Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Staffer Tells “Pimp” He Can Pose As Guardian To Get Tax Payer Funded Services For Underage Sex Workers

NYC Planned Parenthood Supervisor, Employee Shown Willing to Assist Pimp/Sex Trafficker With Girls As Young As 13

Supervisor and Staffer Serve Up Business As Usual, Counsel When Pimp Tells of Underage Girls Being Used for “Sex Work”

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February 8, 2011 – When told by a man posing as a pimp that he needs help with girls he manages as young as 14-15 years old, a Bronx New York Planned Parenthood Staffer is unfazed and offers to go one better: “We see people as young as 13….everything is totally confidential.”

New undercover Live Action footage from inside a Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time shows a Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner willing to assist a man posing as a pimp, even offering guidance on how the pimp’s underage girls can get insurance through tax payer funded programs to pay for abortions and other services even if the underage girls that are not U.S. citizens.

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner:  I’m one of the practitioners here.

Pimp: Oh, ok. I was wondering, uh, do you have a moment?

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: Mhm

Pimp: I was wondering, um, so like is this still confidential?

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: Yeah.

Pimp: We’re involved in sex work-

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: Mhm.

Pimp: We have some girls that are kind of young like, 14, 15, that they might need an abortion-

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: Mhm.

Pimp: And, how is the best way should they could go about it?

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: They just show up, and set up an appointment. Do they have insurance?

Pimp: They don’t have insurance, some don’t even speak that good of English ‘cause you know, they just got here.

Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner: Right. So we have an interpretation phone, so if they don’t speak Spanish that’s not a problem. I mean if they don’t speak English that’s not a problem cause we can have an interpreter –

This is the sixth set of full footage released from Live Action’s current ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood.  This latest reel of footage uncovers what organization President, Lila Rose, calls an “institutional crisis in which Planned Parenthood is willing to assist sex trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women.”

Live Action has released numerous videos over the past three years offering compounding evidence that Rose says, “unequivocally shows that Planned Parenthood is unsafe and puts underage girls and young women in harm’s way.”

“Planned Parenthood has shown repeatedly for the past three years of our investigation that they are willing to aid and abet the sexual exploitation of minors and young girls, even girls as young as 13 and here illegally, all under a sick code of ‘confidentiality.’   For Planned Parenthood, this ‘confidentiality’ supersedes a zero tolerance for sex trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women,” Rose said.

Last week, Live Action released raw footage of five Planned Parenthood clinics, one in New Jersey and four in Virginia, all revealing employees willing to counsel a self-identified sex-trafficker on how to obtain STD testing, birth control and abortions for underage girls that he “manages” in “sex work.”

“Today, we are making full footage and transcripts available to New York law enforcement officials and we are calling upon New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to launch a formal investigation as has been done in New Jersey by Attorney General Paula Dow.  This footage shows that underage girls and young women are at potentially grave risk when they walk into Planned Parenthood clinics,” Rose said.

Additional Findings from the footage:

Prostitute: They just came over, they’re workin’ with us, and we’re helpin’ them out –

Planned Parenthood Staffer: Mhm

Prostitute: Just keeping them safe.

Pimp: Could we even sign off as guardians? Could we even sign off as a guardian, is that even possible?

Planned Parenthood Staffer: If you were writing the support letter, yeah, you could say –

Prostitute: Oh good

Planned Parenthood Staffer: that you take care of them, you support them.

Pimp: Cool!

Planned Parenthood Staffer: But nothing here, like, our patients, we don’t ask for guardian’s signature. Everything is the patient. Like a thirteen-year-old could come in and get the services she needed, by herself.

Pimp: So, how would you recommend for them best to do it? Cause we don’t want them getting confused or what not, and it’s kind of a sensitive subject, so we don’t want you know, them saying the wrong thing, you know getting refused or turned away, so how would you suggest they go about you know being able to get the access even in spite of what they do, you know?

Planned Parenthood Staffer: Yeah, like, like I said everything’s confidential, they don’t have to tell anybody what it is that they do when they make the an appointment, it’s just gonna be between them and the Physician they see.

Live Action has previously released more than a dozen hidden camera videos from ten states. This body of visual evidence shows several alarming patterns of illegal Planned Parenthood activities including cover-up of sexual abuse of minors, the skirting of parental consent laws, citing unscientific and fabricated medical information to manipulate women to have abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s willingness to accept donations earmarked to abort African-American babies.

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66 thoughts on “Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Staffer Tells “Pimp” He Can Pose As Guardian To Get Tax Payer Funded Services For Underage Sex Workers

    1. Animal shelters all smell like poo and Michael Moore smells like hot garbage.

      What’s your point?


