Baby Body Parts Found Outside El Paso Abortion Clinic

UPDATE AND ACTION: El Paso police are refusing to release this child into the hands of those who are wanting to provide a proper burial.  Police say that they are going to give the remain of the child to an environmental group to dispose of. Call the El Paso police department and demand justice for this child! This baby deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Demand a proper burial for this tiny child! Please call 915-564-7000.

UPDATE II: El Paso police are now saying that they will not be investigating this incident because the unborn child’s young age of approximately 9 to 12 weeks old. We have contacted the Texas Department of Health and the Texas Abortion Compliance Department to ensure that this matter is investigated by them.

This morning, a Texas side walk counselor and Live Action investigator found the dismembered body parts of small baby in the parking lot of an El Paso abortion clinic (photos below).  Live Action Researcher Abby Johnson estimated that the child was in the early 2nd trimester when he/she died.  Abby also says the dismemberment likely happened from a suction abortion.

The clinic, Hilltop Women’s Reproductive, is denying involvement, claiming that the body is not “theirs,” because they “properly dispose of all bodies.”

The Bishop of El Paso was also at the clinic and has asked for the body for a burial.

We will keep you updated with any developments.

We ask for your prayers on this Good Friday for the little baby and all involved.

-Lila Rose and the Live Action Team

54 thoughts on “Baby Body Parts Found Outside El Paso Abortion Clinic

  1. Lord, have mercy…and on Good Friday, no less. The Culture of Death at it again.


  2. i love how you sick twisted bastards put the dime to show the scale. that's really classy.


    1. What's really sick is that this tiny human being was brutally dismembered and thrown out like a piece of garbage. All human beings are made in the image and likeness of God and should not be killed in their mother's womb.


      1. if that's true than your God is the biggest abortion provider in existence with all the miscarriages that go on. yet your God gets the glory and praise for ripping a wanted, loved child from a mother's womb? Hypocrites!


        1. And murder because people die eventually?

          It sounds like you don't believe in God which means you don't think God aborts people and I don't think God aborts people so we agree. Why then are you writing things that neither you or I believe in? #UseLogicPlease


          1. I don't believe in the mainstream concept of God. I don't believe in an interventionist deity that places the site of redemption in the bloody slaughter of his son.
            My statement was the counter argument to someone saying that people are made in God's image and shouldn't be killed in their mother's womb. If God didn't want babies killed in the womb, God wouldn't kill them in the womb.

          2. "If God didn't want babies killed in the womb, God wouldn't kill them in the womb."

            Almost as stupid as…

            "If God didn't want adults killed on earth, God wouldn't kill them (let people die) on earth."

          3. I never said God didn't want people killed. Y'all are the one that make that assertion. Y'all are the ones that think God is pro-life.
            The bible is full of examples that contradict the idea that God is anti-death. According to the bible God loves wholesale slaughter.

          4. It is indeed ironic that you bring God to blame. In the Old Testament, God specifically asked the Hebrews to kill certain tribes because they had done abominable things. God didn’t ask for wholesale slaughter, just the removal of certain peoples that did the most disgusting things imaginable.

            What was the thing these tribes all had in common? The murder of children to the pagan god MOLECH.

            So when you want to judge God for His wholesale slaughter, you should at least let it be known that it was against those that practiced infanticide.

            The Peruzites, Hittites, Amelikites……each and every time it was for this reason. Not because of anything else.

            Educate yourself about the God you so deny before claim that He is unjust.

            His ways are most definitely not your ways. His thoughts are not your thoughts.

            You are an angry person.

            If you are guilty over this issue, God will forgive you.

        2. God is the author of life and HAS the right to determine life and death; plus, miscarriages are a natural process (i.e., according to the natural laws God has made). That’s a far cry from human beings (us) acting deliberately and willfully with the intention of ending the life of another human being, something we don’t have the right to do.


          1. Yet those same human beings have the right to prolong life via artificial means? So would you say that organ transplants, medications and fertility treatments are also against God's will? Again…hypocrites.

        3. God’s divine and perfect nature gives him the right to allow miscarriages to happen for reasons that even science may not always understand. Is it hypocritical to hold fast to my beliefs in the face of despair and hearbtreak? If my faith in my God’s purpose can help me carry on, I have no need to spend my time bitter and cynical beyond a reasonable grieving period. I can better spend my time preventing unholy men from taking the right to life away from babies who are too young to be able to speak for themselves. Atheist views do not change the fact that “IT’S NOT A CHOICE, IT’S A CHILD”.


