers should not be able to deny health coverage for employees based on their own personal beliefs.”

Okaaay. That’s not too weird sounding, but 67%? Sounds a little fishy, huh? I haven’t been hearing statistics similar to this, and for a good reason. This number does not truthfully represent the context PP was using it in! Whoa. Is Planned Parenthood lying?!?!?! Well, they sure are twisting things a lot.

Remember it was just a week ago that CNN found a very different result showing that the public was against the Obama HHS mandate 50% to 44%.

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Colorado Fetal Homicide Bill a Model for Other States

Law Books
Colorado has provided a model for other states to follow.

According to on-the-scene reports from Colorado Right to Life spokesperson Leslie Hanks, a principled, life-affirming Fetal Homicide Bill passed the State House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and will be put to a vote on the House floor.

The proposed 2012 Colorado Unborn Victims of Crime Act states:

If the commission of any crime codified in this Title [18] or Title 42 of the Colorado Revised Statutes is the proximate cause of death or injury to an unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, the respective homicide and assault charges for that death or injury may be brought contemporaneously with the underlying charges.

This language, designed to bring justice to the unborn victims of criminals, is life-affirming because it remains abortion-neutral. Previously introduced bills in Colorado and other states have included clauses which explicitly exclude abortion and affirm the legality of killing the unborn child by a medical procedure. Some bills have even been so abortion-affirming that they could have protected back-alley abortionists from prosecution for the “unlawful termination of pregnancy” as long as “the pregnant woman’s consent is implied.”

Far from undermining personhood, the proposed 2012 Unborn Victims of Crime Act is a great step forward in affirming the inherent dignity of the unborn by conferring legal protection to unborn children victimized by criminals. Read more Colorado Fetal Homicide Bill a Model for Other States

Nine Pro-Life Books You Should Read

I used to have quite the collection of pro-life books.  I’ve been into this issue since I was a very young teenager.  Now, I’ve thinned down my collection and have a few definite favorites.  For anyone out there who’d like to increase their knowledge or expand their thinking on the issue, here are my reviews and recommendations:

The #1 Book Out There Award goes to Why Pro Life? by Randy Alcorn.  This is an incredibly easy-to-read, yet appropriately detailed and informative book.  It’s thin and small, so anyone can read it.  It’s even available in an audio-CD format.  I’ve talked about this book before, and I highly recommend that you grab a copy.  When I was the spokesperson for Colorado’s 2008 Personhood campaign, Randy Alcorn mailed us copies of this book for free so we could hand them out.  I rate this an absolutely invaluable resource!

Third Time Around by George Grant (free online copy) is a wonderful history of the pro-life movement.  I’m going to guess that most of you had no idea the movement started so early or in such interesting ways.  I certainly had no clue.  If you’ve ever been curious about the Christian church’s involvement (or lack of involvement) on this issue over the centuries, if you’ve ever wondered about what early pro-life heroes did, if you’ve ever wished for a basic history of the movement…this is the book for you.

A Perfect Persecution by James R. Lucas.  Can I say amazing?  This book is a heart-stopping thriller of a novel.  It takes the reader into a not-so-difficult-to-imagine world where the pro-choice position has taken over the U.S.A.  (Now, I didn’t say I believe this will ever happen—I don’t!  But it’s not hard to imagine what kind of a world that would be.)  The really cool thing about this novel is that it is believable.  It’s not a sci-fi, pie in the sky, fake world book.  It’s the real thing.  Don’t pick up this book unless you want to be more motivated than ever to stand up for innocent life. Read more Nine Pro-Life Books You Should Read