  1. This behavior has been going on for years and I thank Our Lord that Lila and her helpers have had the strength and character to fight the good fight. You have our support and will continue to be in our prayers. Thanks again Lila!


  2. Many news outlets have done a pretty good job of de-bunking the claims made in these videos. For instance, it's already widely known that Planned Parenthood has reported these "sting" operations to the FBI. While I'm sure the idea of pimps and hos getting insurance breaks haunts your fever dreams, what's plausibly going on is information gathering.


    1. Planned Parenthood went to the FBI a week after this video is shot. They failed to do prompt reporting and only reported when they knew they were caught.


    2. media matters is not a media outlet in the loosest sense of the word media.


    3. " For instance, it's already widely known that Planned Parenthood has reported these "sting" operations to the FBI. "

      Source please? If PP followed correct protocol then why was the Central NJ clinic manager, Amy Woodruff, fired ?


  3. It sounds like Planned Parenthood did the right thing. They gained the trust of the "trafficker" so they could help the victims. Then they contacted the FBI.

    What else should they have done? Driven the pimp away and endanger the life of the girls?


    1. Planned Parenthood failed to promptly contact law enforcement. They contacted FBI 4 days after this video was shot. What took them so long? Planned Parenthood staff also failed to get any basic information from the pimp or even attempt to. The clinic supervisor took the elevator OUT of the building after hearing what was going on.


      1. The whole thing seems fishy. Remember the supposed "gotcha" videos of Acorn workers that turned out to be completely misleading–but that only came out after the organization is destroyed. Or that supposed racist from the Department of Agriculture?

        Live Action seems to be an anti-abortion group–which makes me suspicious of anything they put out about an abortion provider. A lot of those groups do not feel like the usual rules of honesty, morality, ethics, and decent behavior do not apply to them. And even if they do try to be fair and honest, they have a bias.

        Time will tell.


        1. Well since we have launched our videos, Planned Parenthood has fired an employee and launched national retraining. Would they did that if they didn't they had a problem? All 6 unedited videos are up at

          And I totally agree with you….time will tell.


          1. "Would they did that if they didn't they had a problem?" The answer is "Yes." In the Acorn and Dept of Agriculture cases, innocent people were thrown to the wolves.

            All this shows is that the slander is working—not that it was true. And honestly it makes me even more suspicious of the videos.

          2. There is no slander. Name one sander in these videos?

          3. The slander is in the presentation. Anyone concerned with rescuing the girls would have done the same thing as the PP employees–which is to persuade the pimp to bring them into the offices where these girls could be separated from their pimps.

            To blow the whistle immediately could endanger the children.

            But somehow this is being presented as bad.

          4. To blow the whistle immediately could endanger the children.

            Horsesh!t. In my work, there are procedures in place when evidence of abuse or neglect of children is found… administration must be immediately contacted, and then the police called. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination. Note that word: immediate. Not hours later. Not days later. Are you saying that Planned Parenthood, which deals with abortions including those of underage girls, has no procedure on the books for these situations? Who the hell are you trying to fool?

            This worker could have said "Excuse me for a second… I need to use the bathroom," stepped out, called the police, and then stepped back in to keep the pimp busy. To the worker's knowledge, the children were already in danger. They were being abused.

            What's clear is that this wasn't anything unusual for this worker or this clinic. Had this been a real pimp and real underage prostitute, the abortion would have been given, no questions asked.

          5. At the minimum Planned Parenthood should have contact law enforcement right after our undercover reporters left and in 5 of 6 cases, they did not.

        2. What you say is just ridiculous, why would they be dishonest? They make no money saving these babies. It takes so much effort, time, and money to try to save them. There is no reward of any kind except we save lives of little tiny helpless babies that cannot help themselves.
          Tell me if you can what the ulterior motive would be?
          Abortion is MURDER and Jesus will judge in the end, the sin will be on you. Hell is Hot, there is NO EXIT!


  4. Thank god for planned parenthood and the right to choose!! As a women it is my body and I will decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term! I am so glad that I can not be forced to breed like some kind of farm animal!! In my great grandmothers day women died having unsafe and illegal abortions because women didn't have the choices they should have been entitled to and unwanted pregnancies and even deeper poverty as a result hung over their heads like swords!


    1. Nobody's forcing you to "breed". In fact, it would be best if every unmarried person were sexually abstinent!
      Did you know that in the many years before legal abortion, only 35 (!!) women were ever reported as dead or injured because of illegal abortion?
      Sex without responsibility for the resultant child is NOT a right.


      1. I am abstinent but I'm terrified of being raped! 33% of women in America get raped in their lifetimes!! Those are NOT good odds!!!!!!!