  3. My concept of justice is focused on the millions of children that are born and thrown away because they were born to women that didn't want them. My conscience is in preventing a woman from ever needing to consider abortion by advocating for safe, affordable contraception and comprehensive health care. YOU are the embodiment of the abortion culture for refusing to see the realities of the world. By supporting a catholic church that condemns the use of contraception, YOU are the cause of more abortions.
    Where is your God when a 12 year old gets pregnant by her father? Where is your God when a scared teenager leaves her infant in the trash to die? Where's your God, your compassion, and your outrage over the millions of kids growing up in foster care because they were not adoptable? NOWHERE!
    You self righteous zealots put the needs and concerns of a fetus over the welfare of the those already born and you dare to call ME evil?


    1. Do you have to be so angry and throw blame on everyone else?

      Your concept of justice is odd considering it sounds like cutting of arms and legs fits into it. #Yuck


      1. You throw the same blame on us pro-choice people so of course I'm angry. I think this story is horrible, if it's the case this abortion provider threw these fetal remains in the trash then there should be consequences. But to post to fondle the remains enough to add a dime for scale and post the pictures of the internet is just disgusting. and then to lump all pro-choice advocates as murderers for the crimes of one provider is just outrageous.

        My sense of justice is with the girls that are here. In helping the girls that are already born have all the access to education and health care they need to avoid ever having to consider an abortion.

        I just wish y'all had as much love for the born as you claim to have for the unborn.


        1. What specific blame did I throw?

          Why is this story horrible?

          Do you think it is good for there to be lower abortions?


          1. You think the story isn't horrible? Of course it is. There were human remains left in a trash bin. That's a gross violation of health standards, so of course it's horrible to think that it happens.
            You was a general anti-choice you. Not a specific you.
            Of course I think it's good to lower the number of abortions needed. But outlawing abortions and picketing against abortions will not decrease abortions. It will only increase the number of women/girls that die from illegal ones. I want to see the number of abortions decreased in a way that is beneficial for everyone, not just the political/religious ideologues.

          2. "Of course I think it's good to lower the number of abortions needed."
            Why is that?

            It seems pro-life ideas to reduce abortion are working better than pro-choice ones. Pro-life states have the lowest abortion rate and the highest abortion rate in the US is in NYC where abortion is strongly backed. How does that data fit your views?

          3. That's correlation, not causation.
            If a state outlaws abortion and the one's nearby don't it's only logical to see that people have to leave the state to get their procedure done. So your point isn't really valid.

            That's like saying a state that prevents growing apples has less apples than a state that allows growing apples. It's circular logic. They're not reducing abortions as a whole, they're reducing the abortions done in that state at that time.

            Comprehensive sex education and affordable access to contraception reduces abortions as a whole. So does investing in the education, safety and wellbeing of adolescent girls. This is a field that I have quite a bit experience in, so that "data" is not really really 'data" and has no bearing on my views.

          4. "Comprehensive sex education and affordable access to contraception reduces abortions as a whole."

            Why then does NYC with its free contraceptives for years and sex ed in the hands of strong abortion backers have the highest abortion rate in the US? Are you saying that people are coming from other states to have abortion in NYC? It is easy to get abortions in the rest of NY, NY, etc so that isn't the cause.

            And you didn't answer why you think lowering the number of abortions needed is good?

          5. The following is about a study done in Spain where an increase in the use of contraceptives doubled the abortion rate.

            Abortion advocates often promote contraception by claiming that as contraception use increases, the number of “unwanted” pregnancies and therefore abortions will decrease. But a new study out of Spain has found the exact opposite, suggesting that contraception actually increases abortion rates.

            The authors, who published their findings in the January 2011 issue of the journal Contraception, conducted surveys of about 2,000 Spanish women aged 15 to 49 every two years from 1997 to 2007. They found that over this period the number of women using contraceptives increased from 49.1% to 79.9%.

            Yet they noted that in the same time frame the country’s abortion rate more than doubled from 5.52 per 1,000 women to 11.49.

          6. why does California have over 200,000 abortions a year. Comprehensive Sex Education & access to contraceptive is widely available in CA

          7. It would be far too logical for these people to worry about those that are born and thrown away. It seems like a much better option for them. And posting the pictures the way that they did is absolutely sickening. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

    2. There are over 3,000 crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S. that help pregnant women with a crisis pregnancy. Pro-lifers care about mothers and their babies. Giving a 12 year old girl an abortion who has been raped by her father only hides the crime the father has committed and allows the sexual abuse to continue. Why should the unborn child be killed for the crimes of the father? Planned Parenthood helps rapists of young children all the time by not reporting the statutory rape to the authorities so the rapist is not prosecuted. They don't care about protecting young girls. They only care about getting their dollars from the abortion.


    3. Your concept of justice is having sex when you want it, how you want it and with whomever you want it and the results of that behavior, should contraception fail, is murder.

      You live in a world where you worship yourself, your needs, desires and if those desires end badly you want the right to kill goodly. Then you say if the results aren’t disposed of properly ….as human waste….well that’s just disgusting.

      Oh, and the improper disposing of the former human is really bad on the reputation of those that have the same lack of morals as you do.

      I pray to God almighty that you come to yourself and re-read what you wrote and see how utterly selfish and self worshipping it is.

      There won’t be any more abortions when self worship becomes self respect.


  4. I think I would have to agree posting the pics is slightly over the top. Well written documentation and an appeal to act in love to encourage all to contact the El Paso PD to beg for turning over the young baby for a proper burial would have been (I believe) the more Christian approach. To ThistlesandWeeds: please know there are many of us who work in Ministry’s that beg for young mothers to consider coming into our shelters, education programs, transitional housing programs, etc where we will happily (AND WITHOUT COST TO THEM) provide all their life needs while they carry their baby’s to term. And so, aborting of God’s children is not really ever a necessary alternative … I hope you will consider getting involved with one of these Ministry’s yourself and I would throw that challenge out to all … please turn your emotions, your passions, and any anger you might feel on either side of the debate toward positive action — show the world you care through fervent inward prayer and fervent outward love — and I will pray for this young baby that God in his mercy will tenderly open His arms and suffer this little child to come unto him! dave richey


    1. Dave,
      If there are no pictures then in most peoples minds the “blob of tissue” phrase remains….People need to SEE the truth I too am a Christian I am also a woman who was once uneducated and was told I had to have a “medical” abortion, my husband and I had to choose between myself and my baby and selfishly we chose ME to stay and take care of my two young boys…THAT WAS NOT MY CHOICE TO MAKE it was GODS I was not Christian at the time I was Athiest but even being Athiest I would have chosen differently if I would have known that I had a BABY growing inside me rather than a “blob of tissue” if I would have seen an ultrasound or pictures of an abortion like those which are shown here my “moral conscience” would have taken over and I would have chosen differently so PICTURES make a difference and I post them DAILY…. Being a Christian or a Catholic or any other denomination has no bearing on HUMAN LIFE and how we must fight this fight to HELP WOMEN in unwanted pregancies and save those beautiful innocent babies. God bless you, everyone fighting this fight and especially ALL who have been touched by abortion in one way or another….Love in Christ!


  5. There will always be some evil people, like thistlesandweeds, who will justify anything to suit their misguided views. What a fitting name, too btw since she has nothing of value to say. Murdering babies is, and always will be, murder.


  6. Thistlesandweeds, you have got to be the biggest idiot I have ever heard of in my life! “Our God” happens to be your God as well, weather you accept him or not is not my probelm! Another thing, our God is not an aborter of children! The doctors that brutally dismember a body are the aborters, and I pray for there souls come judgment day! I couldn’t imagin standing before God and having to admit to killing hundreds of babies! And the people like you who think is ok are just as bad!! Thoughts are just as bad as doing! You and your followers are sick sacks of crap that deserve everybit of hell!!!!! And I hope all the images of the murdered babies hautn those drs for the rest of there eternal life! Sick people, words can’t even explain!


    1. I am completely Pro-Life, and as a fellow believer, I tell you that your message is simply spreading hate and being counter-productive in promoting a culture of life.


  7. THistles etc., question —
    Where is your God when a 12 year old gets pregnant by her father? Where is your God when a scared teenager leaves her infant in the trash to die? Where’s your God, your compassion, and your outrage over the millions of kids growing up in foster care because they were not adoptable?

    Answer: Mourning over the sorry state we fallen humans have allowed ourselves to descend to and offering redemption through acceptance as Lord of his gloriously risen Son.


    1. There are no children who are “not adoptable”. The question isn’t “where was your God?” The question I ask you is this “Where were you?”


    2. we always blame god for our misfortunes. but what are we doing to make this place a better world?


  8. and yet the people that perform these procedures go home to their families (children) and sit down to have dinner and discuss the day; are you serious? What could you possibly discuss?~ oh btw, I sucked out human life with a vacuum and threw it out back in the alley and can you pass the potatoes plz. SICK!!!!!!


  9. A baby is a person with a soul and a life. Dear Lord, help us to continue to fight and live to witness to your life within this person. We don’t condone anything which kills life, and we support everything which supports life.


  10. I am definitely pro-choice, but I do not agree with those – even pro-lifers – saying that such heartbreaking pictures should not be shown.
    I thin that everyone must be aware of what a tragedy abortion is and make their best to help women avoid recurring to it. And when I write “everyone”, I really mean “everyone”, reagardless their personal beliefs on this issue.
    I just have one doubt whether it might be a first trinester abortion, since I read somewhere that the suction technique does not usally dismember babies, but the embryo is wholly sucked out by the vacuum…



    1. Police investigators put the age of the unborn child at 9 to 12 weeks. This is consistent with video of a 9 week old human fetus. See this video from Endowment for Human Development:

      Why is abortion a tragedy?