        I am also planning on getting married soon but I never want to have a kid. NFP doesn't work for me. What should I do? I'm trying my best to be responsible here but there's always a slim chance I'll get pregnant. If I am literally doing absolutely everything in my human power to prevent myself from getting pregnant, it can still happen, because rape is an epidemic in this country and because birth control can fail.

        Should I still be punished?????????


        1. The vast majority of women are raped by a man they know — their father, stepfather, brother, cousin, uncle, trusted family member or friend. The vast majority of rapes are not by strangers. That, BTW, is why when women are raped by a stranger, it makes the news headlines.


        2. It would be terrible if that happened to you or anyone, but it would not be the babies fault. Why should a baby be murdered because someone committed a crime. The BABY had nothing to do with it, he or she is innocent and helpless. The baby was sent for a reason, adopt it out if you want but do not have murder of your child on your soul.


    2. Your body? Please! You can do whatever you want to YOUR body, I could care less. But what an abortion is doing is killing a body that is not your own. That baby has a completely different genetic make-up.


      1. You should have used a comma after, “legs”, 1234.

        You’re developing a pattern of incompetence. 


    3. THE LORD GOD JESUS HAS NOTHING to do with killing babies. It is abomination and sin! You will lose your eternal soul for the murder of these children and don’t ever believe that God will dismiss it. When you die (and you will die, we all do) you will give an account of what you did on this earth, those that murdered will find a home in a HELL burning with fire and brimstone, there will be NO EXIT FROM THAT PLACE. Abortion is infanticide, it is child sacrifice just as they did in the old testament. The sin will be on YOU


  5. As long as I have breath in my body I will support the right to choose and have control over my own body, women and girls need to have a place to go to get the services they need and that place needs to be safe and clean!! I am glad my tax dollars go to an organization like planned parenthood. There are already enough unwanted children in the world!!


    1. Isn't a better way to get rid of unwanted children is to start loving them and make them wanted instead of killing them. I mean there are unwanted born children too, post-birth abortion would reduce the number of unwanted children as well. Do you support that?


      1. This is illogical reasoning. First of all, someone else on these boards wrote that there aren't, in fact, any unwanted children. They wrote that the waiting list for adoptions is 5 years long!!!!

        Also, post-birth abortion doesn't exist, because if the baby's outside the mother, then it's possible to find it another parent. When the baby's INSIDE the mother, it's literally impossible to find it another parent. The mother is forced to be a parent for 9 months. More than that, she is forced to put her body through enormous physical pain and enormous physical restraint. Have you seen a video of an abortion? Have you seen a video of a woman giving birth? Which looks more painful to you? You don't have the right to force a woman to go through labor any more than you have the right to force a man to donate part of his liver. In both cases it would save someone's life and in both cases it would involve several weeks of discomfort and one day of extraordinary pain.

        You'd better not say those 2 examples are different because women are asking to be punished by having sex.


        1. 1) Having seen a video of an abortion, and having birth myself, I am willing to propose that birthing is not as painful as having your arms and legs ripped off, or being chemically poisoned to death.

          2) You completely neglect to address the topic at hand: Young women are indeed being trafficked, and Planned Parenthood is willing to participate in it by providing abortions. Any woman who claims to support women, or women’s rights, cannot support sex trafficking.

          I’d say, “Nice try, alexa,” but frankly, your logic and reasoning skills leave much to be desired.


    2. Maybe some sluts need to learn how to keep their legs closed. 


      1. It takes two, 1234.

        Seems you should know that considering your obvious counting prowess.


  6. These videos are deceptive! The reason the planned parenthood workers look unfazed is due to the fact that they have seen it all and probably worse. Women and girls have to be able to trust that the information they are sharing will be confidential. Not all parents understand or support their daughters in a scary situation like an unwanted pregnancy.. some parents are just as abusive as pimps.. They did the right thing by acting unfazed and gaining the "pimps" confidence, that way they could access the girls and get them the help they need!! They also reported it and did what they were required to do.


    1. Well said! PP workers are trained to look unfazed because the whole point of going to PP is that it is a safe, nonjudgmental place.


    2. How unbelievably cruel you are, they did not once consider the lives of these young girls or report them for child rape and molestation of a child, to say the least of abduction and kidnaping of these girls, causing them to murder their own babies. To cover up and agree in what they are doing is just despicable. God will judge these people and you, you will NOT be exempt in that great and final Judgment seat of JESUS. HELL IS HOT BURNING WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, THERE IS NO EXIT FROM THAT PLACE! The Bible says “And what shall a man/woman give in exchange for his eternal soul !


  7. Oh my gosh, this makes me sick. People care more about being liked than standing up for what’s right. Thank you Lila and team for your work in exposing the truth! I pray that God would move the hearts of these people to wake up and stand up for justice!


  8. Are these people arrested? They should be in jail. This clinic should have been closed up immediately!


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