      There are some people that call themselves pro-abortion:

      “since I read somewhere that the suction technique does not usally dismember babies, but the embryo is wholly sucked out by the vacuum…”

      I don’t know where you got that but that is probably only the case for early first trimester abortions. A 9 week old unborn child is over 1.5 inches long from rump to crown of head which is how they measure. Also it is only called an embryo if it is younger than 8 weeks.


      1. Thank you very much, David.
        I was surprised at hearing that the interviewed lady was not aware of the fact that abortion was legal till the 40° week in the United States.
        I noticed, however, that most people I talk to about abortion in my country, almost completely ignore everything on this issue and do not wish to discuss it.
        It seems that everywhere abortion is for most people an issue to sweep under the carpet.


    2. So you’re definitely pro-choice? Are you pro-prostitution? Are you pro-murder? Are you pro-drugs? Are you pro-fill-in-the-blank? It is disgusting to think that a person would submit to all types of laws that limit our body and our ability to do certain things, like prostitution, murder, yelling ‘fire’ in a theater, etc. but when it comes to sex, you just won’t submit.

      You won’t say that you’ll be chaste, and if you happen to get pregnant you’ll carry the child to term. That says a lot about you, and how you think. It especially speaks about your yet to be awakened conscience.

      I think – if you think – then you’ll see that there is no such thing as pro-choice. There is only submitting to God’s will in your life and not submitting. Every result in life is derived from that decision.

      I am sorry that you are so definitely pro-choice. It screams…..GOD HAS NO PLACE IN MY LIFE.

      Don’t attack me for saying what is obvious to anyone that reads your response. Everyone was in your position before the Lord came into their life one way of another. After repentance, you’ll see things differently. Until then, you’ll get defensive and angry.

      May the Lord lead you to His mercy and grace.



      1. I think you should avoid judging other people’s feelings. I assure you that I am neither angry, nor defensive; I am quite a calm and rational person and always try to analyze things lucidly, keeping emotions away.
        With regard to your specific questions, you asked them, but you also replied them implicitly in my place.
        Of course, I am not pro-prostitution, but if someone freely decides to devote him/herself to this “activity”, why should he/she be prosecuted ?

        I am not even pro-murder, IN GENERAL.
        Abortion, however, is a very peculiar issue: no human relationship is so tight and visceral as the one between the moher and the unborn baby. The nine-month-pregnancy is a process that may almost fully absorb the woman’s physical and psychological energies. HER body is involved in something that I personally lived as a state of pure grace, but I know that I can just speak for myself.
        The full woman’s consent is necessary so that a gestation may occur, otherwise it would be a violence on her body.
        You could reply that abortion is even more violent, and this is true in abstract, because it takes a human life away; at least during the first weeks, however, it takes away the life of a human being that dos not feel pain nor has any feelings, whereas the mother does: SHE IS NOT SIMPLY AN INCUBATOR.

        I’ll no longer reply, since it is an issue that emotionally touches me very deeply, and English is not my mother tongue, so I find it sometimes difficult to find the right words.


        1. I do respect your demeanor in this, but I would like to point out that you have been misinformed on one point when you stated. ” it takes away the life of a human being that dos not feel pain nor has any feelings”. Even as early as 3 weeks the child has started to develop the spine, heart and brain within the womb. It is also difficult to understand how you can recognize that abortion does indeed take away a human life, but is not a bad thing. Also, even if the child was not able to feel anything, which isn’t true, how does that make his or her life any more or less valuable than the mothers? The mother of course should be protected, but the child should be as well. I would recommend you analyze the situation with the focus on the child and see what comes from that, at the moment the focus is purely on the mother. You have recognized that the child is a human, and therefore should be given all the rights and protection of the mother herself, so logically it should follow that you could analyze this situation from the child’s perspective. If you’d like more information on the topic I would recommend Abby Johnson’s book “Unplanned” she is a former Planned Parenthood director who has had her heart changed from strongly pro-choice to completely pro-life, all while attempting to protect women. I also thank you for being open and calm during this discussion.


  11. Nonsense in so many of these posts. Ask any woman who has been part of this horrific act if she would do it again and the answer is no. Adoption is always a better choice. So many couples out there who would have given this child a home, and loved and cared for it instead of slaughtering it. There’s a line from a Todd Agnew song that fits so appropriately here…”We’re sung to sleep by philosophies that save the trees and kill the children…”


  12. I have never believe in abortion people need to lokk at it like this if you protect yourself you are less likely to get pregnant if you use protection plus birth control your not going to at all I got pregnant I was so scared and you know what I brought that child into this world regardless and placed him with people who could not have children there are plenty of more people out there like that they would love to share there love and home with a child I see no reason to destroy someone who never asked to be here in the first place think before you act thats all I have to say if you dont put yourself into that position then you dont have to worry about killing a human being but I do understand if there is a problem like a tubeuler pregnancy cause then you really dont have much of a choice


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